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Season 13


(A Confession that wasn’t Really a Confession (5)

Qin Chu followed the direction Huo Mian headed towards to see a woman wearing a red evening gown standing outside the hotel next to the restaurant.

It was actually Huo Yanyan.

Her hair was up in a bun and she was wearing an extremely ordinary evening gown that didn’t look expensive.

Her makeup was roughly done, completely incomparable to how Jiang Xiaowei and Song Yishi looked on their wedding days.

She had a bridal corsage pinned to her gown and was saying goodbye to the guests by the entrance…

Huo Mian was shocked to see Huo Yanyan at a place like this.

They hadn’t seen each other in a while. After Shen Jiani’s fall from grace and subsequent disappearance, her life hadn’t been easy.

Huo Mian helped her out twice and later heard that she was so terrified of Huo Siqian that she moved in with her contractor boyfriend.

But, she never thought Huo Yanyan would get married so fast…

Huo Siqian got married yesterday while Huo Yanyan, today.

He got married at a famous five-star hotel, while she got married at a tiny hotel next to a roasted lamb restaurant.

It looked pretty cheap…

Huo Mian felt sorry for her. After all, she used to be a popular socialite in their circle, but now she was forced into the ultimate compromise.

The saying was true, what goes around surely comes around…

“You… got married today?” Huo Mian asked as she looked at Huo Yanyan, who was wearing a bridal qipao, in disbelief.

“Yeah.” Huo Yanyan nodded.

She got married, but no one in her family attended her wedding. It was a pity.

After Huo Siqian defeated Huo Zhenghai, the latter fell sick and moved to a 3-bedroom condo to recover. He refused to see anyone and was still getting over the shock.

Plus, Huo Siqian hired a caretaker and didn’t let anyone visit.

Shen Jiani, on the other hand, ran away with her son and lover with her last bucket of gold.

However, their life abroad was so hard that Huo Siyi occasionally called Huo Yanyan up for money.

She didn’t have any money herself, so she found herself a contractor boyfriend who treated her pretty well.

He often bought her clothes and gave her money. Then, she would save that money up and send it abroad to her mother and brother.

In a nutshell, her life had not been easy…

Therefore, she chose not to tell anyone that she was getting married. After all, all her fair-weather friends disappeared on her, and the only person who didn’t hit her when she was down, Huo Mian, was currently way out of her league.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Huo Mian looked at Huo Yanyan, slightly heartbroken.

There was no longer a trace of arrogance on her face, which was instead replaced by peace.

“I… was too embarrassed. I don’t have any family left. My mom and brother are abroad and our dad… is sick. I know Huo Siqian and Jiang Hong have been wishing for me to disappear, so I can’t stay at home anymore. My old friends stopped contacting me and after I moved out, I met this man and decided to marry him. I used to treat you badly, so I’m happy that you were still willing to help me back then. I would never have the face to ask you to come to my wedding,” Huo Yanyan said as she put her hands together and rubbed them gently. Huo Mian could see that she was nervous to see her.

“Is he… good to you?” Huo Mian took pity on Huo Yanyan, who was wearing a cheap evening gown. However, Huo Mian had known her for so long, but today was the most beautiful she had ever seen her.

Her eyes were big and watery, and she showed dimples when she smiled… She was no longer the woman with ‘Princess Syndrome’.

Huo Mian was surprised by Huo Yanyan’s sudden decision to get married. Last time she saw her, Huo Yanyan was chasing after Young Master Shen, even trying to compete with Wei Ying.

Back then, Huo Mian thought that at the very least, she would find herself a rich heir to marry.


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