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Season 12

Episode 54

(It’s Important to Know One’s Own Limitations (5)

“Next, introducing our very special guest today, Miss Song Yishi!”

The host continued, “Miss Song Yishi grew up in Italy and was deeply influenced by both Chinese and Italian cultures. She became the youngest master of Chinese painting in China and is greatly influential in both countries. Although she had the chance of obtaining Italian citizenship, she refused the offer due to her unwavering patriotism for her own country. Ignoring the dissuasion of her mentors at the Academy of Fine Arts, she resolutely returned to China. Now, she has opened up the largest art academy in the city and has become the idol of countless students. Not only is she beautiful, her exceptional intelligence has made her an exemplary socialite. Let us give a warm welcome to Miss Song!”

After the host’s long introduction, Song Yishi walked up to the middle of the stage.

Taking the microphone, she smiled and said, “Hello everyone, my name is Song Yishi.”

“Goddess Song, good luck!”

“Goddess Song, we love you!”

There were actually fans in the audience cheering Song Yishi on…

“I am here today for charity. The show informed me that my presence would bring a million yuan to children in poverty. Knowing that I can help, I feel extremely proud.”

Huo Mian felt speechless…

This woman had stolen her entire line…

“It is my honor today to battle Mrs. Qin. I’m sure that everyone knows that I am good friends with her. We’ve always been close and now that we’re on stage together, it’s not a competition. We’re both here for the charity, so… if my friend, Mrs. Qin doesn’t do well, please be understanding towards her.”

“Goddess, you are too kind… you are even thinking about your friend.”

“Goddess, how could you be so kind? Not only are you doing charity, you’re also saving your friend’s face.”

Fools were always the ones getting played… In their eyes, Song Yishi was a perfect goddess.

However, perfect people didn’t exist in this world. Those who seemed perfect were just trying their best to hide their flaws so they could show the world their best side…

“Miss Song, don’t worry about me, I don’t think I will lose, so there is no need for the audience to show understanding towards me.”

“I was only giving an example… After all, this is a live broadcast. If there really is a difficult question later on and you couldn’t answer it, wouldn’t it be awkward? After all… Honey, you haven’t received too high of an education and you haven’t studied abroad, so many questions may still be difficult for you,” Song Yishi said as she smiled warmly at Huo Mian…

The audience probably really thought that they were good friends.

“Studying abroad has nothing to do with intelligence. It only enriches one’s experience. This is a show about intelligence, so why would I be worried?”

Huo Mian wasn’t backing down either. She had a comeback to Song Yishi’s every sentence.

Afraid that the two women would start a fight, the host immediately stepped in to mediate the situation. “The final round will begin momentarily. Miss Song Yishi, please take your seat.”

“Sure.” Song Yishi nodded and sat down across from Huo Mian.

The two women were sitting five meters apart from each other and could clearly see the expressions on each other’s face.

Song Yishi was gloating as if she had the competition in the bag…

Huo Mian knew Song Yishi had came prepared for this. She probably received all the answers beforehand.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so arrogant.

“So… are you guys ready?” the host asked in a serious tone.

“I am.” Song Yishi smiled sweetly.

Huo Mian didn’t say anything. Instead, she made an ‘okay’ sign with her hand.

“Alright, then we’ll begin with the questions. Please listen to the questions carefully, and hit the buzzer once you know the answer.”


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