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Season 12

Episode 57

( It’s Important to Know One’s Own Limitations (8)

Seeing Song Yishi hesitate, Huo Mian continued, “Of course, I’m only making a suggestion. If Miss Song doesn’t want to play, it’s totally fine… I can give you the win and take the loss. The show’s questions are pretty simple, anyways.”

What Huo Mian was implying was that even if you win, it’s meaningless because the questions were too easy.

Her words rattled Song Yishi…

“I agree.”

“Miss Song…” The host wanted to stop Song Yishi from accepting, but Song Yishi interrupted the host. “It’s alright, do what she says.”

In front of so many people, Song Yishi’s pride mattered the most.

Therefore, she was easily provoked by Huo Mian’s reverse psychology.

If they began to question each other, the possibilities would be endless. What questions were they going to ask each other?

The results were unpredictable…

Backstage, Director Wang Xue’s expression shifted ever so slightly as she said worriedly, “Miss Song ran straight into her trap. She’s going to lose.”

The show was already protecting Song Yishi by not running the originally-planned program.

Huo Mian’s genius was honest and real, but Song Yishi’s intelligence was fabricated through packaging.

Accepting the challenge wasn’t advantageous for Song Yishi at all…

After accepting Huo Mian’s proposal, Song Yishi began regretting her decision…

However, it was no longer up to her. With so many people watching the live show, she couldn’t back down, even if she was heading to her death.

“Go, go, Goddess Song, we believe in you!” a fan yelled out, holding up a large sign.

“Kind and gorgeous, Yishi’s the best. Kind and gorgeous, Yishi’s the best!”

Some idiotic fans even began chanting…

Their chants angered Song Yishi so much that she began to secretly curse them out.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, had a faint smile on her face…

Qin Chu gazed at Huo Mian’s face lovingly through the tv, loving the way she smiled.

His wife was always so cool and collected, confident and calm…

He stared at the TV screen as if he couldn’t have enough of her.

“Go, go, Young Madam! Go, go, Young Madam!” Assistant Yang quietly cheered on the side, almost comically.

Meanwhile, in a rented apartment out in the suburbs…

Ning Zhiyuan was rolled up in bed, feeling bittersweet as he watched her on TV.

He was once so close to her… but later on, because he wanted to get closer to the rich and powerful, he hooked up with Wu Xiaoxue and He Man.

He had missed his best chance with Huo Mian…

Thinking back to their past, he wondered if they would have separated if Qin Chu never came back.

Truthfully speaking, even if Qin Chu didn’t come back home, Huo Mian wouldn’t have married Ning Zhiyuan.

This was because he was riddled with problems himself; ordinary university students didn’t solicit prostitutes.

Even if his girlfriend didn’t want to be intimate with him, it wasn’t an excuse for his disgusting behavior.

The Huo Mian in front of him today had already become a character unreachable by him. She was at the top of the social circle, right next to Qin Chu, attending all sorts of grand events and ceremonies.

At work, she was also the best doctor of her generation. Ning Zhiyuan, on the other hand, willingly ran himself into a ditch. He worked in a small, private hospital, earning his living by cheating and defrauding his patients. Along with He Man, he would gamble what little money he earned away at casinos. After that, he would cheat his patients some more and the vicious cycle would repeat itself.

For him, life was almost meaningless… and he had no one but himself to blame…

“Are you looking at your ex again? Stop looking at her. She’s a rich and important woman now, way out of your league… you should stop thinking about her. She wouldn’t look at a dog like you even if you kneeled down in front of her,” He Man mocked as she pulled off her spaghetti straps, exposing her breasts.

“It has nothing to do with you, shut up…” Ning Zhiyuan glared at He Man unhappily.

On TV, the host had finally agreed to Huo Mian’s suggestion that she and Song Yishi question each other.

“Then we’ll have Miss Song ask the first question.” The host was very biased, giving the first chance to ask a question to Song Yishi.

If Song Yishi’s question was difficult enough to stump Huo Mian, it would completely embarrass the latter.


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