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Season 3

Episode 21

(Xiayes Unbearable Past (1)

Su Nan looked excitedly at Xi Xiaye, while she just smiled calmly at her. She took out the red packet that Mu Yuchen had prepared and handed it to Su Nan. Nan Nan, Ruan Heng, congratulations. You must be happy forever!

When she reached out to take over the red packet, Su Nan suddenly asked softly,Why didnt your man come with you?

I came with my mother. He wont be coming to join the fun, but he did prepare this red packet! Xi Xiaye laughed softly.

Master Mu prepared it? Su Nan widened her eyes. She did not care for anything and immediately ripped the red packet open to gape at the cheque and greeting card. She immediately cried out, Six nines! How generous! Xiaye, when you go back, please tell Master Mu that my respect for him is as endless as uninterrupted torrential rivers!

As she said this, she hugged the red packet and said softly, Xiaye, I think Im getting rich from organizing this wedding. You and Master Mu should quickly have yours. With Master Mus influence, therell be so many cash gifts for sure. Keep all of them to yourself and have it as pocket money Just thinking about it makes me shiver. Im telling you, for todays wedding, Ruan Heng and Ive already discussed that all of the cash gifts will go to me. His salary will be managed by me too, haha

Su Nan seemed to be a pretty jovial mood today. The smile on her face was extremely radiant. On the side, Ruan Heng looked at her dotingly too. Xi Xiaye was genuinely happy for them from the bottom of her heart, yet she could not help but think, if she and Mu Yuchen would really organize their wedding in October, how would their wedding be like?

Every girl would have their own dreams of a beautiful wedding dress, and she was no different. She did not have reasons to fantasize back then, but now, had everything changed? Could she start looking forward to it again?

When they walked into the banquet hall, it was already almost fully seated. Xi Xiaye was Su Nans best friend. In fact, because of her and Shen Wennas status, they were guests of honor and their seats were arranged right beside Su Nans table.

The wedding started soon. As she watched Ruan Heng put the ring on Su Nans finger, and how Su Nan looked so happy that tears fell from her face, Xi Xiaye seemed to empathize with the same feelings. There was an indescribable feeling in her heart.

She stood up to hold the teacup up and wanted to sip her tea when she noticed the faintly flickering splendor on her hand too. Suddenly, a warmth crossed her heart.

After the wedding reception ended, the banquet began.

Many guests attended the wedding. Most of them were teachers from University A. Earlier, they had just sat down when Shen Wenna started chatting away with some teachers beside her, and when they found out that Xi Xiaye was Shen Wennas daughter, everyone was in the same disbelief.

No way! Professor Shen looks just slightly over 30! How unexpected of your daughter to be this grown!

Exactly! Ive never seen Professor Shen talk about her family. I thought she wasnt married!

I heard that her daughter is a director at Glory World. Thats pretty amazing!

One by one, voices of envy were heard. Shen Wenna only smiled in response while Xi Xiaye did not say much either. She just drank a sip or two of wine once in a while as she watched Shen Wenna chat away with them.

A while after, when Su Nan had changed out of her wedding dress and returned to the hall with Ruan Heng, Su Nan dragged her alone to drink.

Su Nan and Ruan Heng had invited quite a lot of old classmates as well. Just like the previous gathering, Wang Zilou and Sun Mei had come as well.

Xiaye, lets go over. The old classmates are there, and so are several university mates. Previously, Ive said Ill go greet them. Lets go! Su Nan pointed at the table near the balcony and smiled.

Before Xi Xiaye could answer, she was already dragged over to that table.

Oh, our bride and groom are coming over!

They had just gonecloser when the sounds of teasing were heard. The table full of people instantly stood up. Even the classmates and friends from the neighboring table all swarmed up to them too.

It was Wang Ziluo and Sun Mei. However, what shocked Xi Xiaye was the fact that Xi Xinyi was unexpectedly there too! She was sitting right beside Wang Ziluo!

Oh my God! Why is she here? Did we invite her? When Su Nan saw Xi Xinyis face, she instantly looked pissed off and turned to glare at Ruan Heng!

Ruan Heng shrugged innocently as he said gloomily, I did follow your orders and only invited Wang Ziluo, but who wouldve thought that Sun Mei and the rest wouldve come too? Earlier, I didnt even see them at the entrance!

As if they sensed the confusion, the group already walked over to greet them with their drinks in hand. They smiled and said, The two of you are horrible, only inviting Wang Ziluo for your wedding and leaving us behind! Is our coming uninvited troubling you guys?

Haha, how could that be? Ruan Heng and I thought that you guys wont be in City Z anymore after the New Year, so we just invited Wang Zi, but of course, Id welcome you to witness our happiness. Haha, youre very welcome! Su Nan forced a laugh and answered.

Your weddings pretty grand. You even did it here! Earlier, everyone was saying how jealous they were, butweactuallycame over to sincerely wish you well!

Thank you, everyone. Cheers!

Wishing the both of you happiness! Cheers!

After they downed the drinks, and before Su Nan and the rest could ease over, someone suddenly cried out from the side, Eh, isnt that Xi Xiaye?

Everyones gaze very quickly fell onto Xi Xiaye who was behind Su Nan and Ruan Heng.

They were all familiar faces, but Xi Xiaye did not seem to be able to recall their names. Some of them had even played ball together with her back in senior high.

Xi Xiayes fair face flashed with comfort as she nodded slightly. Hello, everyone. Long time no see. I hope everyones well.

Rather well. Wait, Xi Xiaye, didnt you go to the military academy back then? Where are you working now? I havent heard news about you in years now!

A girl beside Wang Ziluo looked a little shocked at Xi Xiaye. She vaguely remembered this girl was called Lin Xueli or something. She had been the commisary in charge of studies for the class next door back then.

Back then, for the entrance exam, you just did as usual. Usually, your grades were alright but you were unexpectedlyamazing in the exams, and even got into that pretty good military academy. You must probably be a military officer, arent you?

When Lin Xueli finished, a voice of disdain came softly from behind. Pfft, what military officer? Back then, she broke the rules in the military academy and was immediately ordered to be expelled. Dont you guys know?

Once this voice was heard, many people around were stunned. They looked a little shocked towards the source of the voice.

The person who had spoken was a girl beside Xi Xinyi. Su Nan remembered that this girl was part of Xi Xinyis little posse from back then!


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