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Season 12

Episode 68

(Persisting in Evil Brings about Self-Destruction (9)

“Your dad has a point, marriage is extremely important to women.” Yang Meirong nodded.

“I’m so jealous that my cousin married someone so outstanding.” Yang Xiuping held her chin with her hands and probed on about Huo Mian.

In her opinion, Huo Mian wasn’t even that pretty; what did her brother-in-law even like about her?

“Your brother-in-law might be an outstanding man, but Mian isn’t bad either… Our families might not match, but I think they are more than spiritually compatible. Or else, they wouldn’t be in such tacit agreement.”

Yang Meirong was old, but she received higher education in the past and used to work in the entertainment industry. Therefore, she knew all about ‘spiritual compatibility’…

“Auntie, what’s spiritual compatibility? Isn’t a woman’s looks enough to attract a man?” Yang Xiuping touched her face and asked blankly.

“You wouldn’t understand it even if I explained it to you. You shouldn’t think so much, it’s getting late, you should go to bed,” Yang Meirong said. She didn’t feel like talking to her niece anymore, so she chased the latter upstairs.

Then, Yang Meirong sent Huo Zhenghai a WeChat message, “I asked Mian and tried to help you, but she didn’t agree. I can’t do anything else about it, you should take care of yourself.”

Huo Zhenghai was showering in the university student’s rented apartment when he received the message.

The young woman heard his phone ring. After glancing at it, she said sweetly, “Zhenghai, you got a WeChat message.”

Wasn’t it weird for a 20-year-old woman to call a 50-year-old man ‘Zhenghai’? After all, she was even younger than Huo Zhenghai’s daughters.

Huo Zhenghai walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and looked at his phone. “Damn it, that bitch didn’t bite.”

Huo Zhenghai felt like if Yang Meirong really wanted to help him, she would force Huo Mian into lending him money.

Therefore, he was sure that Yang Meirong wasn’t trying hard enough to persuade Huo Mian into helping him.

Unwilling to give up, he replied, “Rong, it’s okay if she doesn’t lend me 500 million yuan, what about 100 million? We were a great couple once, and after all that’s said and done, I am still Mian’s father. Please help me, I don’t have any options left, or else I wouldn’t have come to you,” he typed, continuing to play the victim card…

Little did he know that Yang Meirong had found out the truth. Thus, she would never feel bad for him, ever again.

“Really? You didn’t have any options left? Is that why you’re some university student’s sugar daddy?”

Huo Zhenghai was suddenly at a loss for words…

“I see, you don’t have any options left, is that why you’re trying so hard to have another boy, so that kid will stand up to Huo Siqian? You should just give up, really, you’re too old, what if you die during sex? Plus, if she ends up having a daughter, you’ll still be disappointed. Even if you have a son, well… Do you think that foster son of yours will let that kid grow up without a scratch? Huo Zhenghai, what goes around comes around, you really should learn to be a better man… The Gods are watching.”

Huo Zhenghai fell silent… He realized that Yang Meirong found out about everything, meaning that he couldn’t manipulate her anymore.

It seemed like he had run into another dead end…

Oh their way back, Qin Chu drove slowly since it just snowed and the roads were slippery.

“Honey, what do you think of that cousin of mine?”

“That peasant?” Qin Chu frowned, and Huo Mian nodded. “yeah.”

“What do you want to hear?” Qin Chu asked, not sure where to begin.

“The truth, of course.”

“I think she’s a little dim-witted… That’s why you shouldn’t have asked her to stay and take care of Mom. Our mom needs a smart maid with professional training. As long as she’s good at her job, I’m willing to pay even 10,000 yuan a month. That’s why I really don’t understand why you would ask that cousin of yours to stay.”

Qin Chu didn’t hold back his criticism at all…

If a woman found out that the man she liked called her ‘dim-witted’, she would probably want to bury herself alive.

Huo Mian controlled her laughter and explained, “She’s cheap and will only cost us 3,000 yuan a month.”

Who knew that Qin Chu added insult to injury. “Cheap things aren’t good, and good things don’t come cheap.”

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian burst out laughing; wild with joy, she tilted her head and looked at Qin Chu. “Mr. Qin, I love you so much!”

She said this in all seriousness and meant every word of it…

However, Qin Chu’s response made her entire body crawling with ants.

He said…



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