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Season 3


(Pregnant (1)

She walked away under the warm sunset. The whole sky appeared to have lost its color due to her departure and even the fresh scent in the air disappeared as well.

Han Yifeng clenched his fists and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them again. Finally, he moved away and walked up the staircase, leaving a long and lonely shadow.

When she arrived back at the car, Mu Yuchen was reading some documents in the front passenger seat, while Li Si and the bodyguard were sitting in the car behind.

“Where else are we going?” She asked as she started the car.

“Go home straight.” He put the documents away and stared at her, but he started frowning when he saw the dull expression on her face. “What did you guys talk about just now? Weren’t you alright just a moment ago?”

He was very upset with Han Yifeng. He was protecting her so carefully and trying to make her happy, but now the man had made her sad. Was he trying to make all his effort futile?

He was angry, but he suppressed it when he saw her expression.

Naturally, Xi Xiaye knew how he felt. She sighed, “Nothing much. He told me that he’s canceling his marriage with Xi Xinyi, just like how he did with me back then. He just did it on a whim and never thought about how others would feel… as if he just threw away a heavy suitcase. I suddenly feel really sad for myself”

“They’re not getting married anymore?” Mu Yuchen raised his eyebrows and grinned coldly. “Has he found a new pair of eyes? Does he finally know how to differentiate between good and bad people? Missus, although I really don’t want to put it this way, this man is really an idiot. Why did you even like him back then? Is he handsome? Is he smart? Just what did you like about him?”

His tone was full of sarcasm.

Xi Xiaye turned her head over in surprise. She looked at the irate Mr. Mu now who was usually calm and composed. She did not expect that he would act like this.

His expression changed when he noticed Xi Xiaye’s surprised expression, so he turned away and looked out the window.

“He’s not handsome, not smart, and not as good as you. That’s why I married you instead of him” Xi Xiaye replied him seriously, letting go of the clutch, and the car started moving slowly.

He seemed to look better after he heard her reply. Returning to his usual cool, he glanced at her. “As long as you know it.”

“I’m going to visit Su Nan tomorrow. Are you coming with me?”

Xi Xiaye laughed, then sheremembered what Su Nan had told her the other day.

A woman needs to know how to deal with her husband. You need to provide him with all the ego in the whole world. Let him feel the pride and respect as a man. Let him feel that he cannot live without you anymore. Xiaye, go and conquer him. Take him down and you could become the real queen

Xi Xiaye could not help but to chuckle out loud when she thought about Su Nan’s behavior back then. She glanced over at the man beside her who was looking at her with alarm. His eyes sent shivers down Xi Xiaye’s spine.

“Are you tricking me or something? Why the odd laugh?” He squinted his eyes and looked at her.

Xi Xiaye shrugged. “I didn’t. Even if I was, I wouldn’t tell you anyway! Don’t touch me. I’m driving! I’m asking if you’re coming with me…”

Mu Yuchen’s answer was a “no” because Su Chen and Zhou Zimo came over early in the morning after they had breakfast. They had promised to play cards and have a drink together before going out somewhere.

Mu Yuchan handed the car keys to Xi Xiaye. “Come home earlier tonight. We’re going back to the Mu Residence for a bit.”

Xi Xiaye took it from him and nodded. “Please don’t drink too much. I’ve asked Sis Wang to come and cook for you guys. Goodbye!”

She then went outside as Mu Yuchen turned away and walked towards Su Chen and Zhou Zimo.

“This is for you. It’s Lingshi’s license!”

Su Chen gave him something the moment Mu Yuchen sat down on the sofa.

“She called me several days ago and urged me for it. She always bothers me or Zimo when she needs help and not you as expected. You’re her brother after all!” Su Chen complained.

Zhou Zimo picked up the license and took a look, guffawing when he saw the photo. “This girl has never changed. It’s been quite a few years!”

“Please give it to her. Qingming is coming soon. She’ll surely come back to visit his grave, so you can give it to her then,” Su Chen said quietly as he sipped some wine.

Mu Yuchen suddenly went quiet and had a depressed vibe around him for a while. Afterward, he grabbed the license and glanced at it before putting it into the coffee table drawer.

“Chen, it’s all in the past now. You don’t have to be so sensitive about it. He’s already dead. He can’t be revived no matter how sad we are. If it’s about Lingshi, all these years, she didn’t blame you at all, did she? There’s no use if we need to have a moment of silence every time we mention this, right?” Su Chen could not help but nudge Mu Yuchen.

“Chen, I think Su Chen makes sense…” Zhou Zimo joined in as well, trading glances with Su Chen as they both looked at Mu Yuchen worriedly.

Mu Yuchen’s eyes seemed quiet. After a brief moment, he placed his fingers on his forehead. He took a deep breath and said, “He’s dead, but there are some things… that can never be forgotten. There’s a lot that needs to be done. I can’t let the case rest when the two are still not found.”

Mu Yuchen’s expression turned cold suddenly.

“What are you going to do about it? Are you going to search the whole world?” Zhou Zimo frowned.

“The reason I came back this time was to investigate this matter, and find out the reason for his behavior back then.” Mu Yuchen took a sip of his wine and added, “It’s also for Lingshi’s sake.”

Su Chen and Zhou Zimo just nodded. “Suit yourself then. Let us know if you need us. We’re here for you.”


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