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Season 12

Episode 83

(Husband is Very Angry, Consequence is Very Dire (4)

“Maybe there are others with the same name.”

“No, I’m sure I’ve heard of you…”

Jiang Ye thought about it as hard as he could, he was sure that Huo Mian wasn’t a celebrity and didn’t work in the entertainment industry.

However, the name sounded very familiar. He must’ve heard someone mention it, and he always thought that his memory was good.

At that moment, he was confused…

Huo Mian didn’t say much, she just sat in the corner and quietly played on her phone.

The mood of the party was still quite upbeat, and everybody seemed to be getting along nicely.

Huo Mian discreetly looked at Qin Chu and saw that he was talking to a few movie directors with a serious expression on his face.

Although Qin Chu was young, he didn’t fall short in his position. He had great control over any situation.

The directors treated Qin Chu with respect as well…

He didn’t say much, only commenting after listening to the others’ opinions.

Qin Chu felt like someone was staring at him, so he suddenly turned around.

Huo Mian immediately lowered her head and pretended to play on her phone…

She couldn’t let Mr. Qin see her staring, otherwise, he’ll become more arrogant than he already was.

Yet, Qin Chu knew exactly what Huo Mian was thinking about, he just lovingly smiled and didn’t call her out on it.

At that moment, Jiang Ye walked over with a glass of wine…

“Little girl, let’s have a drink. We should get to know each other, my name is Jiang Ye.”

Perhaps he emphasized his name to remind Huo Mian that he was a superstar.

Even the stewardesses on the plane would fangirl over him and ask for signatures and pictures.

Jiang Ye looked around and saw that the girl on her phone was the only one out of all the women there that didn’t ask him to drink, take pictures, or for his phone number.

The intentions of the other girls were clear…

However, the more they acted like that, the less interest Jiang Ye had in them…

Men were like this…

Young and beautiful women were bound to attract the attention of men. Every night club had a mountain of cute models in their twenties, and as soon as you slam your BMW car keys on the table, they would all flock to you. That was the norm.

Jiang Ye was rich, handsome, famous, and most importantly, single. Thus, he became the target of many celebrities.

In addition to Mo Xue’er, other women all swarm up to him, one after another…

Even Annie Liang didn’t hold back, adding Jiang Ye’s WeChat and sending him a bunch of sexy photos.

Her goal of hooking up was clear…

However, the more she acted this way, the more repulsive Jiang Ye found her to be. That was human nature.

There was a saying, ‘pushing results in a bad trade’.

The side initiating would be led around by their nose and would never take control…

Before Huo Mian could answer, Ni Yang came out of nowhere.

He took the wine glass and said, “I’ll drink in her place.”

“Little Bro Ni Yang… This is the first time I’ve seen you defend someone like this…” Jiang Ye’s smile seemed to have some hidden meanings.

Huo Mian smelled the alcohol on Ni Yang and poked his head.

“Dude, drink less… You haven’t been out of the hospital for long…”

“I know, I’m fine.” Ni Yang smiled and finished the drink for Huo Mian.

Out of all the young celebrities, Ni Yang was the most famous and had the most fans.

However, there was never gossip about him and a woman. Therefore, Jiang Ye found it interesting, seeing him defend a girl…

He leaned into Ni Yang’s ear…

In a low voice, he asked, “Do you like her?”

“You’re crazy… She’s my sister,” Ni Yang was a little offended.

“Biological sister?” Jiang Ye asked again.

“No, she’s more than a biological sister. Without her, I wouldn’t be here.”

Ni Yang was right, he actually didn’t know how he would be without Huo Mian arranging the operation for him.

So, in Ni Yang’s heart, Huo Mian’s position as an older sister was immovable, and he wouldn’t allow anyone to tarnish it.

“I couldn’t tell, you actually treat that bimbo like your sister?” Jiang Ye held up his wine glass and laughed.

“Bimbo? You think that she’s just a bimbo?” Ni Yang looked at Jiang Ye as if he was looking at a complete idiot.

“Isn’t she?”

“She didn’t tell you who she was?” Ni Yang’s laugh was getting cockier by the second.

Jiang Ye felt a little uneasy upon seeing the boy’s mischievous laugh…


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