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Season 3


( Love No Longer (1)

She did not continue, but Mu Yuchen naturally understood what she meant.

Then, Xi Xiaye said determinedly, “So, we must investigate this matter properly. No matter how hard it is, I can’t let go.” She could not just keep bearing this accusation. Now, she was afraid that back at the company it would be abuzz with this.

He did not answer, but his gaze dimmed. After a while, he drank his water and his long fingers caressed the glass.

“How about you stay at home tomorrow?” He suddenly looked up and asked.

Xi Xiaye fell silent for a while, then she shook her head. Her expression was calm as she answered, “If I don’t go, wouldn’t it mean that I’ve confirmed the accusations? In fact, I can’t keep hiding. I believe that one day, the truth will come to light.”

As Mu Yuchen listened, he looked thoughtfully at her for a long while, then he inhaled, nodding gently. He said a little gladly, “Missus, why have I suddenly realized that you seem to have matured quite a bit in the past few days?”

She immediately rolled her eyes at him, pursing her pink, rosebud-like lips. “Don’t keep pretending to be the adult. You’re not my older brother or my father, so why do you keep lecturing me? You’re just a few years older than me. How annoying!”

He did not defend himself. Instead, he chuckled and teased, “Yesterday, you said I was good. How have I become annoying today? Are all you women so fickle?”

“I am me. I can’t represent all the women of the world, so you can’t just generalize.” Xi Xiaye glared at him,and before he could finish, she had already refuted him. Her eyes shifted as she suddenly thought about Yueying’s matter. “Father says that Xi Xinyi might be taking over Yueying. She unexpectedly didn’t leave to seek refuge which is pretty bold.”

“You should say that she has huge ambitions. You don’t have to care about matters over there. Leave it to VP Liu. Now, you just have to perfect your South River project proposal. In the middle of next month, we’ll wait for the government’s decision. The bidding process will probably be in the last week of the next month. We’ll know the exact date in another few days, so all the work needs to be done ahead of time. I’ll be going to survey with them in the next few days. Come along and see if there are any other problems. Then, we’ll have to hand in the papers along with the proposalyou have,” he said calmly, setting his cup aside.

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Mmm, don’t worry. Now, all of the work is on track. In fact, it’s actually almost done.”

The reason they could finish so quickly was also that of his help. Otherwise, she would probably only be done with half of it.

“About all those rumors…” He still could not help but look at her with concern as he listened. Xi Xiaye slowly lowered her gaze. She fell silent for a moment, then tightened her fists. Breathing in lightly, she nodded and said, “I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

“Don’t worry. Maybe when the truth comes to light, they’ll even have to give you a public apology.”

“All those don’t matter. I just want to prove my innocence. I don’t want to cause an uproar because of all the things in the past, and even implicate others.”

She could not help but sigh and lament, “Sometimes, wanting to live a few days of peace seems to be a kind of luxury.”

As he listened, he could not help but laugh. “How much of a storm is this? We should be grateful that we’re not living in war times, though fighting and scheming between people might not be easier than fighting in a war. I can understand how you feel too.”

When she heard this, she did not say anything. Instead, she lowered her head silently.

At work the next day,as expected, Xi Xiaye received all sorts of weird looks from fellow colleagues on the way to work. The people who interacted with her were obviously clear-sighted, while those who stayed away looked on with doubt.

To say that she was not affected at all would be a lie, especially when she heard all of them secretly discussing her. In fact, when she logged onto Weibo, she noticed that under the official Weibo feed, the news had been blocked. She did not seem to see any negative news about her in the newspapers today either.

She breathed in and relaxed in her chair, staring plainly at the screen that had already turned blank while an indescribable warmth crossed her heart.

He had quietly handled it all for her!

Mu Yuchen did not go straight to the office this morning. Instead, he made a trip to Mu Tangchuan. There seemed to be some sort of emergency, and when he was done and went back to the office, it was already afternoon.

When they walked to the elevator, Li Si suddenly asked, “Chairman Mu, don’t you want to have lunch first?”

“No need. Please send the details to VP Wen,” Mu Yuchen said and walked towards the elevator. However, just as he was about to enter, he heard several employees who were waiting for the elevator, whispering.

“Do you think the thing about Director Xi is true? Even our Glory World official Weibo blocked it!”

“I don’t think so. Director Xi doesn’t seem like that kind of person.”

“You can’t really tell with something like this. It’s impossible to judge one’s heart from their face. I think that Director Xi has some tricks up her sleeves. Didn’t you see how her relationship with Chairman Mu was so ambiguous shortly after he returned?”

Mu Yuchen listened to all of them and started to frown. Li Si cleared his throat, and then everyone snapped back. When they saw Mu Yuchen standing behind them, their expressions changed drastically. They quickly said in a panic

“Hello, Chairman Mu… We… We were just talking nonsense…”

“Chairman Mu, please…”

Mu Yuchen’s mysterious eyes shot them a cold look. Before they could finish, he already said indifferently to Li Si, “Ask them togo to the finance department to settle their wages. They don’t have to come to work tomorrow.”

Then, he walked right into the elevator, leaving behind a cold air.

The few of them widened their eyes and only reacted after a while, yet the elevator door had closed.

Li Si looked at them sharply too and reprimanded, “Didn’t the company already ban discussions on this? Still, you knowingly did it! Pack up and go to the finance department to settle your wages.”

“Assistant Li, we didn’t do it on purpose. Assistant Li…”

“Assistant Li, please help us tell Chairman Mu…”

They wanted to beg for forgiveness, yet Li Si already walked into the elevator with his documents.

This morning, he could already detect that Master was not in a very good mood, and now he had to hear such gossip too. Naturally, he would be unhappy. Furthermore, they were discussing Missus’s matters…


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