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Season 13


(I Envy You, Very Much (5)

“No, it was for you,” Jiang Tong immediately replied.

“But do I even know you?”

Huo Mian never even talked to Jian Tong… A while ago, she saw her in the hallway of Seductive Fox, when the latter came out to call Su Yu in. That was the first and last time they interacted.

Jian Tong had tens of millions of fans, why would she suddenly tell Huo Mian she was envious of her?

Manipulative bitches like Jiang Linyue and Song Yishi were envious of Huo Mian because they wanted Qin Chu.

But Jian Tong had nothing to do with her husband…

Could it… be because of Su Yu?

While Huo Mian’s brain spun fast, trying to analyze the situation, Jian Tong replied, “I feel bad for President Su, he’s never been away from Imperial Star ever since its founding. But this time around, he left everything behind for his lackeys to take care of and is gone for so many days…”

“Um. What does that have to do with me? I wasn’t the one who asked him to go.”

Huo Mian felt incredibly wronged…

“It’s because he likes you. If you hadn’t pushed him into a dead end, he wouldn’t be in so much pain. Huo Mian, please, if you don’t like President Su, don’t give him a chance, free him of his pain.”

“Truth be told, I never gave him a chance…” Huo Mian’s answer was crisp.

She thought she had made things extremely clear to Su Yu and told him how she felt towards Qin Chu more than once.

She didn’t even send Su Yu off at the airport when he left this time, even though Tang Chuan begged her to.

Apparently, after Su Yu’s plane took off, Tang Chuan was so furious that he stomped over to Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao’s mansion to talk smack about Huo Mian.

Jiang Xiaowei was obviously on Huo Mian side and quickly got into a fight with Tang Chuan, leaving their feelings hurt and relationship strained…

These things all happened because of her and Su Yu.

But Huo Mian never thought anything was going on between them, she never even flirted with Su Yu.

Therefore, Jiang Tong’s denouncements left her at a loss for words and feeling wrongfully accused.

“President Su… may seem like a playboy from the outside, but he’s actually very loyal. When he falls for someone, he’ll chase after them, even if that person isn’t the right one for him. My heart aches for him, but I can’t do anything for him. I’ve been with Imperial Star for five years, but that time’s worth nothing compared to the five minutes he’s known you for. That’s why I envy you. I also admire you… so many outstanding men are in love with you, I have to admit that you’re good, you have ways.”

“Ha… Miss Jian Tong, are you complimenting me, complimenting me, or complimenting me?”

Huo Mian was exhausted; she didn’t want to engage in any more verbal confrontations with other women…

She would much rather go to the hot springs with Mr. Qin and enjoy the winter scenery…

Jian Tong stopped replying; three minutes later, she sent Huo Mian a screenshot of Su Yu’s most recent Weibo update…

Huo Mian didn’t follow Su Yu on Weibo, so she never had any idea what he was doing.

Thanks to Jian Tong, however, she now did…

This is what Su Yu uploaded, “I really enjoy our time together. Sometimes I’m exhausted and feel like an idiot, being so into you. But, your occasional tenderness always gives me the illusion that perhaps at that second, you like me, even if it’s just a little bit. Therefore, I am willing to wait for you for a long time, just because for that tiny ounce of hope. I’m willing to wait until this world grows old because I’ve realized that waiting for you is my only choice.”


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