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Season 3

Episode 23

(Master Mu Is Angry (1)

A long while after, Xi Xiaye jolted slightly, then her dazed eyes managed to clear up. The horrible sneers entered her ears as if she was poked with needles made from ice and snow. It was so cold that it numbed her.

She looked up stunned at Xi Xinyi who pretended to be all innocent and worried before her, yet there was a flash of cold light in her eyes.


Beside her ear, Su Nan and Ruan Heng’s worried voice kept calling her. The guests by the side seemed to have noticed this too. All of them looked over, and even the hotel manager who was directing all the tasks was alarmed.

Sun Mei pulled at Yu Lingling to make her stop, yet she just glared at Sun Mei. She did not feel remorse at all. Instead, seeing Xi Xiaye this humiliated and stuck in a difficult situation, combined with how pale she looked, she even felt very smug, especially when she found out from Xi Xinyi that she was currently a director at Glory World.

“Stop pulling at me, Sun Mei! I’m just telling the truth. If you don’t believe me, go ask Zhang Yan. He was in the same school as this disgusting thief back then. At the class reunion a few years ago, he even talked about this! He asked if we were in the same class, but I didn’t know how to answer him back then. How embarrassing…”

Su Nan reached over to hold Xi Xiaye by the shoulders as she shouted to the oncoming security,“Security, drag this woman out for me! Throw her out right now! Quick!”

Sun Mei and the rest looked a little troubled at Su Nan and Ruan Heng. Even Wang Zilou kept looking at Xi Xiaye in a daze. Quite a few people had already crowded around from the side, wanting to advise Su Nan to calm down.

“Su Nan, don’t be rash!”

“I’m not being rash right now Doesn’t she know what she’s saying? I think you two witches have intentionally come here to cause trouble! Xi Xinyi, that’s enough! I’ve never seen a more disgusting woman than you. Your own mother’s become a nauseating third party. Forget that you don’t feel ashamed enough, but you even want to use your mother as a role model and steal your sister’s fianc. If I were you, I would’ve been so ashamed that I’d retreat into the forest, but why do you have such a thick face? Could it be because of how you’ve become an actress in recent years, so evilness has seeped into your bone marrow?” Su Nan cursed at Xi Xinyi in a rage.

She was seething in anger with no reason whatsoever. “I’ve been tolerating you for a very long time! Don’t think I don’t know that you’ve incited this! I think that your popularity today is the one that’s been gained through sleeping with I-don’t-know-how-many directors!”

Sun Mei could not bear to listen anymore. She could not help but reprimand,“Su Nan! What are you saying? Don’t cross the line!”

Xi Xiaye’s hand that hid in her sleeve was balled into a tight fist. The wine glass in her hand trembled slightly as she stared straight at Xi Xinyi. In an instant, her gaze became gloomy, ice-cold and bone-chilling.

“What’s happening?”

At that moment, Shen Wenna’s voice suddenly came from behind. Everyone looked to the source of the voice.

“Aunty Shen! Xiaye, she…” Su Nan looked worriedly at Shen Wenna, then she looked down too.

Shen Wenna’s cold face flashed with a puzzlement. Looking ahead, she immediately saw Xi Xinyi who sat on the side and her gaze instantly hardened whilst her expression changed!

In a flash, Shen Wenna also noticed that Xi Xiaye looked pale and miserable. She appeared desolate and icy-cold, so she walked over and at this moment, the whispers started to enter Shen Wenna’s ears.

“She’s here. She looks like a professor from University A. She looks very cultured. The mother and daughter pair are quite alike. Her daughter doesn’t look like a thief, but she is indeed quite beautiful. She has the means to seduce…”

“I don’t think she looks like it, but shewasexpelled by the military academy, wasn’t she?”

“It seems like she’s even the mayor’s daughter… Could she be the mayor’s ex-wife then?”

“Mayor Xi’s ex-wife? No way! She’s so young and beautiful!”

Xi Xiaye spent a lot of effort to hold back the anger that she was about to recklessly vent. She quietly averted her gaze and looked drained and weakly at Shen Wenna who had also stiffened on the spot. “I’m fine, Mother, let me send you back. Su Nan, we’re leaving now. I’m really sorry about tonight.”

“Xiaye! I’m worried about you! Ruan Heng, arrange for someone to send Aunty Shen home right away. Xiaye, you shouldn’t be driving like this… Xiaye…”

Before Su Nan could finish, Xi Xiaye had already pulled Shen Wenna and abruptly turned away. Her figure looked bleak and lonely. Just by watching her, Su Nan could feel the powerlessness in her steps.

She could not care much and quickly chased after them. There was an uproar atthe wedding banquet as everyone looked towards Xi Xiaye and Shen Wenna’s figures as they left in a hurry…

She had just stepped out when Su Nan finally managed to catch up and gripped onto Xi Xiaye.“Xiaye! Stop! I’m telling you, you’re not suited to drive right now! I’ll send you home! Ruan Heng, you send Aunty Shen back!”

“It’s fine. Today’s your wedding day. Go back. It’s such a happy day. Please don’t let it be ruined by me…” Xi Xiaye’s voice was exceptionally calm as her expression was tranquil too. Her eyes had already turned grey and were silent as still water. There was no light in them at all.

Su Nan felt her heart ache. She did not know how much strength Xi Xiaye needed to hold back all of her anger and grievances, but she knew that Xi Xiaye had done so, not just for Shen Wenna, but also for her and Ruan Heng.

When they saw quite a few people following after them, Ruan Heng could only gloomily say in concern, “Xiaye, I’ve already arranged for someone to come pick up Aunty Shen. Su Nan, you accompany Xiaye to rest in the VIP room.”

Yet, just as his voice fell, the hotel manager had already brought a few people and rushed over, until they reached Xi Xiaye, “Director Xi!”

Xi Xiaye nodded, turning to look at the distracted Shen Wenna and say softly, “Please send my mother back to the Shen residence.”

“Mother, you…”

Shen Wenna looked miserable as she muttered before turning to leave,“I’m fine. It’s fine if they know. I am your father’s ex-wife… Okay, I’ll leave now. I’m fine. You don’t have to worry. Don’t mind their words either. We all believe you…”

“Director Xi?” The hotel manager softly called out for Xi Xiaye.

Xi Xiaye closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. She nodded and then the hotel manager followed Shen Wenna out.

As she watched Shen Wenna’s figure gradually move further away, Xi Xiaye calmly said,“I’m going home too. Don’t worry. I’m fine.” Before Su Nan and the rest could react, she had already picked up her pace and walked ahead.

“Xiaye!” Su Nan wanted to follow after her, yet she was pulled back by Ruan Heng. “Enough, Nan Nan. Let her have some time alone!”

“I want to go settle scores with those two witches!”

Su Nan stormed right back in a rage.


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