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Season 12

Episode 55

( It’s Important to Know One’s Own Limitations (6)

“Life resides in motion, who said this?”

Before the host finished the question, Song Yishi answered, “Voltaire.”

“The best time to have fruits…”

“Between two meals,” again, Song Yishi answered in no time.

“What dynasty is the Four Sheep Square Statue from?”

“Shang,” Song Yishi answered in a second again.

“Wow, bravo, Miss Song, you got them all right…” After the host finished talking, the audience applauded enthusiastically.

Then the host looked at Huo Mian on purpose in a mocking manner. “Mrs. Qin, good luck to you too.”

Huo Mian reflected on Song Yishi’s rapid answers and felt it was funny…

She saw the answers first and then came up to show off. What was the point?

Huo Mian looked at the host and responded with deeper meaning, “I’m in no rush. Let Miss Song perform.”

“Listen to the next question, what is the first Chinese publisher that was involved in movie filming?”

“The Business Publisher.” Song Yishi got this one again.

“Marx was the first in human history to create …”

“The philosophy of materialism,” Song Yishi answered, her face filled with pride and confidence.

On the other hand, Huo Mian didn’t answer a single question in time. She didn’t seem as though she was competing anyway.

“Human consciousness not only reflects the objective world but also creates the objective world. This is…” the host asked.

“Dialectical materialism,” Song Yishi answered loudly.

“All correct.”

The host announced with a big smile.

The audience burst into resounding applause…

“Mrs. Qin… is your answering button broken?” the host asked sarcastically.

Members of the audience near the stage laughed out loud immediately…

Some people even whispered, “What kind of a genius girl is she? She is not that special. She hasn’t even gotten one question. Goddess Song got them all. I think Goddess Song is the real genius and she must be a knockoff.”

“Haha, yeah, if President Qin sees that he married a knockoff genius, he’ll be devastated…”

All kinds of arguments went on under these circumstances. On stage, though, the two sides were still competing…

Song Yishi’s face was soaked with pride because everything was going according to plan.

“My answering button is not broken.” Huo Mian chuckled.

“Then how have you not gotten a single question? Do you not know the answers?” the host asked.

“Yeah, they were just too easy. I don’t feel like it’s necessary to answer. It’s child’s play.” Huo Mian laughed.

Upon hearing this, Song Yishi’s face changed a little…

This was a direct insult to her…

“Wow, this Huo Mian girl has no shame. Those questions are so difficult, but she said that they are too easy? How pretentious of her.”

“Maybe Mrs. Qin has real skills. Let’s see how it goes first.”

A couple near the stage mumbled…

Many people in front of their TVs could see their performance because it was broadcasted live.

Qin Chu had the TV on while he was busy at work. He only looked up with a gentle expression on his face when Huo Mian showed up…

“Sir, what’s up with Young Madam? Why isn’t she racing to be the first to answer those questions? It’s killing me…”

“She’s waiting for the right moment to use her big move,” Qin Chu responded; he knew Huo Mian too well.

So, he wasn’t worried that his wife would lose at all…

Su Yu was still working overtime in the president’s office at Imperial Star Headquarters.

“President Su… the executive meeting starts in 5 minutes,” his female secretary whispered.

“Cancel it.”

“Umm… are you sure?” The secretary was stunned and wondered what point there was to working overtime.

Su Yu stared at the live broadcast…

He waved his hands and kicked out the secretary…

Half an hour ago, that asskisser Tang Chuan called and told him to turn on the TV and watch the local broadcast.

He turned on the TV in suspicion and sure enough, saw Huo Mian in the show.

She was up against Song Yishi; they were engaged in an ultimate IQ battle.

Su Yu’s heart was hanging as he watched because it was a live broadcast and many people were watching. He was scared Huo Mian might be beaten by Song Yishi…


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