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Season 3


( Pregnant (3)

Yue Lingsi felt pained looking Xi Xinyi. She was reminded of her past self when she saw the happily married Xi Mushan and Shen Wenna. Xi Xinyi was still her daughter after all. She was not wrong to fight for her own happiness since everyone had that right, did they not?

Xi Xinyi was really exhausted. Her face looked pale and her bright self was nowhere to be seen. Moreover, Yue Lingsi noticed that Han Yifeng had not been at West Park lately!

She could already sense that something was not right between Xi Xinyi and Han Yifeng, so she had come over to ask her about it. However, she did not expect to bump into such a scene here. Looking at these photos, Xi Xiaye and Han Yifeng


Yue Lingsi looked at Xi Xinyi in doubt and was surprised about the photos.

Xi Xinyi’s voice became hoarse from all the crying. As she was about to explain, suddenly the door opened from the outside.

Yue Lingsi turned over to the door as Xi Xinyi sniffed and raised her head. The person who appeared before them was Han Yifeng’s personal assistant, Secretary Wang!

“Mrs. Xi, Ms. Xinyi!”

Secretary Wang came inside with a large envelope in his hand.

“Secretary Wang? Why are you here? Where’s CEO Han?” Yue Lingsi asked.

Secretary Wang greeted Yue Lingsi with a smile, but he then stopped before Xi Xinyi. Stealing a glance at the photos on the ground, he frowned when he saw the people in the photos, but he quickly averted his gaze.

“Secretary Wang, Yifeng” Xi Xinyi wiped off the tears on her face and trailed off.

Secretary Wang bowed slightly and handed the envelope to Xi Xinyi as he said quietly, “Ms. Xinyi, CEO Han went overseas to work and will only be back in a few days. He asked me to hand you this document. He’ll discuss the marriage contract with you again when he returns”

“What? What does he mean by that? Discuss the marriage contract? What is Yifeng trying to do?” Yue Lingsi’s eyes widened when she heard Secretary Wang, she stared at him, “You’re saying that Yifeng is trying to cancel the marriage contract?”

“Mrs. Xi, CEO Han will do his best to compensate Ms. Xinyi. It’s chaotic all over right now. The Han Corporation’s share price is going down. This might be a temporary solution. Please understand! CEO Han is really worn out from what happened lately. It’s already tough enough to help Ms. Xinyi secure the collaboration with Qikai,” Secretary Wang explained.

“Did you say that Han Yifeng has secured the collaboration with Qikai? They’re not going to withdraw?”

Yue Lingsi’s eyes suddenly brightened!

Secretary Wang nodded. “CEO Han put in his best effort for Ms. Xinyi’s sake. Ms. Xinyi, CEO Han said he gave you a choice, and since you made your choice, he’ll respect it. He hopes that you can be well on your own in the future. This document is a contract with Qikai. The filming can start anytime after they change the female lead role!”

Xi Xinyi’s tears started to flow again. She dragged Secretary Wang’s arm as he was about to leave after giving her the document. She cried, “Wait! Secretary Wang! Yifeng wouldn’t do this to me. Please tell him that this is really the last time, alright? He’s not answering my calls and he’s not at home. I don’t know where heis. Secretary Wang, can you please tell him for me? I don’t want to cancel our marriage contract. I don’t want to”

“Ms. Xinyi, you’ve made your choice. Why do you have to give CEO Han such a hard time? All these years, CEO Han has put up with you, yet you… I’m afraid CEO Han has made up his mind this time. He also hopes that you can hand back the key to his villa… If you’re unhappy, he can give you an amount of money as compensation.”

Secretary Wang looked at Xi Xinyi in disappointment as he sighed, “Ms. Xinyi, CEO Han has always thought of you. The Han Corporation was deeply affected because of you. Why can’t you put yourself in his shoes? Ms. Shanshan and I waited for you the whole morning at the airport the other day. We were really disappointed that you didn’t come. Ms. Shanshan wanted to forgive you if you were willing to let go of everything and just obey CEO Han. Unfortunately, you gave up on that choice, so don’t blame anyone else.”

He wanted to pull her hand away, but she gripped on tightly with tears in her eyes. “No, Secretary Wang, can you tell me where Yifeng is? I’ll talk to him myself! I really can’t leave City Z. Why does he have to force me like this? Can’t he put it up with me one last time? Does he hate me because of Xi Xiaye?”

“I don’t know about that either, Ms. Xinyi! I’m just here to pass you his message. I hope you can understand.”

“I understand you, but please tell me where Yifeng is! You must know where he is, don’t you?”

Xi Xinyi tossed the envelope aside and stood up. Suddenly, she got hit by a dizzy spell. Before she could react, she stumbled and fell down.

“Ms. Xinyi!”


Secretary Wang quickly grabbed her hand and she did not hit the ground, but she was now unconscious.

“Ms. Xinyi, how are you?”

“Xinyi! Xinyi! What’s wrong?”

No matter how they called her name, Xi Xinyi did not respond at all. Yue Lingsi panicked.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Xi. Call the ambulance now!”

Secretary Wang calmed down quickly. He held Xi Xinyi in his arms and walked out swiftly.

Yue Lingsi recovered from her panic and quickly grabbed her phone to call an ambulance.

Secretary Wang rushed down the staircase and then bumped into Deng Wenwen with her servants.

“What happened?”

Deng Wenwen had recovered a little after resting for several days. Although she was very exhausted with what had happened to Yueying, she had no idea how to clean up this mess, so she could only rely on the Yue family and the Han Corporation for now.

“Ms. Xinyi suddenly fell unconscious! I’m sending her to the hospital!”

Deng Wenwen finally saw who Secretary Wang was holding. “What? Xin Er? What happened to Xin Er?”

“I don’t know. We’ll find out at the hospital!”

Yue Lingsi also caught up with them as she appeared behind.


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