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Season 3


(Crack (3)

Xi Xinyi cried until both her eyes swelled. She lifted a hand to cover her face as she watched Han Yifeng disappear, leaving behind an empty staircase. Some time had passed before she turned to leave in a daze.

However, just as she stepped out of Han Yifeng’s villa, her red eyes suddenly flashed with a coldness. Her face was gloomy as the sky before a storm and she whipped her phone out to swiftly made a call.

On the other end, Han Yifeng had booked Xi Xinyi a flight ticket at 9 a.m. the next day to San Francisco. When Secretary Wang delivered the San Francisco villa keys to West Park, he saw a huge group of reporters outside, so he entered from the back door.

Secretary Wang handed the keys to Xi Xinyi as he said in a heavy tone, “Miss Xinyi, these are the keys to the villa in San Francisco that CEO Han is handing to you. We’ve already prepared everything over there. CEO Han would like you to stay there for a period of time until things subside here before you return. He has called Miss Shanshan, and she’ll accompany you to go over tomorrow. Just treat it as a relaxing vacation! CEO Han will send someone to fetch you tomorrow. He also told me to pass you a message that he hopes that you can think about him… If you can’t let go of Yueying, he will help you out one last time for the sake of friendship, Miss Xinyi, but…”

Xi Xinyi felt herself stiffen. Gaping stunned at the keys that Secretary Wang handed her, her face was exceptionally pale with mixed emotions. She did not reach out to take the keys for a long while.

When Secretary Wang saw her reaction, he breathed in and then put the keys onto the table beside Xi Xinyi. “Miss Xinyi, actually, CEO Han has been completely worn out mentally and physically over your issues recently. I really hope that you can consider it for his sake. It’s not easy to have reached this stage. CEO Han says he’s very tired…”

“I’ll go back now and I’ll leave the keys here. I hope that I’ll see you at the airporttomorrow morning at half-past 8 in the evening. Miss Shanshan and I will be waiting for you there!” Secretary Wang confirmed before turning to leave the room.


When she heard the door close, Xi Xinyi snapped back to her senses. She stared at the keys before her and her eyes instantly shifted as she clenched her hands into fists. Her face struggled with indecision.

Han Yifeng was forcing her to choose!

Him or Yueying?

In such a period of turmoil, Grandmother had already decided to let her take over Yueying. If she could pull Qi Kai and the Han Corporation in, then all those shareholders would have to give in to her. Xi Xiaye could forget about taking advantage of this loophole in Yueying. Furthermore, she might even beat Xi Xiaye. However, if she just left Yueying behind, how would she know if those shareholders would rebel? When that happened, they might even need to choose a new CEO under pressure…

How can she just give up at such a time?

Xi Xinyi hesitated.

It seemed as if this was within Han Yifeng’s expectations. When she received Secretary Wang’s call after 9 p.m., he could not hold back the bitter smile on his face.

“CEO Han, Miss Shanshan and I kept waiting for Miss Xinyi here. Sadly, she didn’t come and the flight has taken off…” Secretary Wang’s tone was heavy on the other end as he revealed disappointment that could not be disguised.

He hesitated for a moment before suggesting, “CEO Han, how about we book the next flight out? Miss Shanshan and I can personally pick her up.”

Sitting before his desk, Han Yifeng sighed. Then, he chuckled a little pained and disappointedly before he said indifferently, “No need. I know what her answer will be. How about you two come back first? Right, please tell Shanshan to come to me.”

“Miss Shanshan is right beside me, CEO Han. I’ll let her answer the phone,” Secretary Wang answered from the other end.


Huang Shanshan’s voice sounded down. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think that Xinyi, she… I’ve always treated her like my best friend, my own sister. I don’t want to argue for the sake of what friendship we had, but unexpectedly…”

“It’s okay. Come over first. I have some things to say to you,” Han Yifeng said, then he hung up and shut his eyes, feeling exhausted.

The storm did not pass as easily as they thought. When Xi Xiaye received Su Nan’s foul-mouthed call, she realized that Xi Xinyi had still disclosed everything. In fact, the news had spread so fast that she could not stop them in time.

Her slender fingers slid across the tablet screen. Under Glory World Corporation’s official network, there were already a bunch of mean discussions and they were all about her!

‘The inside story of Glory World’s female director Xi Xiaye?’

‘The truth about Xi Xiaye getting expelled from the military academy?’

‘Xi Xiaye stealing…’

All of the unbearable headlines were incredibly eye-grabbing and harsh. She flipped open her Weibo and saw that there was already a war of words underneath. There were even questioning words…

Her beautiful face darkened a little as a sharp coldness flashed in her eyes. She could already guess who had disclosed all of these and had even hired a huge group of trolls to curse and attack her online with words.

Xi Xinyi was really pushed to the edge this time. She knew that she had something to do with this incident, yet she had still recklessly make this information public. Was she so sure that she would not be able to get hold of evidence?

She breathed in. Even though there was a melancholic sorrow that she could not suppress in her chest, she did not suffer as she had back then. Now, she could only patiently wait for the news from Detective Zhang.

She massaged the space between her brows. All of a sudden, the tablet in her hand was taken away by a slender hand. She subconciously looked up and noticed that the man had suddenly appeared by her side.

He looked down at the news on the tablet and his handsome face darkened. His eyes flashed with a shadow that could not be disguised. He turned to her, his tone calm as usual, yet it held a hint of coldness. “Her again?”

Xi Xiaye frowned. She hesitated before saying, “Who would’ve so much hatred for me?”

Then, she suddenly stood up from the sofa slowly. She walked to the table to pour herself some water and drank a few gulps before continuing, “She won’t let go of me so easily, but that’s good too. The hole that she dug herself would naturally be to bury herself too.”

“Have you thought of a plan already?” Mu Yuchen asked softly, setting the tablet aside.

Xi Xiaye inhaled and did not answer. She just drank another gulp of water and poured him a glass as well. She sat down leaning beside him and said, “Previously, I’ve been getting someone to investigate it. It’s been so long and it’s hard to get hold of any evidence. In fact, you know what I’m worried about…”

“Worried about your father, aren’t you?” He easily knew the answer.

Xi Xiaye nodded. “You know, once this matter is exposed, Father will be implicated too. Back then, it was him who erased the criminal records for me. I never would’ve thought that Xi Xinyi would…”


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