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Season 3

Episode 22

(Xiaye's Unbearable Past (2)

She saw that the woman was currently looking at Xi Xiaye with contempt, while Xi Xinyi who was beside her just frowned and pulled at the girl’s sleeve, softly whispering, “Xiao Ling, don’t talk nonsense!”

“What happened? Yu Lingling, what did you say earlier? What do you mean by breaking school rules and being ordered to be expelled? What happened? Wasn’t she doing well in the school?”

“Exactly, tell us what happened. I thought it was weird back then when she suddenly went abroad instead of studying at the military academy!”

“Exactly, but now she seems to be doing very well as a director at Glory World. It’s not a role just anyone can take on…”

Everyone had not been in much contact with Xi Xiaye, but they had always taken note of her. One reason was that of her extraordinarily good looks. Another was because her family background was considered pretty celebrated in school back then. Now, she was even the mayor’s daughter and sisters with the celebrity, Xi Xinyi, so naturally, she received a lot of attention.

“Yu Lingling, what nonsense are you spewing? You watch what you say!”

When Su Nan heard her, she instantly frowned and looked worriedly at Xi Xiaye. She saw that Xi Xiaye’s cold and indifferent face had turned slightly pale while her eyes had swiftly dimmed too. Instantly anxious, she stared coldly at Yu Lingling to warn her.

“How am I spewing nonsense? Just ask her yourself. Ask her why she suddenly stopped studying at the great military academy, and why she suddenly went abroad. See how she’ll answer you guys!”

Yu Lingling gave Xi Xinyi a look, the corner of her lips curving with an insulting smile. Her eyes looked sharply at Xi Xiaye as if she was watching a show.

“Yu Lingling! If you want to cause trouble, get out right now. Don’t babble crazy things. I know you don’t like me. Then, come for me! Why are you spewing nonsense about someone else?” Su Nan’s eyes darkened as she glared sharply at Yu Lingling. She really did not expect to let such people come in.

Look at Xi Xinyi that slut’s fake manners. I’m sure that Yu Lingling was incited by her!

Yu Lingling had always been on bad terms with Su Nan. Back when they were in school, she liked to rat on her to the teacher and had always made life difficult for Su Nan. After Xi Xiaye dealt with her, she had always born hard feelings against Xi Xiaye. Since she became part of Xi Xinyi’s little posse, she started to drive a wedge between Xi Xiaye and the other classmates.

“All of those who have come are guests, Su Nan. Your temper hasn’t changed much since school!” Yu Lingling sneered with disdain. “In fact, I was just telling the truth. How is that called spewing nonsense? Don’t you know better than anyone else? Xi Xiayewasexpelled by the military academy because they were afraid of causing a huge ruckus. She couldn’t stay in City Z, so she then accepted her family’s arrangement to go abroad!”

“Nonsense! Nonsense! Shut up! If you spew more nonsense, I’m getting someone to chase you all out!” Su Nan’s expression changed drastically. Her eyes turned cold and she shot a mean glare at Xi Xinyi who was feigning gentleness, pretending to be worried and pulling at Yu Lingling. She shouted, “Xi Xinyi, this is you seeding things on the sly again, isn’t it?”

“Su Nan, what are you trying to say?” Xi Xinyi frowned and feigned innocence.

“What’s happening? Lingling, what happened with Xi Xiaye?”

While watching the few people’s performances, the crowd became even more curious. Even Wang Zilou looked puzzledly towards Yu Lingling. “What happened?”

“Huh, if you dare to do it, won’t you let others talk about it? Just look at her and you’d know she’s not some good person. What’s she being so arrogant for!?”

Yu Lingling received the signals that Xi Xinyi gave her. She looked tauntingly and her eyes were filled with loathing and contempt. “She… Well, she’s a thief! When she was in military school, she stole the diamond necklace that her military instructor was going to give his wife. Later on, she was found out by the instructor, and even… Well, since she failed to steal it, she made an unreasonable scene and beat up the instructor until he was heavily injured. One of the instructors eyes was blinded. It’s disgusting. I’ve never seen someone like this…”

Before Yu Lingling could finish, Su Nan had already tossed the wine glass in her hand onto the floor. Her body had tensed up and she could help but be worried as she turned to look at Xi Xiaye beside her. “Yu Lingling, you damned b*tch, shut up! You’re the thief! Someone, security! Drag this crazy woman out! Quickly! Get out!”

Xi Xiaye felt that her entire spirit was suddenly emptied. Her chest felt extremely heavy and even her shallow breathing made her aware of the pain in her chest.

Her mind turned blank as her mind started to interweave with numerous choppy fragments…

Her beautiful face was already so pale that blood had drained from her face. As her chest was in pain and her breaths became short, her body gave way and then she staggered, clutching onto Su Nan’s arm like she was holding onto a buoy. She started to inhale huge breaths, and her dazed eyes were gloomy and filled with a fear that could not be disguised. Even though she looked a little panicked, the rationality in her head kept her clear-headed…

“No way! How’s this possible?”

“Yeah, that’s impossible? How could she be a thief? And even be so brutal with the beatings?”

“No way! How could she have been expelled by the military academy? In fact, her father was probably already the deputy mayor back then. If even such a high-up official had been unfair, you can tell how bad the situation must’ve been!”

“I think so too. Otherwise, how could she have been expelled? In fact, I heard that she’s a director at Glory World Corporation. Who knows? Maybe she slept with someone!”

“Right? I heard that she and her superior, some Vice President, have been getting very close recently! Yesterday, they even attended the Yueying shareholders’ meeting together. Earlier, I heard Xinyi mention…”

Some people had already begun to whisper to one another and discuss this.

All of her unbearable past was opened up right before her in dripping blood. In her absent-mindedness, she suddenly remembered that scene

“Teacher, I didn’t! I really didn’t! I didn’t steal anything and I didn’t seduce him…”

“Father, I really didn’t. Please believe me. I don’t want to quit, Father…”

“I really didn’t do it. He’s framing me. I really didn’t! It’s him who has feelings for me…”

“Xi Xiaye, because you have severely violated the school rules, the circumstances are severe. After an investigation, the school has decided to take disciplinary action by expelling you from the school. You’re on your own now. Go back and pack up your things to leave the academy right away…”

“Why don’t you do well? Why did you have to be a thief and even do something so shameless? We are utterly humiliated by her! Can’t she just give this family fewer problems? Back then, her father had put in so much effort to let her enter the military academy?”

That day, she had been just like she was right now. Under the mocking looks from her classmates and comrades looking down on her, she was forced to pack her bags and quit against her will.

“Xiaye, Xiaye, are you okay? Xiaye!”

Su Nan held her up as she had turned weak. She was so worried that her eyes started to redden.


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