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Season 12

Episode 84

(Husband is Very Angry, Consequence is Very Dire (5)

Ni Yang was just about to reveal Huo Mian’s identity when Qin Chu walked towards them…

He gently caressed Huo Mian’s face as everybody watched.

“You tired?”

“I’m fine…” Huo Mian smiled.

At that moment, Jiang Ye’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

Ni Yang gloatingly looked at him and laughed at how dumbstruck he was.

He would have to face the Boss’s wrath after hitting on Mian.

“President Qin, this is?” Jiang Ye dumbfoundedly looked at Qin Chu, and then back at Huo Mian.

“My wife, Huo Mian.”

At that moment, Jiang Ye turned to stone…

His expression was extremely funny…

“Brother Jiang Ye, don’t tell me that you don’t know our Young Madam?” Annie Liang walked over with a weird smile on her face.

“I… I really didn’t know, I’ve never met her.”

“My wife isn’t a part of this circle, she rarely comes to events like this, so it’s normal for you not to know her.” After Qin Chu spoke, he checked his watch, looked around, and said, “It’s getting late, we’re going to go.”

“Yes, President Qin.”

“Thank you for the party, President Qin.”

“Thank you for treating us.”

Many celebrities surrounded him and thanked their boss.

Jiang Ye felt a mix of emotions…

He finally realized why Huo Mian’s name was familiar.

It was because he had heard people gossip that Qin Chu loved his wife a lot during a meeting with some directors.

They were high school sweethearts and loved each other dearly. She could even make important decisions for GK.

That mysterious young madam was actually the one sitting in front of him just now, playing on her phone and wearing a cartoon shirt.

It was too surprising…

Jiang Ye always thought that President Qin’s wife had to be graceful, if not stunning.

He never imagined Qin Chu’s wife to be so down to earth, like the girl next door.

At that thought, Jiang Ye got a little jealous…

No wonder President Qin liked her, who wouldn’t?

Then, Qin Chu held Huo Mian’s hand and left…

He left the room to everyone and paid for all the costs.

After Qin Chu left, the directors showed their true nature and began touching and hugging female actresses.

Mo Xue’er left right then, it seemed like she was headed for Huo Siqian’s residence. Everyone knew her relationship with him.

So, nobody overly discussed it…

“Brother Jiang Ye, which hotel are you staying at?” Annie Liang asked.

“President Qin arranged for me to stay at the five stars one under the company.”

“Do you need company?” she asked provocatively.

“Ha… What, you wanna come?”

“That depends on whether you need me…” Annie Liang stroked Jiang Ye’s chin with her red nails.

If it was before, maybe he would have gone with the flow and have a bit of fun.

However, for whatever reason, Jiang Ye lost all his lust seeing the pretty face covered in makeup.

“I’ve been having dysfunctions lately… You can come if you don’t mind.”

“Hey… You’re funny.”

Jiang Ye discreetly rejected Liang Annie…

After, he inquisitively asked, “Does Qin Chu’s wife work at GK too?”

“Of course not, she’s a godlike woman. She’s basically a legend in our city.”

“Really? What kind of legend?” Jiang Ye looked at Annie Liang with interest.

“Hmm? It seems like you’re really interested in the Young Madam.”

“I’m just interested in the woman who President Qin fell so head-over-heels over,” lighting a cigarette and taking a big puff, Jiang Ye said.

“She… she’s an incredibly intelligent woman. Do you know what she does for a living?” Smiling, Annie Liang deliberately held back.

Jiang Ye shook his head.


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