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Season 3


( Love No More (2)

The news of Mu Yuchen firing several employees in a fit of fury spread. For quite a few days, the entire Glory World was shrouded in stifling repression. Everyone did not dare to simply discuss any gossip, afraid that the next one to be fired would be themselves.

While the same thing about Xi Xinyi continued to become worse, they recentlyeven heard that Deng Wenwen had fallen sick from being worn out mentally and physically while Yueying was getting ready to be taken over by Xi Xinyi.

This news shocked the entire entertainment industry. Now that Yueying was on the verge of collapsing, Xi Xinyi still dare to take on as Yueying’s CEO! Could she be so confident to help Yueying safely survive this threat again?

This issue did start because of her, yet not only did she not lie low, but instead she appeared so high-profile. This was outrageous to everyone.

For quite a few days, Xi Xinyi held press conferences, at which she beat around the bush. Neither did she directly admit that she had done all those things, nor did she deny them. She only apologized, and the way she looked all weak and pitiful while weeping made everyone suspect whether that news had been fake.

On the other hand, some people also noticed that they did not seem to see the appearance of Xi Xinyi’s fianc, Han Yifeng. Some reporters managed to get pictures of Han Yifeng, who seemed to be keeping to himself without any pictures of him with Xi Xinyi. At such a time, should Han Yifeng not be by her side?

What followed was the news of Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi’s breakup.

While all of Xi Xiaye’s scandals seemed to have been suppressed, the crowd’s attention was all on Xi Xinyi and Han Yifeng.

Xi Xiaye had been focused on the South River project. After she surveyed the area with Mu Yuchen and the government, she started to pour herself into her work day and night. She did not have time to rest as the proposals underwent changes again and again. Then, it was given to Mu Yuchen and several Vice Presidents for examination and approval.

Today, the weather was pretty enjoyable. The warm sun was dim. Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye had once again gone to the South River viewing deck to survey the area. They verified their thoughts by comparing the proposal content that Xi Xiaye and her elite team had poured their hearts into collating, amending, and completing to see whether there were still any oversights.

On the long walkway of the South River viewing deck, the husband and wife walked slowly side by side. The folder was opened up in Mu Yuchen’s hand and Xi Xiaye was by his side. The gentle and warm sun shone on them while they looked extremely harmonious.

“This is the leisure area. The north council will be right here. What do you think?” Xi Xiaye said as she reached out to point at a certain area below while referring to the blueprint in his hand.

Mu Yuchen nodded, then he slowly closed the document and handed it to Li Si behind him. Li Si knowingly received it as he stopped and did not follow them.

Mu Yuchen turned to look at her, seeing the fatigue that could not be hidden in her eyes. He said with concern, “Let’s stop right here for now. You’ve been worn out with work recently. It’s the weekend tomorrow, so rest well.”

Xi Xiaye lifted a hand to massage between her brows and answered, “Ihavebeen a little tired, and the team especially, so today when I left in the afternoon, I let them leave work earlier to have a good weekend.”

The dusk with the setting sun was just beautiful. The husband and wife were in sync as they did not plan to go home so early. Mu Yuchen reached out with his long arm and circled Xi Xiaye’s shoulders, he walked ahead slowly as he asked her softly,“A good weekend? Where do you want to go?”

“Grandmother wants us to go back to the Mu residence, doesn’t she?”

“It’s just going home for a meal.”

When she heard him say this, Xi Xiaye breathed in. She looked up at the golden-bright, dazzling warm sun. After a while, she was about to say something when her phone suddenly vibrated. She quickly took it out to see a text from Su Nan!

She raised her brows and opened the text. It was another of Su Nan’s long ramblings, yet at the start of the sentence, Xi Xiaye was stunned.

Xiaye, I’m pregnant. This time, I’m really going to be a mother! Bloody hell! Ruan Heng, the bastard, said that we’d only have children a year after we get married, yet we just conceived with one try! I don’t want you to be my child’s godmother. We’ll just arrange for our children to get married. How romantic does that sound!? Right, aren’t you going to check whether you’re pregnant? I’ve been dizzy recently, so I went to get checked at the hospital. The doctor immediately sent me to the gynecology and obstetrics department. Didn’t you complain feeling very tired too recently?

Su Nan was pregnant!

Xi Xiaye was shocked. With Su Nan’s carefree personality, it was really hard to imagine how she would be like with a child!

Ruan Heng would probably baby her so much! Knowing Su Nan, she would probably become more intense.

When she thought about this, Xi Xiaye could not help but smile as she quietly kept her phone.

When he saw her grinning away, Mu Yuchen asked, “What are you laughing about? You’re looking pretty happy.”

She then looked up and smiled at him, her laughter intertwined with well wishes. “Su Nan’s pregnant, so tomorrow I want to go see her.”


When he heard this, Mu Yuchen’s mysterious eyes flashed with a faint light. He stared at her bright and beautiful face for quite a while, then his gaze looked down subconsciously at her belly with a gaze that seemed a little wistful.

Yet, Xi Xiaye could see through what he thought. She instantly blushed and reached out to cover her belly, trying to block his gaze.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m not pregnant yet!”

Her period had just passed. How could it be so soon?

“I know, I’m not working hard enough.” He very calmly averted his gaze, and her blush started to intensify. Suddenly, he laughed, “We don’t have to rush with these things. Just go with the flow.”

Mu Yuchen felt that he was not ready to be a decent father either. He also could not imagine how it would be like to have a little monster wandering around them and calling them Father and Mother.

“Don’t eat those things Grandmother gave you if you don’t want to… as long as you’re healthy.”

Xi Xiaye then remembered that he had found out about the things that she stuffed into the storeroom. Wang Hui and Mu Yinan both wanted grandchildren. The Mu family had passed three generations, and now it was his turn…

She fell silent for a while, then she could not care less about blushing. She muttered, “I heard that you have to quit smoking and drinking… That way… Your child can be smart and healthy…”

When he heard this from her, Mu Yuchen turned to look at her with interest. He was about to say something when suddenly they vaguely felt that there was someone ahead. At this moment, a voice came through.


The husband and wife both stopped in their steps. They looked up to where the sound came from, and by the stairs was Han Yifeng’s figure greeting their sight.


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