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Season 3

Episode 7

(Jealousy (2)

Xi Xiaye’s brows raised even further, her fair and delicate face blossoming with a rare smile of delight. The stillness in her twinkling eyes was akin to the night sky after the dark clouds had cleared away, multifarious starlight pouring out in torrents.

“How valid are your words of truth? In fact, I seem to be smelling something from you right now…” She slowly smiled and looked at him bemusedly.

He acted calmly as ever and glanced at her. If he made the right guess, then he would not fall into her trap. He answered in a lowered voice, “The smell of manliness that captivates you.”

When he said this, Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment. She then looked at him earnestly and said calmly, “No, it’s a sour smell [1]…”

“Purely your imagination, Missus. Do you think that a man as excellent as me would be jealous over a lowly man? Preposterous!”

Mu Yuchen did not care about Xi Xiaye’s meaningful gaze at all. Suddenly, he set his teacupasideand circled her waist with an arm, pulling her into his embrace. He slowly looked down and accurately caught her Japanese rose petal-like soft lips. After a few moments of caressing them, he continued softly, “Can he do this to you? He might be hiding in some corner, observing a moment of silence…”

Xi Xiaye was stupefied. With the help of the faint light, she saw sparks that seemed eager to prove something in his eyes. She thought about it, then her face flashed a smile. With her arms around his shoulders, she said, “Mr. Mu, explaining means that you’re trying to cover something up.”

“And silence can be construed as agreeing tacitly…”Mu Yuchen said, unaffected. His arms steadied her body that leaned over as his tall body leaned to one side and then comfortably lay down on the sofa. “I’ve put the details that VP Liu sent over into your briefcase. Just work on Yueying’s general shareholders’ meeting for the next two days. The South River project can be set aside for now.”

As he said this, his long arms that circled around her waist were strong. She could only follow his lead and lean against him. In the blink of an eye, the two of them were bundled up tightly. She pressed against his chest and could even clearly hear the sound of his heartbeat.

Her gaze was still for a moment, then she looked at him. “Did you buy those shares at a high price? How about…?”

“As long as we get it, the other parts of the process is unimportant. Don’t you like it?”

He carelessly cut her off. Then, he thought about it and sighed, “I didn’t know what to give you. The fact that you married me just like that… Do you feel like you’re losing out?”

When she heard this, Xi Xiaye’s heart suddenly felt touched. A flow of warmth was spreading all over from the chest while her expression looked calm as usual. She quietly watched him and laughed gently. “Surprisingly, you can be quite self-conscious, but for real, when we really have the wedding, if the dowry isn’t enough, I’m not marrying you…”

“Can you really not marry me at that point?” He suddenly lifted her hand and frowned at her.

“What’s wrong?” She asked innocently.

The moment she said that, he had already held her by the back of her head, catching her off-guard by meeting his cold, thin lips…

“Tonight, I’ll let you be a queen for once. Do you want to, hmm?”

After an entangled kiss, his deep, extremely magnetic and incredibly sexy voice suddenly rang beside her ear, her breathing quickened and her heart beat extremely quickly. Her starry eyes could not help but twinkle, yet her beautiful face blushed shyly. She looked into his dark eyes in a daze and couldeasily catch the flaming desire in his eyes.

“I… You…” She was a little too shy and did not know how to answer either. Even though she admitted that when she was pinned down under him, she had thought about when she could turn around and pin him down too.

When Mu Yuchen saw her blushing, he did quite enjoy the sight and admired with interest with one hand on the back of his head. “Are you being shy right now?”

“I am not! Mu Yuchen, how did I not know you liked these sort of things before this?” Xi Xiaye was a little humiliated as she glared at him and justified.

He looked at her earnestly and said, “Injustice, Missus! Look at how your husband is such an honorable person. Do I look like that kind of person? Missus, you have to think of it like this. I’m only doing all of this for your own good. Think about it. If you can evenpin me down, then who else could be your match? I’m raising your confidence here, can’t you see?”

XI Xiaye had to admire his quick reaction, but she could not help but feel annoyed. “What does confidence have to do with this?”

“Won’t you know once you try? Are you unwilling or are you afraid?”

“Nonsense! If you dare to mention it, then why would I be afraid?”

“Then, let’s go back right now…”

Once he said that, a certain person had already swiftly got up, carried her with ease, and walked in huge strides towards the bedroom…

Compared to the cozy stillness of the Maple Residence, in Han Yifeng’s villa, there seemed to be a stifling air.

On the large, luxurious and snug bed, Han Yifeng was leaning against the bedhead and looking through his phone. Xi Xinyi walked out of the bathroom wearing a sexy, pure silk nightgown. She pulled the blanket open and leaned towards Han Yifeng. “Yifeng…”

Han Yifeng put his phone awayand turned slightly to his side, his expression quiet as he said, “Sleep earlier.”

His voice was filled with fatigue that could not be described.

He finally managed to suppress the reporters by the entrance of his office with much effort. Now that the government had that document, he could not help but feel a pounding headache from all the drama.

“Yifeng, are you angry at me? I really didn’t think of taking that thing to coerce Sister into anything. I didn’t know that it would turn out like this too. I also didn’t know it would bring trouble to the Han Corporation. Grandmother and Mother are already thinking of a plan to counter this. Tomorrow, they’ll hold a press conference and clarify this matter on our behalf… Don’t blame me anymore, okay? Yifeng…”

As Xi Xinyi spoke, her charming face could not hide how it looked weak and pale. Her gentle voice sounded sad as she reached out and gently pulled at Han Yifeng’s sleeve.

Han Yifeng had his back facing her when he was slightly startled by her actions. He took a deep breath before closing his eyes. “I’m not blaming you. I’m a little tired today. Rest earlier. Tomorrow, I still have work. There’s some follow-up that I still need to handle.”

Seeing his cold attitude, Xi Xinyi expression changed. The light in her eyes dimmed. She thought about it before gently leaning her whole body forward and planting a kiss on Han Yifeng’s lips. Her little hand reached for his belt…

However, before she could do anything, Han Yifeng had already caught her hand and gently pushed her away. He slowly got down from the bed and said, “I’m going to work on one more document. Sleep first.”

Then, his tall figure walked towards the door…


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