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Season 12

Episode 59

( It’s Important to Know One’s Own Limitations (10)

Biting her lips, Song Yishi finally said, “I want help from the audience.”

She then pointed to a slightly chubby girl…

The girl was wearing glasses and was very cute. She stood up and said loudly, “It was Nelson Mandela, the greatest leader of South Africa.”

The host nodded. “Correct!”

Up until now, they had asked each other a total of seven questions. Huo Mian had gotten hers all correct while Song Yishi’s only right answer was thanks to an audience member… How ironic…

More and more doubtful noises began coming from the audience…

“Didn’t Miss Song study abroad for many years? Shouldn’t she be knowledgeable and worldly? Why doesn’t she know the most basic of things?”

“Yeah! It’s strange to me too. She seems to know little to nothing while Mrs. Qin knows about everything… What a surprise!”

“Yeah, this is a live event and there’s no chance to cheat. It’s the best way to test one’s intelligence. Mrs. Qin is truly amazing… She’s young, never studied abroad, and I heard that she didn’t even graduate from a top-tier university, but she’s still so knowledgeable!”

Meanwhile, Song Yishi was almost about to explode from anger. She asked, “For which movie did Nicole Kidman win the 2003 Oscar for Best Actress?”

Before Huo Mian gave her answer, Jiang Xiaowei screamed in front of the television.

“F*cking b*tch! How low can she go?! She was just complaining about how Huo Mian intentionally asked her a medical question but now she’s asking her all about foreign things knowing full well that Mian’s never studied abroad! English songs and English movies? What a dirty bitch!”

Even Jiang Xiaowei couldn’t help but curse Song Yishi out…

Surprisingly, Huo Mian answered calmly, “The movie’s name is ‘The Hours’.”

“Correct.” the host confirmed before Huo Mian continued, “What breed is the tiger in Ang Lee’s ‘Life of Pi’?”

“Siberian…” Song Yishi stammered out…

Huo Mian couldn’t help but chuckle. “Girl, the tiger is Bengal, thank you very much.”

There were snickers coming from the audience as well, embarrassing Song Yishi to no end…

In front of his television, Gao Ran laughed as he sipped on a can of cola. “What made Mayor Song’s daughter go to this show? Was she looking for torture? Is she a masochist? Does it pain her to not get tortured?”

Song Yishi immediately asked, “Which of Garcia Marquez’s works is hailed as a masterpiece of the historical and social landscape of Latin America?”

Huo Mian: “One Hundred Years of Solitude.”

Then, she immediately asked, “Which famous Russian author wrote ‘The Hunter’s Notes’ and ‘House of Nobles’?”

“Leo Tolstoy,” Song Yishi responded without hesitation.

“Leo Tolstoy was famous for ‘Anna Karenina’ and ‘War and Peace’. Did you mix him up with someone else, Miss Song? The correct answer should be Turgenev. He was known for the works in my question.” Huo Mian looked at Song Yishi speechlessly. If she had known how weak this woman was, she wouldn’t have wasted time dealing with her.

With that, the audience erupted into laughter once again…

“I’m so embarrassed for Miss Song! Mrs. Qin is completely wrecking her… Are they really friends? It doesn’t look like it…” a girl in the audience asked quietly.

“Who the hell knows, but there’s definitely nothing special about studying abroad at an amazing university. She can’t even compare to our local talent, Mrs. Qin!” a sitting boy said while laughing.

In the midst of the sounds of ridicule, Song Yishi threw out her final question. “In the 1930s, when the U.S experienced its great depression, which American leader preceded President Roosevelt?”

What an obscure question to ask…

It was clear that no one in the audience knew the answer as many had their phones out, googling the correct response.

Once again, Huo Mian’s response was instant. “Hoover.”

“Correct.” Even the host wanted to compliment Huo Mian.

Since Song Yishi played dirty, asking questions that were both foreign and obscure, Huo Mian decided that it was time to stop playing nice.

She was determined to send Song Yishi to her grave…

Huo Mian dug deep into her brain and finally came up with her final question. “In Xin Qiji’s ‘Buddhist Dancers Written on the Wall of Zaokou, Jiangxi’, what comes after the line ‘Thick green mountains could not cover up’?”


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