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Season 3


( The World Changes No Matter What (2)

Suddenly, his face darkened and he stopped talking.

Xi Xiaye did not want to force him, so she just nodded. Sure.

She lowered her head and ate the meal in silence. His quiet eyes stared at her faceas if he could feel a sense of distance between them. Holding her cold hands, he said quietly, Xiaye, I will tell you about it once I figure out how to tell you

She was stunned for a moment when she heard him. She raised her head slightly and looked at his hand holding hers. After a while, she said, Everyone has memories they arent willing to talk about. I wont force you to tell me about it. Dont worry. Ill respect your wishes.

It seemed that she did not understand him. He had never told her anything he was troubled by as well. Even though she did not ask about them, she still cared about him, after all

A while later, she withdrew her hands quietly and continued with her meal without looking at him.

His eyes dimmed and he just stared at her for a long while.

They did not say anything at all. After they cleaned up and went to bed, it was past midnight.

Xi Xiaye went to bed first. She was sleeping with her back facing Mu Yuchens usual spot.

Mu Yuchen frowned a little as he looked at her beside him on the bed. After a while, he went under the quilt and then put his arms over her waist. She struggled a little as his deep voice reached her ears. Whats wrong with you?

I want to sleep.She glared at him.

He tightened his arm and locked her down, staring at her for some time before taking a deep breath. Sleep then.

How do I sleep like this?

Shut up. If youre not happy, then do something else! He said quietly.

Of course, Xi Xiaye knew what this something else he mentioned was. Her glaring eyes were nearly blazing as she punched him several times out of anger, but he just let her do whatever she wanted.

Dead pigs dont feel pain Mmm!

You asked for it. I wanted to let you off, but you just had to make me do it!

The man finally pounced onto her and drowned her in an instant.

The next morning, at Hospital T.

Xi Xinyis room was remarkably crowded early in the morning. Someone had spread the news of her pregnancy and many reporters waited outside the room to ask about Xi Xinyis condition.

When Huang Ziyao brought gifts over, they almost could not make it inside the room. The crowd assumed that Xi Xinyis baby was Han Yifengs child when they saw Huang Ziyao.

Thanks to the hospitals security team, the crowd soon dispersed.

Inside Xi Xinyis superior patient room, she was resting while Yue Lingsi was taking care of her.

Huang Ziyao ordered her servant to put the stuff on the bedside drawer. She stood on the other end of the bed with a gleaming face, but at the same time, her eyes looked conflicted.

Xinyi, those scandals Huang Ziyao started to ask her. This issue was not yet resolved and there were still reporters around. She had been calling Xi Xinyi for a long time, but always could not get through, plausibly to avoid these complications.

Han Yifeng avoided her questions as well. After looking through the news and reports, she gave it some thought. Although she did not know if they were true, there had to be a certain degree of truth to it. What actually happened must be really complicated.

I I didnt do it on purpose. Its all my fault, Mother. I really cant live without Yifeng. I cant stop loving him but because of Xi Xiaye, if he had to do this, the only thing Ive left to do is to abort this child and walk away from this war.

Xi Xinyis eyes started tearing up again as she held her belly with a hand. Her expression seemed really pitiful while her cries sounded frail, and she looked so sad that one could not help but take pity on her.

What are you talking about?! Yue Lingsi yelled at her.

Huang Ziyaos heart softened. Although she was very upset about the whole scandal, she understood that there would be some drama here and there in the entertainment industry. If her son loved her, then she was fine with it.

After years of knowing her, Xi Xinyi had always been very nice and understanding. She already thought of her as a daughter and loved her, even more so than Xi Xiaye back then. Although she could not believe she was what people made her out to be, how could she explain the evidence?

Huang Ziyao was having mixed thoughts at the moment.

She stared at Xi Xinyi for some time before asking, Xinyi, I want you to answer me honestly. Is that child really Yifengs?

Xi Xinyis sobs stopped and her eyes widened as she heard Huang Ziyaos question. She could not believe what she just heard. Inshock and sadness, she whispered, Mother You

What do you mean by that? Yue Lingsi stared at Huang Ziyao, anger brewing in her eyes. Are you saying that Xinyi is carrying someone elses child? Theyve been living together in Yifengs villa ever since they came back. Shouldnt Yifeng know if its his child?

Huang Ziyaos expression changed after Yue Lingsi exploded. Im just asking. I just hope that nothing will go wrong.

Xi Xinyi could not help but cry, You guys can go back now. Ill just abort the child.

Xinyi! What are you saying!? We want the child even if they dont. The Xi family can still afford to raise a child. Ziyao, your words are really hurtful!

Yue Lingsis expression darkened as she glanced at Huang Ziyao furiously while comforting the crying Xi Xinyi. Do you know that Yifeng is really horrible? He really shouldnt be with Xi Xiaye anymore after being engaged with Xinyi. Look at these!

She then threw a stack of photos on the table to Huang Ziyao. They were candid photos of Han Yifeng and Xi Xiaye taken by the South River!

Huang Ziyao was stunned for a moment. She grabbed the photos and studied them as she frowned.

Why was Yifeng with Xi Xiaye? How did they get these photos?

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