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Season 3


( Love No More( 3)

Han Yifeng’s eyes seemed desolate as he glanced at Mu Yuchen for a moment before averting his gaze to Xi Xiaye beside him.

Han Yifeng’s sudden appearance startled Xi Xiaye a little. She turned towards the man beside her subconsciously. Mu Yuchen seemed calm although his grip over Xi Xiaye’s shoulder tightened slightly as he stared at Han Yifeng.

Han Yifeng’s expression changed when he saw Mu Yuchen in casual wear. After a while, he said in a high and mighty tone, “Glad to meet you here, Chairman Mu!”

He then looked back at Xi Xiaye and spoke in a slightly softer tone, “Xiaye, I didn’t expect to bump into you here!”

Mu Yuchen put on a smile on his handsome face. “Glad to meet me? I’m not very glad to see you”

He then looked at Xi Xiaye with a dark expression. Han Yifeng’s expression seemed complicated as well. After some thought, he suddenly let go of Xi Xiaye and whispered beside her ear, “I’ll wait for you in the car.”

He turned around, but Xi Xiaye grabbed his hand. A light flashed through her eyes as she stared at him.

He looked at her beautiful face for a while before glancing over at Han Yifeng. Sighing, he said quietly, “Make it clear with him. I’m not giving you any more chances in the future. Remember that you’re Mrs. Mu.”

He pushed her hand away gently as he went off.

Xi Xiaye turned back and looked at the man quietly, her eyes hardening. She closed her eyes after a while.


Han Yifeng finally came down from the staircase and reached Xi Xiaye. He called out to her quietly. “How are you?”

Ever since she hung up on his call the last time, Han Yifeng tried calling back again several times, but she did not pick up any of them. Xi Xinyi’s issue did not stop at all, so Xi Xiaye thought that Han Yifeng’s motive of calling her was probably because of Xi Xinyi.

Xi Xiaye did not reply. After some time, she raised her head and looked at the river below, leaning her arms onto the cold railing.

She gave a short and cold reply, “Pretty good.”

“Why won’t you see me?” Han Yifeng went over beside her and asked.

Xi Xiaye grinned coldly when she heard his question. “Why should I?”

“Weren’t you trying to tell me something by sending me the documents about Xinyi?” Han Yifeng looked at her. “Wouldn’t keeping me in the dark be a better punishment from your perspective?”

Xi Xiaye did not reply Han Yifeng immediately. She took a deep breath and felt the cold breeze from the river brushing past her cheeks as she clenched her fists slightly. “I didn’t send those documents to you for your sake. It’s for mine. I want to ridicule Xi Xinyi and rub salt into your wound. I want you guys to feel the pain. That’s it.”

“You still hate me don’t you, Xiaye?” Han Yifeng stared at her deeply and a depressed vibe shrouded him. “I admit that it’s my fault for abandoning you!”

Xi Xiaye just smiled.

“I’ve decided to cancel my marriage with Xi Xinyi…” Han Yifeng continued when she did not say anything.

“You’re still the same. Weren’t you very in love with Xi Xinyi before? I thought that the both of you both can’t leave each other. And now it seems like you’ve thrownaway yourheavy baggage. Han Yifeng, I’m glad that you’re not the person I’ve chosen. If not, I’d end up the same as Xi Xinyi, wouldn’t I?”

Xi Xiaye looked at Han Yifeng mockingly, her eyes gleaming with annoyance. “I never knew that you were someone like this!”

“Xiaye, I know the military academy incident isn’t like what they said… I believe you!” Han Yifeng explained with his eyebrows knotted.

Xi Xiaye laughed. “It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. It’s not important.”

She suddenly took a deep breath and focused on the warm sunset. “I’ve forgotten all about the past already. I just hope this matter can pass by quickly. Everyone can go on and live their own peaceful lives. Let everything go back to the times when you two weren’t back.

“I really don’t want to see you, so please don’t contact me again. Just act as if we never knew each other. I don’t want us to be involved in any way. Moreover, it’s unfair to him as well.”

Her distant words and her gaze when she turned around and looked at him felt as if she was just looking at a stranger.

Those eyes and those words made him felt chilly.

“Just like how you wanted me to let go of you and Xi Xinyi… Maybe she’s being truthful with you. You don’t have to cancel your marriage with her. You told me yourself that your love for Xi Xinyi is true love”

“Xiaye, you don’t have to mock me with those words. I know that I’ve let you down. My young self is all there is to blame.” Han Yifeng could not stand listening to Xi Xiaye’s words. “It’s all in the past now. I don’t want to go deep into it. All these years, I’ve been”

“Yeah, it’s all in the past” Xi Xiaye agreed with him. She averted her gaze and turned away from him. “I won’t be angry at you because of Xi Xinyi, but regarding the orphanage, I’m really… As for Xi Xinyi’s scandal, I owe up to them.”

She was being honest. “She breached my bottom line again and again, so I can’t just let her be anymore. I know that you might still help Yueying this time, but I won’t just stop here. Watch out.”

“Xiaye!” He wanted to grab her hand as she walked past him, but her cold eyes forced him away.

“Don’t call me again, CEO Han. I don’t want to change my number again. Also, regarding the South River project, Glory World isn’t going to back off.”

She left those words with a powerful stance before departing.

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