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Season 3


(Pregnant 4)

Deng Wenwen’s expression darkened when she saw Secretary Wang march outside quickly. She grabbed Yue Lingsi and asked her anxiously,“Lingsi, what happened?!”

Yue Lingsi looked at Deng Wenwen with worry in her eyes. “Han Yifeng wants to annul his marriage contract with Xinyi. She was too shocked and fell unconscious! Mother, I thought it was odd that Han Yifeng hasn’t been visiting us lately. He was having a conflict with Xinyi, and he might even have had the thought of abandoning her for some time already. What should we do?”

“Mother, look at these pictures… It’s Han Yifeng and that witch! How can Xinyi take it after seeing these photos?”

Yue Lingsi handed the photos to Deng Wenwen with a murderous expression, coldness appearing in her eyes. “I knew she wouldn’t just give up! She must be thinking of getting Han Yifeng back using this opportunity to mess with Xinyi! That must be it! What a wicked person!”

Deng Wenwen took a glance at the photos and her expression darkened as well. A glint flashed in her eyes as she yelled, “Nonsense! What’s this? Isn’t he engaged to Xin Er? And he still went out with Xi Xiaye? That fool!”

Deng Wenwen was furious, especially after Xi Xiaye had released a series of scandals about Xi Xinyi and landed Yueying in chaos. Before the dust had even settled, now this happened!

“Mother, that witch Xi Xiaye is messing with us! She turned Yueying into this state today and she’s still not happy with it. She just had to meddle with Han Yifeng and Xinyi! She planned to give us a hard time all along. Xinyi was already pitiful enough, and she’s still not going to let go of her”

Yue Lingsi was enraged, fuelling Deng Wenwen’s anger. A cold aura spread around her.

“What should we do now? How should we handle this matter? I’m afraid the Han family” Yue Lingsi felt really anxious and frowned.

“How can they just cancel the marriage just like that? Do they think it’s a joke? We’ll discuss it. Go and take a look at Xin Er’s condition now!”

Deng Wenwen calmed down quickly after she tossed the photos in her hand away. “What bullsh*t!”

Yue Lingsi nodded before going out. “Okay, I’ll look after Xin Er. Mother, you should stay at home and wait for my call.”

Inside a premium ward in the obstetrics and gynecology department of Hospital T.

The doctor wearing a white coat did a thorough check-up for Xi Xinyi. Then, he closed his document and told Yue Lingsi, “Mrs. Xi, Ms. Xi has already been pregnant for a month plus. Congratulations!”

Yue Lingsi was stunned by the doctor’s words. Unable to grasp what was happening, she stared at the doctor blankly and mumbled, “What did you say? Xinyi is pregnant?”

“Yes, it’s been slightly over a month. She fell unconscious because of her weak body and she’s overexerted herself recently. I’ll give her some tocolytics. Her condition isn’t fully stable now and she needs to be hospitalized for a day or two. The nurse will explain what to take note of later. You can go and start the hospitalization procedure first!” The doctor said with a smile.

Yue Lingsi’s worrisome expression softened when the doctor gave her such a confident response. She started smiling and even chuckled happily. “Great! Just amazing! Xinyi, you did well! I have to tell your grandmother about this right away. Oh, and your in-laws!”

Yue Lingsi took her phone out and dialed West Park swiftly.

On the other side of the bed, the silent Secretary Wang frowned slightly.

Things just got more troublesome now!

Did CEO Han want to annul the marriage?

They had a child now. How could it be done? With the relationship between the Xis and the Hans, it was already difficult to annul the marriage contract in the first place. Now with this child in the equation, not only was itnearly impossible to void the marriage contract, but they might even be forced to get married immediately!

After some thought, Secretary Wang told Yue Lingsi, “Mrs. Xi, I’ll work on the hospitalization procedure!”

Yue Lingsi nodded with a smile. “Sure! Thank you, Secretary Wang!”

Secretary Wang nodded with a heavy expression. He took his phone outand called Han Yifeng the moment he stepped out of the room.

“CEO Han, I have two items to report to you.” Secretary Wang’s slightly uneasy tone reached Han Yifeng’s ears.

On the balcony of the hotel room, Han Yifeng was leaning on the fence and gazing at the gloomy sky as he answered, “What is it?”

“Just now, when I delivered the document, I saw the photos of you and Ms. Xiaye in Ms. Xinyi’s room. They look like candid photos that were secretly taken! Ms. Xinyi’s emotions were really unstable and she fell unconscious just now, so I sent her to the hospital. The results came out and the doctor said that Ms. Xinyi is”

Secretary Wang took a solemn pause at this point.

“She’s what?” Han Yifeng’s face was expressionless as he asked coldly.

Secretary Wang took a deep breath before he replied quietly, “The doctor said that Ms. Xinyi has already been pregnant for a month. She needs to be hospitalized for a few days due to her frail body and unstable emotions”


He was stunned when he heard this word. Instantly, he could not react at all!

How could Xi Xinyi be pregnant?

At this time?

He remembered that she would take medication every time after they did it. She mentioned she would not consider a child for the next one to two years because of her acting career!

What’s happening?

Han Yifeng clenched his fists, irritation blooming on his cold face.

“CEO Han, what do we now? Mrs. Xi called CEO Deng and also the Han family. I’m sure your parents will come over very soon. You do realize that they were really looking forward to a grandchild, and with the relationship between the Hans and the Xis, they might still force you two to get married despite Ms. Xinyi’s current circumstances”

Han Yifeng had a headache after hearing Secretary Han’s update. He pinched the space between his eyebrows and went silent. After a while, he replied, “I got it. We’ll talk about it again when I get back. Take care of things over there.”

“Yes, CEO Han!”

Han Yifeng hung up on the call, feeling irritated deep down. He was not sure if he should feel delighted or troubled!

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