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Season 12

Episode 73

(Can’t Touch the Boss’s Woman (4)

“Yeah… her name is Song Yishi, I heard she was studying abroad in Italy this entire time, and…”

Su Yu impatiently interrupted Grandpa Su before he could finish his sentence, “Old man… are you crazy? Why would you introduce that vile woman to me? Do you know how bad her reputation is in our circle?”

He went crazy upon hearing Song Yishi’s name; if it were Mayor Song who mentioned this instead of Grandpa Su, Su Yu would’ve slapped him across the face.

Was he blind? He would rather die than be set up with Song Yishi!

“You know her?” Grandpa Su realized what was happening upon seeing his grandson’s reaction, and Su Yu replied, “Not only do I know her, I’ve met her multiple times. She’s literally a defective good, I’ve never seen anyone as bad as she is. I can’t believe you would introduce a woman like that to me, do you want great-grandchildren or not?”

“Is she that bad? I did some digging and thought she was fine. She’s good looking, was well-educated, and is extremely sensible.”

“Tell me who you got that information from, I’m going to slap him to death right now. I can’t believe he would talk bullshit with his eyes open,” Su Yu spat furiously.

Before Grandpa Su could say anything else, Su Yu pointed at his grandfather and asked in all seriousness, “Old man, did my grandma know how bad your taste is?’

Grandpa Su didn’t know what to say; all he did was look for a set-up date for his grandson. Why did the latter get so angry that he had to bring up his deceased wife?

“Stop with the nonsense, sit down and tell me about her. What’s wrong with her?”

Grandpa Su had a feeling that something was wrong upon seeing how vexed his grandson was. Therefore, he patted the seat next to him, and Su Yu immediately went up and put his arm around his grandpa’s neck.

He said, “Old man, let me tell you… Everything you think she is, it’s just for show. She’s not sensible, kind, nor ladylike. Everything, aside from her face, is fake. You have no idea how evil she is, she’s in love with GK’s president, so she has been trying time and again to break him and his wife up…”

“Aren’t you in love with the wife of GK’s president as well? How much better are you than she is?” Grandpa Su retorted cleverly.

After the army surgeon incident, Grandpa Su investigated into Huo Mian and realized that his grandson was in love with a married woman.

He was furious at the time, but later he found out that his grandson was engaged in a one-sided infatuation and didn’t do anything immoral. That’s why Grandpa Su calmed down and decided to let his grandson be.

Actually, Grandpa Su wasn’t surprised that Su Yu was in love with Huo Mian. Throughout these years, Su Yu never asked his grandpa for any favors nor did he prey on the weak just because the latter was an army commander.

Even when he was met with difficulties during his path to entrepreneurship, he never asked his grandfather for help.

Therefore, when Su Yu begged his grandfather to help a couple get an army surgeon, of course Grandpa Su had to look into it.

“Grandpa… that’s not the same, my feelings for her are one-sided… and I didn’t do anything to break them up. I only thought about being with her, but Song Yishi put her thoughts into action. Not only did she try to sow discord between Huo Mian and her mother in law, yesterday, she also forced Huo Mian onto TV to test out just how smart she was. Not only is Song Yishi vile, she’s also an idiot…”

“From the way you’re talking about her, I’m assuming that you’re not willing to be set up with her?” Grandpa Su looked at Su Yu in all seriousness…

“Of course I’m not willing. Let me tell you, Grandpa… even if all the women on this world died and Song Yishi and a pig were all that was left, I swear to you that I will choose the pig.”

Grandpa Su almost spat out the tea in his mouth upon hearing what Su Yu said…

His grandson’s mouth was sure unforgiving… to Su Yu, Song Yishi wasn’t even as good as a pig.

The lesson here today was to never offend Su Yu. His mouth was even more hostile than Mr. Qin’s.

“Okay then, if that’s the case, I have nothing else to say. I trust your judgment and will call Mayor Song right now to tell him that we’re not interested,” Grandpa Su said as he picked up their home phone.

On the other side of town, the Song couple was also trying hard to persuade Song Yishi.

“Yishi, listen to me, you need to give up on Qin Chu. You’re too good to be sucking up to Qin Chu… The Su family is much better than the Qin family, and if we get married to someone with a military background, your dad might even be promoted to the provincial government. Just think about it, okay?”


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