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Season 3


(Pregnant (2)

Inside Su Nan and Ruan Heng’sapartment.

Su Nan was sitting on the sofa in the living room, comfortably munching on some sunflower seeds while watching television. Xi Xiaye was peeling apples beside her and Ruan Heng was busy cooking in the kitchen.

“Is Han Yifeng really canceling his marriage with that witch Xi Xinyi?” Su Nan asked Xi Xiaye again, with a grin on her face that rejoiced in someone else’s misfortune. She started laughing before Xi Xiaye could reply, “Karma! Great! Let’s see if she can still show us that cocky face of her again! Karma has finally slapped her hard! That witch is so fake, yet some people are too blind to see through her!” Su Nan could not help but curse her in relief.

“She deserves it! Xiaye, you should’ve acted sooner. There’s also Huang Shanshan and Yu Lingling. Who do they think they are? Who else could’ve made Yu Lingling say what she did that night?” Su Nan mocked, “Xi Xinyi is doomed now. Most of the contracts she had are now canceled. If Han Yifeng’s canceling his marriage with her, I’m interested to see what she’ll do next. So what if she’s going to take over Yueying? Sell the 37% shares you have now and Yueying will be done for! Even your grandmother will need to listen to you!”

Su Nan was feeling really smug at the moment.

“Their marriage might not be called off anyway. Xi Xinyi isn’t like the past me. Even if she agreed to it, the Xi family and Yue family might not give in,” Xi Xiaye handed a freshly peeled apple to Su Nan and said.

Su Nan frowned as she took the apple from Xi Xiaye. Taking a big bite and then said, “That’s true. If that happened, then it would really benefit Xi Xinyi, but since Han Yifeng suggested not marrying her, he must be getting tired of Xi Xinyi already. Getting them to hate each other seems like a good idea as well!”

Su Nan shrugged with a sadistic expression on her face. “Xiaye, if that’s what happens, it would be nice to see Huang Shanshan and Xi Xinyi fight with each other! Please don’t look at me like that. I know that I’m pretty mean, but with what you did, we’re not really that different. Hahaha”

Xi Xiaye grabbed a tissue to wipe her hands and drank some water. “This matter is far from over. The Xi Xinyi I know wouldn’t just let me get away like this”

“You mean your expulsion from themilitary academy? Isn’t that news suppressed by your man already? What are you worried about? You didn’t do it anyway. Don’t suffer for it anymore. It’s all in the past and we live in the present. Put your hopes in tomorrow, okay?” Su Nan voiced out as she saw the clearly worried expression on Xi Xiaye’s face.

Xi Xiaye smiled and looked at Su Nan. “Since when did you start giving life advice to people?”

Su Nan shrugged and glanced at her with a smile. “I mean it. You’re always too serious. Let go of some burden in you and you’ll be free. After being with Ruan Heng for so many years, the one thing I’m still worried about is you, Xiaye. You always keep a lot to yourself and we’re both worried about you. Luckily, you met a man like Master Mu and we’re really relieved about that. Just let him worry about those things… Why else would you need a man for?”

Xi Xiaye felt warm inside as Su Nan’s words reached her ears. She looked down at the glass in her hands, a gentle light appearing in her eyes.

She was not really expecting much. The fact that he could trust her and protect her unconditionally, and even settled the matter for her despite her ugly past being thrust right in his face was really touching. Of course, there was Su Nan and Ruan Heng as well

Suddenly, she felt that luck was still on her side. If all the suffering she experienced before was for the sake of the happiness she was feeling right now, she would still believe that the world was a beautiful place.

Iflove could happen between him and her, she would believe it and accept it

However, could he really give it to her?

A crack appeared on the surface of her locked up heart. It seemed like from this moment onward, she started to look forward again.

Still, at the same time, she was worried. What should she do if she could not stay with him till the end?

At the Xi Residence at West Park.

Xi Xinyi opened the envelope and took the items inside out.

There were several photos of Han Yifeng and Xi Xiaye by the bank of the South River, and they seemed intimate!

Her expression darkened and her eyebrows frowned. She quickly went through the stack of photos, her body started trembling.



A coldness enveloped her face, and she ripped the photos apart crazily before throwing them onto the ground angrily to stomp on them!

Suddenly, the door opened and Yue Lingsi came inside. She was shocked to see Xi Xinyi’s maniacal behavior and cold expression!

“Xinyi, what’s wrong?”

Yue Lingsi looked at Xi Xinyi with complicated eyes. She felt that her daughter had totally transformed into another person, especially after her scandal. She also felt odd about the documents Xi Xiaye had sent them.

She felt that she had never really understood her own daughter well.

She looked at the photos on the ground, some of which were torn into pieces. Yue Lingsi was stunned for a moment before picking one of them up. Her expression changed when she saw what was on them!

“Xinyi, what’s happening?” Yue Lingsi looked at Xi Xinyi with her eyes wide.

Xi Xinyi clenched her fists while her expression was horrible. She suddenly covered her face as she broke down and cried, “Mother, what should I do? Yifeng doesn’t want me anymore… He doesn’t want me anymore… He’s going back to Sister… I did all of it just to get him, but he blames me”

“Mother, I know I’m wrong… I just love him too much. All these years, I felt guilty about what I did to Sister, and I tried to make it up to her. In the end, they still treat me this way”

Xi Xinyi was crying as she broke down.

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