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Season 12

Episode 67

(Persisting in Evil Brings about Self-Destruction (8)

“Maybe because they were high school sweethearts.” Yang Meirong wasn’t really listening to Yang Xiuping, so she didn’t detect the hint of jealousy in the latter’s voice.

Yang Xiuping was confused. “They met in high school?”

“Yeah, they were in the same class since Grade 10. Back then, the school didn’t allow students to date, but they still did… I used to think they were bad for each other, but now it seems like your cousin was right to marry Qin Chu. Setting his parent’s attitudes toward her aside, Qin Chu spoils Huo Mian to no end and lets her do anything she wants to.”

Yang Meirong accepted and approved of Qin Chu from the bottom of her heart.

They all say that time was the best tool to test someone with; Huo Mian and Qin Chu had been married for a while now. She had a hot temper, can be stubborn sometimes, and was also involved with negative press time and again. She has yet to even get pregnant.

What’s worse, her relationship with Qin Chu’s parents was sour; any other man would’ve lost their patience long ago.

Yet, to Yang Meirong’s surprise, Qin Chu treated Huo Mian better and better every day… As Huo Mian’s mother, she was extremely satisfied with her daughter’s choice of partner.

“I see, so my cousin went to an elite high school, right? Or else she would never meet someone like my brother-in-law. How much did tuition cost there? Auntie, where did you get the money to send her to a school like that, I thought you guys were poor back then? Did your entire family starve to send Mian to school, just so she could hit on rich guys?” Yang Xiuping asked with disdain.

Yang Meirong became angry upon hearing this and looked at Yang Xiuping in bewilderment, “How can you talk like that?”

“Oh… what I meant was, was it necessary for my cousin to go to a school with such high tuition? If she didn’t marry rich, wouldn’t your investments have failed?”

“What investment? We didn’t think that much back then, and your cousin got into that high school all by herself. Her middle school examination scores were the highest in the city, and Second High was the best school there was. They admitted her through proper channels, and since she performed outstandingly in school, we didn’t have to pay a cent of her tuition, not even for textbooks. All we gave her was pocket money, which is normal for any high school student, but since she didn’t live at school and usually ate at home, she barely spent any money. Plus… when we sent her to Second High, we weren’t expecting her to marry rich. All we wanted was for her to have a bright future… If your uncle hadn’t…” At this, Yang Meirong’s voice choked, but she still managed to finish her sentence, “If your uncle hadn’t died at such a young age, then your cousin wouldn’t have been forced to take care of Zhixin and I. If that was the case, she would’ve gone to the United States right after high school.”

Yang Meirong still remembered how much attention Huo Mian gained when she received the highest university examination scores in C City.

Countless universities that Huo Mian liked, domestic and abroad, sent her offer letters.

If Jing De hadn’t died, Huo Mian would’ve never stayed in C City; at worst, she would’ve become a doctor at the best hospital in Jing City a long time ago.

Her life wouldn’t have had so many bumps on the road…

In the past, Yang Meirong always blamed her daughter for Jing De’s death; however, now she was heartbroken for Huo Mian since she suffered the most because of the misfortunes in their family.

Zhixin was right – Mian’s life hadn’t been easy over the past few years….

“I didn’t know… that my cousin sister’s grades were that good… I can’t copy her then. My grades sucked, and I didn’t even finish middle school. My dad told me to stop going to school, he said that girls shouldn’t be so educated. Only by marrying into a good family will I be able to live a better life. Auntie, do you think my dad has a point?”


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