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Season 12

Episode 60

(Persisting in Evil Brings about Self-Destruction (1)

“I want help from the audience…” Song Yishi said awkwardly.

The host, however, felt even more awkward than Song Yishi. “Miss Song, you only have one chance to ask for assistance from the audience. You’ve already used it up.”

“Then… I… don’t know.” Song Yishi wasn’t well-versed in ancient Chinese poetry, with the exception of the most popular ones like ‘Hoeing Millet in the Midday Heat’, or ‘Bright Moonlight Before My Bed’… (TL Note: these are simple Chinese ones that even elementary school kids in China can recite fluently)

She was clueless of niche poems like the one she was just asked.

“The correct answer is– ‘the river, after all, flows eastwards into the sea’.”

As Huo Mian stated the right answer, the audience erupted into loud applause…

After ten questions, Huo Mian had gotten all of hers correct.

Song Yishi, on the other hand, only managed to get one correct, and it was only because she sought assistance from the audience.

The next time she asked for assistance, she was told that she had no more chances left.

How f*cking awkward…

Song Yishi was truly defeated this time… Huo Mian chewed her up and spat her out…

In the words of Gao Ran, ‘Miss Song’s probably out of her mind’. Why compete with Huo Mian in terms of intelligence?

Was she looking to get wrecked?

Huo Mian was never one to instigate a fight, but she was also never one to back down.

Beating Song Yishi in her own game was truly amazing…

Song Yishi had unequivocally embarrassed herself on live television, in front of the entire nation.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, handled all sorts of obscure questions so effortlessly.

Plus, she had quick reflexes… It was the key to her victory.

“Next, let us congratulate Mrs. Qin on winning the 1,000,000 yuan prize! Mrs. Qin, would you like to donate this money to children living in poverty?”

“Yes, I would love to.” Huo Mian nodded, expressing her stance.

In actuality, the program didn’t have such a grand amount to donate; the 1,000,000 yuan was all from Song Yishi’s own pocket.

She wanted to embarrass Huo Mian through the show but in the end, she fell into her own trap.

In the words of Jiang Xiaowei, ‘B*tch Song had run out of brain cells and was in need of a recharge’. In the words of Zhu Lingling, ‘anyone who dares to challenge Mian’s intelligence is looking for defeat’.

In front of the television, Su Yu let out a sigh of relief. He put down his pen and walked out of his office.

Huo Mian’s presence was ever so pervasive. Even though she wasn’t living near him, he could still see her every move.

It was as if she had become a part of his life…

When they reached backstage, Huo Mian and Song Yishi went into separate makeup rooms.

“Miss Song…” Before Director Wang Xue could finish her sentence, Song Yishi’s hand came down on her face, slapping Wang Xue so hard that she began to see stars.

“Idiot… what was the plan before? How did things turn out this way? I was humiliated… If my dad sees this, he will be so mad!” Song Yishi completely lost it, redirecting all the blame onto the director.

She had expected the plan to pan out perfectly, even gifting the director a bottle VVO perfume.

Now that her plan completely failed, it was her who was wholly embarrassed.

How could Song Yishi swallow this anger…

“Miss Song… when we talked about this before, we practiced all of the questions with you. The plan was… foolproof. Who would’ve thought that you were going to agree to an impromptu questioning round? We couldn’t control a situation like that. Not to mention this program is live, not prerecorded. We couldn’t even edit it.”

Director Wang Xue looked completely innocent and wronged…

She had tried her best! How was she supposed to know that Song Yishi was going to be so easily provoked by Huo Mian?

Song Yishi had nothing but her own stupidity to blame, alright?

“So what you’re saying is… this is my fault?” Song Yishi interrogated Wang Xue as she glared at her.

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