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Season 12

Episode 78

(Can’t Touch the Boss’s Woman (9)

Huo Mian reached out her hand and high-fived Ni Yang, making the celebrities around them more jealous than ever…

It seemed like the rumors that Ni Yang signed with GK Film and Television because of the Young Madam were true.

Ni Yang was even closer with Huo Mian that he was with Qin Chu.

The media once reported that Ni Yang and Huo Mian were lovers, and that was how he got to sign with GK.

Although the article was posted by a small tabloid magazine, Qin Chu still forcibly acquired the agency. Since then, no one reported about Ni Yang and Huo Mian again.

However, everyone in the entertainment industry knew that Ni Yang and Huo Mian were as close as siblings.

Plus, Mo Xue’er and Ni Yang were the hottest celebrities at GK, so naturally, the others were jealous.

Annie Liang, wearing a pink off-shoulder gown, got up to greet Huo Mian, pretending to be really close with her.

“Mian… you’re here.” Everyone got goosebumps upon hearing what she said, but Huo Mian nodded at her with a smile; she didn’t feel the need to expose her.

This woman was smarter than she used to be; ever since she realized how important Huo Mian was to President Qin and the high status she held at GK, she began kissing the Young Madam’s ass every chance she got.

In private, she treated Huo Mian with respect and always called her Young Madam.

In public, however, she called her ‘Mian’, showing off to others how close she was with Huo Mian. Annie Liang was a textbook manipulative bitch.

However, Huo Mian didn’t care about that, as long as Annie Liang didn’t pose a threat to her and Qin Chu.

If Annie Liang wanted to cotton up with Huo Mian, go for it…

Qin Chu and Huo Mian held hands as they walked into the hall and towards the table in the middle of the room; they sat next to GK’s vice president as well as some high-level executives.

“President Qin, Young Madam.”

“Good evening, President and Mrs. Qin.”

All the celebrities greeted them as they walked over to their table.

The two of them quietly sat down. Then, Qin Chu waved his hand, gesturing for everyone else to sit down as well. Soon, dinner was served.

Those who had been working in the entertainment industry all had great tolerance when it came to alcohol; even Ni Yang’s tolerance grew since the last time Huo Mian drank with him.

During dinner, celebrities came over to toast them, one after another…

There were two half-glasses of red wine in front of Huo Mian and Qin Chu; the latter looked at their glasses and ordered domineeringly, “Honey, by the time dinner ends, you still have to have wine left over in your glass.”

Huo Mian was speechless… Fine, if Mr. Qin didn’t want her to drink, she’ll just listen to him.

In the end, Huo Mian only took tiny sips of wine when celebrities toasted her, and after dinner, Qin Chu glanced at Huo Mian’s wine glass to see a few drops of wine still inside it.

This time, she really listened to him…

After dinner, the group went straight to Seductive Fox, where Rick reserved the biggest private room for them. It was extremely private and had concert-level speakers.

The celebrities proceeded to enjoy their evening. Even Mo Xue’er, who was usually cold and indifferent, was in a good mood and sang song after song.

Suddenly, the room of the private door opened, and a man wearing a black leather jacket walked in.

He looked to be about 40 years old… He was a handsome, tough-looking man.

“Woah…I can’t believe Movie King Jiang is here, this is awesome! I’m going to go take a photo with him.”

“I want his autograph!”

“I want to drink with him!”

“I really want to sleep with him…”

“Me too! I heard he’s still single, maybe he’ll fall for me. Then, we’ll have a shotgun wedding.”

The female celebrities were sure straightforward. Huo Mian wasn’t sure how she was supposed to react to what they just said.

He was just a man, why were they making such a fuss out of him? Weren’t celebrities all packaged to seem like perfect people?

In a nutshell, Jiang Ye’s arrival led countless female celebrities to scream in excitement and sigh in lust…

But, who was Jiang Ye? Even Huo Mian, who wasn’t gossipy and didn’t know a lot of famous people, knew who Jiang Ye was.

This guy was just too famous…


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