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Season 3

Episode 24

(Master Mu Is Angry( 2)

Xi Xiaye plodded through the corridor with heavy footsteps. Suddenly, she thought that this corridor felt endless. It was very, very long. All around her were walls and it was so stifling that she almost could not breathe.

She was not sure how long had passed until she found the entrance…

When she walked out of the hotel, it had already turned dark outside. The streetlights were lit up, yet the faint light could not seem to pass through the vast, gloomy twilight. The night wind kept blowing, bringing a bone-chilling humidity into the air while the moist ground refracted varying lights and shadows because of the light shining down. The scene looked so desolate that it brought pain to one.

Her thin and lonesome figure passed through the gloomy, misty rain. When she walked under a dim streetlight, she finally took out her phone from her pocket and made a call. The person on the other end picked up very quickly.

“Hello? Detective Zhang? It’s me, Xi Xiaye… I wanted to ask about that thing. When will we get the results?”

“Earlier, I just checked Yang Jianfeng’s account. Another $200,000 was banked into him again three months ago, but I can’t be sure if it was from that person. It’ll probably be very hard to get evidence on this. Your father and grandfather personally erased all of the information about this, so it’s not that easy to open up the investigation again…”

“I’ve got it. Don’t alarm them… Thank you, Detective Zhang,” she softly said.

After hanging up, Xi Xiaye got into the car. Uponclosing the door, all of her strength and endurance instantly broke down like the dam of a sea had burst. The dry and burning rim of her eyes could not hold back her tears and they started to turn moist.

She tossed her phone aside, intending to wipe the chill on her face away. She wiped and wiped at the tears, then suddenly buried her face into her icy palms. For a long time, she did not move.

“I really didn’t do it. He framed me. Why won’t you guys believe me?”

“Father, I’m not afraid of going to jail. I’m only begging you to help me. I’m not a thief. I didn’t seduce him…”

“Grandfather, can you please talk to them? I really don’t want to quit. I finally… I admit that I did hurt him, but I really didn’t steal anything. It was him who told me to go over and get information…”

That year, she had just joined the military academy. Just when she thought that her career in the army could begin, this tragedy had once again stolen all of her dreams and hopes away.

After the incident, even Xi Mushan could not protect her while Shen Wenna had accompanied Shen Yue for his eye surgery abroad. When they returned, the school’s decision had already been set.

She had to be expelled bearing a blackened name, and Deng Wenwen was even more ashamed by her. As a result, she made her spend a long time in the study room to reflect on her mistakes, and Xi Xinyi ran to her every day to tell her about Han Yifeng…

Back then, she felt that her world had never been that gray before. No matter how hard she tried, she could not walk out of that deadlocked haze.

After that, Shen Wenna went looking for Xi Mushan. Following their discussion, they decided to send her straight abroad, and then collaboratively suppress the news about this. Xi Jiyang had also declared that no one was to ever raise this matter again.

In the period that she had just gone abroad, because he was worried that she would take things too hard, Shen Yue had even cast aside the company matters and accompanied her there for a long time. When she felt better, he then returned to the country.

Before he left, Shen Yue had advised her, “What’s happened has already happened. As much as you cry or feel wronged, it’ll be useless. There are many things that you still need to do. You aren’t just living for this one thing. There are always many unlucky people. Once you get through it, you’ll realize that it was actually not such a big deal after all.”

Yes, it really would not be a big deal if she could get through it, but what if she could not?

She was not sure how long had passed. She just felt warm moisture in her palm as one by one, teardrops fell through her fingers and her shoulders trembled slightly.

Suddenly, she did not know why she was this upset. She thought she had already walked out of that darkness. Even if she faced all those mean rumors, she thought that she should be able to face them calmly, yet what she thought was different from reality…

Just as her sleeves were about to be completely soaked by her hot tears, the car door beside her was suddenly opened and a strong gust of cold wind instantly poured in!

She was shocked and looked up reflexively. Quickly, she wiped away the moisture on her face and looked out of the car.

Mu Yuchen’s tall and handsome figure greeted her sight. His expression was unusually grave and his eyes were immersed in gloom, yet the depths of his eyes also contained the complexities of his love and worry for her.

She looked at him, startled. She was quite surprised, but after a while, she regained her senses and turned her head away. Wiping the tears at the corner of her eyes, she asked softly, “Why are you here?”

Her voice was a little hoarse and raspy from the crying. Her pale face looked so weak that it pained him to look at her, yet the thing that he still could not help but be angry about was how she could instantly return to her usual calm.

“Why wouldn’t I be here? You’ve become quite capable. Why wouldn’t I come to see the show? It hasn’t even begun and already you’re hiding here crying? Tell me what happened.”

Mu Yuchen felt that as even-tempered as he was, he could not suppress the rage in his heart. He had carefully watched over her, afraid that she would not be able to handle it. He hadworried that the bunch of people would easily invoke problems, so he had ordered the hotel manager to look after her. However, unexpectedly when he was on the home to Maple Residence from the Shen residence, he had received the hotel manager’s call. After that, Shen Wenna had worriedly given him a call too, so he then rushed over.

While she, on the other hand, forgot about even calling him. Despite calling her numerous times, she did not pick up…

His deep voice brought a hint of sternness as his deep gaze locked onto her. He could not care less about the drizzle that fell from the sky as he just fixed his eyes on her.

She silently looked down, her hands resting on her knees clenched slightly without saying a word.

When he saw that she did not say anything for a long time, the sound of his soft scolding carried an order that was determined and did not allow defying, unlike his usual calm and gentleness at all. “Speak!”

Clearly, he was extremely angry.

“Xi Xiaye, you don’t dare to speak up now?” He coldly called out her name and held the car door with one hand while looking down at her.

Forced by his strong presence, she finally could not bear it and looked up. Her silent and dim gaze met his deep eyes. She raised her voice and shouted at him as if she was giving up in moments of hopelessness, “Say what?! What do you want me to say? Would all of you believe me if I spoke up? All of you think I’m a thief, that I’m a shameless person who would seduce her own instructor… Everyone is resolute about the idea that I’m someone like that, so what do you want me to say? If explaining myself worked, I wouldn’t mind explaining it a thousand or a million times!”

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