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Season 12

Episode 79

(Can’t Touch the Boss’s Woman (10)

Jiang Ye was 39 years old and used to be a rock singer. Ten years ago, he began starring in films and quickly became a movie star.

He mainly starred in action and military films and received numerous awards and every best actor award that ever existed.

He had been popular for a while now and knew almost everyone in the industry. Therefore, he held high status and was respected amongst celebrities.

Apparently, he earned double of what Mo Xue’er did and was incredibly influential.

Jiang Ye used to live in Jing City, and he worked under a film and television company there. This time, he came to C City to see if he could sign with GK, only because he was interested in a literary film that the company was shooting in Africa. Therefore, he asked a middle person to invite him to the party, thus giving him a chance to talk to Qin Chu about a possible partnership.

As soon as Jiang Ye walked in, the private room’s atmosphere went up a notch…

“Hey, Xue’er.” Jiang Ye and Mo Xue’er knew each other pretty well. Rumor had it that every time Mo Xue’er visited Jing City for work, she would always go to Jiang Ye’s mansion. No one knew if they were buddies or friends with benefits. Either way, they had an interesting relationship.

“Ye, you’re late. This is our second location of the night already,” Mo Xue’er said. Her pretty face was slightly red; it seemed like she had a lot to drink.

“I’ll punish myself with three drinks, haha, but I’m going to drink with President Qin,” Jiang Ye said as he picked up a glass in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other and walked up to where Qin Chu was sitting.

“President Qin, I’m sorry for being so late. Allow me to punish myself with three drinks.”

Then, Jiang Ye drank three consecutive glasses of beer while the others clapped…

After finishing the drinks, Jiang Ye sat down beside Qin Chu, handed him a cigarette, and even lit it up for him.

Everyone was shocked to see Jiang Ye sucking up to President Qin to such a degree.

The little celebrities around them were completely dumbstruck.

“See? No matter how popular a celebrity is, he still has to behave in front of President Qin…”

“Of course, President Qin is our sponsor. At the end of the day, celebrities, even superstars, are just employees.”

“I wish I were President Qin, he gets to sit so close with Movie King Jiang…”

“I wish I were Movie King Jiang, he gets to talk to President Qin in private…”

At this time, Huo Mian was sitting far away from Qin Chu, since she didn’t want to drink anymore.

Herds of people continued making toasts to Qin Chu, so if she sat beside him, she would have to drink with him.

Therefore, Huo Mian quietly whispered something into Qin Chu’s ear before hiding away.

How far away was she hiding to? In a giant private room that could contain 50 people, Huo Mian sat on the edge of a couch in a corner, where no one could notice her.

Her attire was extremely ordinary, unlike the female celebrities who were all wearing evening gowns; sure, they looked pretty, but it was the middle of winter and freezing outside!

Huo Mian took off her white cotton jacket to reveal a cute red Mickey Mouse sweatshirt.

Her outfit didn’t match her age, so some might accuse her of playing young. But, Huo Mian was a complete Disney fan, so what could she do?

People in the room were too drunk and having too much fun to notice where the Young Madam was.

Qin Chu and the vice president were talking about a new partnership with a renowned director when Jiang Ye arrived and quickly joined their conversation in an oh-so-natural way.

He had been in the industry for too long, so naturally, he knew how to get along with company executives.

Huo Mian watched as the others sang, danced, drank, and played games.

Even Ni Yang was surrounded by a group of female celebrities, drinking his memories away…

To fight off boredom, Huo Mian took out her phone and began playing a popular game.

Her head was down as she played intently on her phone…

At that moment, Jiang Ye got up to go to the washroom.

Coincidentally, the bathroom was right next to the dark little corner Huo Mian was sitting in.

She was so focused on her game that she didn’t even notice someone watching her from behind…

Suddenly, she heard a man’s voice say, “You’re good at this game, do you play it often?”

A bit shocked, Huo Mian quickly turned around to see a man behind her. His hands were on the couch, supporting his body as he leaned forward, and his face was right next to hers…


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