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Final episode 2

When his mouth moves to my hip and his tongue softly traces the lines there, I try not to get shy. Instead, I just focus on how good it feels. When I was pregnant with Noah, I got a lot of very noticeable stretch marks. I’d never had them before, but the ones from carrying such a big baby were so red and deep. I was worried Phillip wouldn’t think I was pretty like I used to be, but I was wrong. He tells me how I’m more beautiful now than before and how they show him what I went through to give us a family. Every time we make love, he pays reverence to them and to me.

When his tongue moves lower, between my legs, my thighs fall open without a hint of hesitation. He has had every inch of me, and he can continue to have it if that’s what he wants.

His mouth licks me in the places he knows so well, in the exact rhythm that I love. There’s no finesse and no teasing. Just his mouth on my pussy, taking an orgasm from my body. I hardly move. I just lie there while he sucks on me until I’m close. And when I’m there, my back stiffens and I cry out, feeling the bone-deep pleasure run through me. It’s exactly what I need and I didn’t even know it.

“How do you always do that?”

“Do what?” he mumbles, kissing his way up my body.

When he gets between my legs, he doesn’t make a move to push his cock into me. Instead, he just hovers over me, looking down into my eyes.

“Always give me what I need before I even know I need it?”

His smile is a little cocky, and it makes me smile, too. Though I can feel that mine is lazy and a bit dazed after the climax he just gave me.

He doesn't answer. He leans down and takes my mouth, letting me taste myself. His kiss is as possessive on my lips as it was on my pussy. He consumes me and I just lie there and take it. His body moves and his cock presses against my opening. With one full thrust he’s inside me, filling me up. This is what we both need. Coming together as one to reconnect our bodies and souls. As silly as it sounds, he’s my soul mate. I know without a doubt that I waited my whole life for him. And I’m glad I did because he was worth the wait.

Our love-making is slow and easy, without any rush. Phillip takes the lead as he gives me endless amounts of pleasure. I cum so many times I lose count, but he demands more and more. Finally, when I’ve nearly passed out from all the orgasms, he floods my pussy with his cum and allows himself the release.

We lie there quietly, wrapped around one another, and I’m about to drift off when Phillip whispers into the dark.

“If it’s a girl, I’d like to name her after you.”

“Hmm?” I’ve nearly drifted off when his words reach my ears.

“I saw the test before I brought you to bed. I was right. As always.”


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