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Season 12

Episode 49

(Showing B*tch Song Who’s the Boss (10)

“Here’s the thing, our TV station is launching a new show. It’s a live broadcast called “The Strongest Brain in History”. I want to invite you to be our guest.”

“Guest? I’m sorry, but I am not interested,” Huo Mian declined immediately.

“Ms. Huo Mian, I hope you can come. I did research on successful individuals in this city and your profile immediately attracted my attention. I heard that you were already a genius when you were a teenage girl and your IQ is really high. Our show “The Strongest Brain in History” is a good match for you, so I really hope that you can come. The reward is very generous as well.”

“I don’t need any money.” Huo Mian smiled faintly.

“I know, but if you could beat the other 11 challengers, our TV station will donate a million yuan to the impoverished children around our area. Won’t you even participate for charity?”

Sure enough, Huo Mian sank into silence when she heard this…

She was unwilling to go on TV, especially a live broadcast.

But if she could help people, this would have a different meaning to her…

“Let me sleep on it. Can I?”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Huo, we don’t really have the time to wait because we are broadcasting tomorrow night. If you are coming, it would be best if you can confirm with us now. Otherwise, we will have to look for someone else.”

“If I don’t go but somebody else does, will the money still be donated to impoverished children?”

“Yes, but it’s not the same. Your social status is higher and worth more, so the reward is a million yuan. If we find someone else, we will at most donate a hundred thousand yuan. Your social status is worth more because you are the young madam of GK and a chief physician at South Side,” the director explained with patience…

“I see… When does it start tomorrow night?” Huo Mian asked.

“The live broadcast starts at 8 and it will last for an hour and a half.”

“It will be just this once?” Huo Mian asked cautiously,

Recently, many popular shows were broadcasted weekly and had more than one season, and Huo Mian really didn’t have that much time on her hands…

“Yes, it will just be one day.”

“Alright, I’ll go.”

“Thank you. Please arrive at the TV station tomorrow night at 7 PM. Look for me when you get to the station. We need to do your makeup before the live broadcast.”


Huo Mian calculated the time. She got off work at 5:30. After a simple dinner, she would be done by 7.

It would be great if her presence could draw in a million yuan scholarship for children, wouldn’t it?

On the other end, after that director hung up the phone, she looked graciously at the woman across from her. “Miss Song, everything’s set.”

“She said yes?” Song Yishi carelessly asked while she filed her nails with a buffer.

“Yeah, she said that she will come tomorrow night.”

“Huh… then tomorrow night will be the night to tear off her ‘genius’ mask…”

“Miss Song, what if Huo Mian really is a genius, what would we do then? We would be shooting ourselves in the foot…”

Song Yishi impatiently dropped her nail buffer on the table before the director could finish her sentence.

“Are you an idiot? We’re the one who made up these questions, and I get to see the answers beforehand. How will I lose? No matter how smart she is, she’s not going to answer faster than I will… Besides, she studied medicine, but tomorrow’s questions will involve topics like astronomy and geography. It’s impossible for her to know everything. All we have to do is will pick rare and bizarre questions to ask her.”

“Right, right, right, Miss Song, you’re smart. Tomorrow night…”

“Tomorrow night I will show up as the last guest. I must erase the genius title she has,” Song Yishi sneered…

She suddenly had a feeling that the Qin Chu liked Huo Mian because she was called a genius.

If she fell from grace tomorrow and was no longer considered a genius, she would become a laughing stock and Qin Chu wouldn’t like her so much then, will he?

Meanwhile, Huo Mian was having dinner by herself as she thought about the kind of show “The Strongest Brain in History” was and why it would spend a million yuan to invite her to attend for an hour and a half.

Even popular celebrities weren’t compensated so much… Was something shady going on?


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