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Season 12

Episode 53

(It’s Important to Know One’s Own Limitations (4)

“What… Mayor… Mayor Song’s daughter? I don’t know her at all.” The director stammered, clearly caught off-guard.

“Oh, that’s alright then.”

The corners of Huo Mian’s lip curled upwards as if all the answers were apparent as could be.

Ever since she began working in the Neurology Department, she became more aware of microexpressions. For example, when a patient was nervous, they would tug on the corners of their shirts. When a patient was angry, they would clinch their fists. When a patient was lying, their eyes would shift around.

Therefore, when the director denied knowing Song Yishi, Huo Mian saw right through her.

It seemed like “The Strongest Brain in History” was a set-up from the very beginning.

Huo Mian suddenly remembered her encounter with Song Yishi a couple of days ago. They ran into each other at the entrance of a seafood restaurant. Song Yishi was tipsy at the time and even challenged Huo Mian to an IQ showdown.

At the time, Huo Mian thought that Song Yishi acted that way because she was drunk.

It turned out that woman meant every word. Why would she be interested in something so meaningless and childish? Was she kidding?

Huo Mian felt speechless…

Since she was already there, however, she wasn’t about to cower.

A woman with Song Yishi’s intelligence was no match for her. Even if there were 10 Song Yishis on stage, she would still beat them all.

A person’s IQ wasn’t something that could be increased. It wasn’t something that could be improved overnight by gobbling brainfood.

Huo Mian’s IQ was all talent…

It was a generous gift from God, something that made up for her previous 20-something tumultuous years of life.

Huo Mian knew that God was fair…

If he gave you something amazing, he will also take away something equally good.

Caterpillars are ugly and slow, but that kept them safe since no one wants to touch them.

Butterflies are beautiful and fly quickly, but that’s because many animals, including humans, are after them.

If they ever slowed down, they would die immediately…

It was the law of nature…

Huo Mian never felt superior to anyone because of her high IQ. Instead, she always worked hard to achieve her goals.

She was where she was at not because of luck, but because of hard work.

Success never came easily, and no one is always lucky.

After her makeup was done, Huo Mian went on stage and discovered an audience of 800 people.

This was the introduction she received: “Miss Huo Mian, 24 years of age, is a chief physician in the neurology department of South Side Recuperation Center. She’s married to Qin Chu, the current president of GK. When she was in high school, she was known as a genius girl. Today, we will find out just how amazing she is!”

The intro seemed glorious on the outside but was in actuality a set-up for something later on…

Huo Mian knew that Song Yishi wanted to embarrass her; the latter wanted to show everyone that she wasn’t all that impressive and that it was just all talk…

With a smile, Huo Mian walked onto the stage and waved to everyone. She then sat down in her designated chair.

Other than Huo Mian, there were eleven other contestants, all deemed geniuses, both men and women.

Song Yishi wasn’t in the group, but Huo Mian knew that these people were only appetizers…

After the host finished his introduction, the lightning round began.

Huo Mian made sure to stay in the middle to upper rankings, refraining from doing her best.

The series of challenges took nearly an hour.

Finally, Huo Mian entered the final four, where the real competition began.

After eliminating the other three competitors, she was the only one left…

At this time, the host announced, “Mrs. Qin, in front of you is the Gate of Dreams. Once you open it, you will receive a million-yuan prize. Before this, however, there is still one more challenger waiting for you. Are you ready?”

With so many people watching, how could she say no?

Smiling, she nodded. “Of course.”

Immediately after, Song Yishi came in from another entrance. She was dressed in a white evening gown and had on crystal high heels.

Her hair was lightly curled; she had dressed herself up as a goddess…

For some odd reason, the first thought that entered Huo Mian’s mind upon seeing her was – this woman was trying to hard to look all innocent…


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