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Season 12

Episode 61

(Persisting in Evil Brings about Self-Destruction (2)

Afraid of Song Yishi’s wrath, the director immediately shook her head…

“No, no, that’s not what I meant. I’m just saying that this was an accident… It wasn’t something we could’ve controlled… Miss Song, please don’t be too angry.”

“Bullsh*t, I was embarrassed in front of so many people. How can I not be pissed? I always knew that you were useless… now I’m not sure that your TV station will survive…”

“Miss Song, please calm down… we won’t fail again in the future.”

“You still think there’s still a future?” Song Yishi unleashed her wrath onto the makeup room, smashing everything in it.

In the other makeup room, Huo Mian could hear the ruckus…

“What’s that noise?” Huo Mian asked.

“Um… Miss Song is probably angry.”

“She lost to me, fair and square. Why is she mad at others? She should use the time to read more books.” Huo Mian laughed.

Defeating Song Yishi was a piece of cake.

It was so easy that she was almost bored…

“Mrs. Qin, can you please give me your autograph?” The makeup artist handed Huo Mian small notebook, her face full of admiration.

“Um…” Huo Mian felt slightly awkward.

“I really admire you… I also attended 2nd High, but I didn’t get in with high grades; my parents paid for my entrance. Haha… but in the end, I didn’t manage to get into a good university so I went to a beauty school to study makeup. You are the pride of 2nd High! You were amazing on stage just now, you’re like my idol!”

The makeup artist rambled on with praises, making Huo Mian feel embarrassed. Therefore, she took the notebook and signed her name.

After removing her makeup, Huo Mian put on her coat and walked out.

She was immediately greeted by the sight of a Maybach…

Seeing Huo Mian come out, Qin Chu stepped out of his car with a cup of warm milk tea.

“Honey, you’ve worked hard.” Qin Chu walked over to Huo Mian and handed her the warm milk tea.

“Thank you, Master Qin.” Huo Mian took the milk tea, her heart as warm as the beverage.

She couldn’t help but leave a quick peck on Qin Chu’s face.

She swore that the PDA wasn’t on purpose, but the scene was caught by Song Yishi just in time.

She came out right after Huo Mian. Seeing Qin Chu’s arrival, she wanted to say hi.

However, with the lovebirds’ milk tea and kissing, her face immediately turned dark.

“Did you drive here from home?” Huo Mian wasn’t expecting a pick-up from Qin Chu.

“I was at work and just wrapped up, so I came to pick you up.”

“Honey… if you keep spoiling me, how can I leave you.” Huo Mian smiled sweetly.

“That’s my ultimate goal.” The corners of Qin Chu’s lips curled up.

“Oh my, how dark of you, Mr. Qin, even scheming your own wife…”

With the lovebirds flirting at the entrance, Song Yishi walked around them and made her way towards her own car.

She felt so embarrassed by everything that happened tonight, she didn’t want to stay, even for another second.

Unexpectedly, Huo Mian suddenly turned around and said, “Miss Song.”

Song Yishi turned around, not knowing what Huo Mian wanted.

“I have a couple of copies of ‘300 Tang and Song Poems’ at home. Would you like to borrow them? I can send them to you tomorrow.”

“No, thank you.” Song Yishi’s face darkened even more as she quickly turned around and walked away.

After Song Yishi drove off, Qin Chu reached out his hand and lovingly tapped her tall, delicate nose.

“I didn’t know how good my wife was at torturing others.”

“Haha, what? Do you feel bad for her?”

“Yeah, I feel bad that you didn’t do it sooner… she was arrogant for so long!” With one hand holding her hands, Qin Chu opened the car door with his other hand and helped Huo Mian onto the passenger’s side.

“Oh, Honey, I drove my own car here.” Huo Mian suddenly remembered.

“It’s okay. I’ll get someone from the company to drive it back.” With that, Qin Chu drove off from the TV station.

“Let’s go and get a midnight snack, let’s celebrate,” Qin Chu proposed gently.

“Are we celebrating Song Yishi’s loss?” Huo Mian asked proudly.

“What else?”

“Haha… Honey, we shouldn’t be so blunt! Miss Song will cry.”

As the pair kept chatting, Huo Mian’s cell phone suddenly rang…

“Mian, hurry up and come back home.” Yang Meirong quickly hung up after speaking.


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