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Season 12

Episode 56

( It’s Important to Know One’s Own Limitations (7)

Jiang Xiaowei had been anxious at home as well…

If Wei Liao didn’t stop her, she would have gone to the scene to support Huo Mian…

“Xiaowei, chill out. Huo Mian will definitely win.” Wei Liao tried his best to comfort her.

“What do you know? Can’t you tell? Bitch Song obviously knows the answers and that’s why she’s answering so fast. Huo Mian is being set up… Do you understand?”

“But I believe in Huo Mian’s inhuman IQ. Even if she was set up, she will still turn it around… Song Yishi is definitely no match for her.”

“Eh? What you just said makes some sense…”

When Jiang Xiaowei calmed down, she felt that Wei Liao was right.

What kind of person was Huo Mian? She was someone who wouldn’t let the color drain from her face, no matter what happened.

Song Yishi’s little tricks might end up shooting herself in the foot.

“So… don’t worry. Let’s not go, alright? It’s -20 degrees Celsius outside and you are pregnant. Go easy on yourself, your highness…”

Jiang Xiaowei was pregnant and the whole Wei Family was focused on her…

Wei Liao, too, was worried that something might go wrong. Besides, with Jiang Xiaowei’s situation, what was she going to do, even if she went to the TV station?

It was a live broadcast, was she going to interrupt it? Would it solve anything?

She thought about it and felt like Wei Liao’s words made some sense, so Jiang Xiao finally calmed down.

Wei Liao waved his hands and sent the maid away. Then he cuddled Jiang Xiaowei as they continued watching the broadcast…

Their excitement level was as high as when they watched the Olympics.

Zhu Lingling couldn’t watch the broadcast because she was on the plane.

But it would be a shame if she missed this splendid scene. Therefore, Gao Ran made a smart move and turned on the recording function. He planned to record the show and show it to Zhu Lingling after she got off the plane.

Like Wei Liao, Gao Ran had full confidence in Huo Mian…

He thought that a strong woman like her would definitely not be beaten by Song Yishi.

“Auntie… Cousin Mian is on TV.” Over at Sky Blessing Court, Yang Xiuping had a banana in hand, eating it while pointing at the TV.

Yang Meirong took a closer look and realized that it really was her daughter.

“This kid… why didn’t she tell me? I almost missed it. What show is this?”

“It seems like a competition of brains, to see who is the smartest…” Yang Xiuping switched to her hometown dialect as she figured out what was going on.

Hence, Yang Meirong started to nervously watch the broadcast with her…

Huo Mian originally thought it was only a show and didn’t take it seriously. However, she didn’t expect the attention of so many people now that it was being broadcasted live.

Song Yishi was even eviler. She worked with the director and host to manipulate everything, trying to taint Huo Mian’s reputation.

Under such circumstances, Huo Mian couldn’t stay calm anymore. She decided to strike back.

“Mrs. Qin, your words seem to have some hidden meaning. Our questions are not easy. You shouldn’t slander our program team just because you can’t answer our questions.”

“Ha… how about this. This show is a live broadcast, and everyone knows that we can’t cheat. Let’s play something that’s more fun.”

“What?” Song Yishi looked at Huo Mian cautiously.

“Let’s ask each other questions. You give me one and I’ll give you one. We each get 10 questions. What do you think?”

“Um…” All of a sudden, Song Yishi was a little frightened.

If the questions were not from the program team but from Huo Mian, they might be very difficult.

Even if she thought of herself as smart, she might not be able to win…

Huo Mian had pushed her into a tight spot…

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