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Season 3

Episode 20


The next day, the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, was Su Nan and Ruan Hengs wedding day.

She knew that there were many things to work on, so Xi Xiaye woke up bright and early and made the makeup artist bring along the gown straight to the Su residence first. Then, she called the hotel as well to instruct them about what they needed to take note of.

She worked busily the whole morning. After lunch, she went to the Shen residence with Mu Ycuhen.

At the Shen residence, Shen Wenna had long been waiting for Xi Xiaye. Initially, they were going to make a trip to the beauty salon, but seeing that time was pretty tight, the moment Xi Xiaye reached the entrance of the Shen residence, Shen Wenna had already brought her handbag out with her.

You accompany Grandpa. Tonight, I still have to send Mother back, so you can tell Driver Wang to pick you up, said Xi Xiaye as she handed him his handphone.

Mu Yuchen nodded, pushing the door open. Call me if theres anything.

Mmm, Xi Xiaye responded. Across them, Shen Wenna had already walked over to greet Mu Yuchen, and then she got into the car. After confirming that she had buckled up, Xi Xiaye started the car.

Shen Wenna wore an elegant and fashionable hand-embroidered dress in a Western style with crane motifs. It matched a light blue scarf around her neck. She looked simple yet graceful and carried good taste. Her manner was elegant and moving.

Even Xi Xiaye could not help but be stunned when she saw this.

She had always been taken pride in Shen Wennas elegant and gentle aura. Although she was clearly already 50 years old, she still looked so bright and attractive. She recalled how her fathers eyes would always shift when her mother was mentioned. In fact

When she remembered what had happened yesterday, Xi Xiayes eyes suddenly dimmed. She hesitated for a moment before slowly saying, Mother, yesterday Grandfather came looking for me He knows about Mu Yuchen and me

Mmm? When Shen Wenna heard her, she looked up at Xi Xiaye. And then?

Mu Yuchen said when Father returns tomorrow, the two families should have a meal together. From the other side, it might only just be Grandfather and Father, so I wanted to ask if you and Grandpa would like to come along too, Xi Xiaye said in a low voice.

Shen Wenna was startled and she lowered her gaze. She wanted to speak up after quite a while, but Xi Xiayes voice came through once again.

I hope that you can come too. Yesterday, at Yueyings general shareholders meeting, it was announced that 20% of shares still in your name. Mu Yuchen said that that was something from Father, so He kept feeling like it might be better to inform Father. What do you think?

Shen Wennas eyes clouded over while she seemed a little distracted, and she fell silent for a long time without answering Xi Xiaye. She just turned to look out the car window, looking faintly lonely.

Mother, whatever happened between you and Father is the past. Now, Father Why should you care about him so much? No matter what, life goes on. I really dont wish to see you get upset every time Father is mentioned. Otherwise, you should work hard to fight and get Father back

Shen Wenna was slightly shocked. There was a rueful coldness across her expression. With all those things between your father and I, how could we start over just like that? Even though some things have passed, it doesnt mean that they have really ended. Otherwise, Yue Lingsi and the rest wouldnt have come knocking on our door.

As Xi Xiaye listened, she turned slightly stiff and breathed in. Mother, dont worry. I wont let them be so arrogant next time. If they still dare to cometo bother us, Ill destroy Yueying right away But you and Father

Xiaye, just think for yourself. You dont have to care about me, Shen Wenna plainly answered. Back then, your father and I were very in love. I thought we could be together forever. He doted on me like I was a rare gem. Then, because of your grandpas objections, I was stubborn and would rather run away from home and sever ties with my parents just to be with him

While you should know the Xi family, I joined the family with nothing. Finally, I paid a disastrous price for my unruliness. I I didnt want to believe that your father would actually cheat on me, and it was even with I couldnt forget the moment when your grandpa and grandma begged me to let go. Your father was in a crucial phase at that point too.

But, if you put it like that, with such a piece of obvious evidence like Xi Xinyi, if the higher-ups found out, they could topple Father anytime. Xi Xiaye could not help but be suspicious.

Back then, Yue Lingsi ran away abroad after realizing she was pregnant, and she only returned to the country after Xi Xinyi was all grown up. Xi Xinyi didnt return to the Xi family as your fathers biological daughter. Instead, she joined the family with Yue Lingsi. From a legal perspective, your father is rightfully her stepfather, Shen Wenna answered.

Xi Xiaye fell silent for a moment. She could not help but ask, Well then, Mother, is Xi Xinyi really Fathers biological daughter?

Mmm By the time Yue Lingsi had been pregnant for two months, she had already done a DNA test. You and Xi Xinyis birthdays are pretty close. Back then, you Mother almost couldnt keep you. When I gave birth to you, it was tormenting. Your father was so worried back then

As if realizing that this topic was a little heavy, Shen Wenna suddenly changed the topic.

Xi Xiaye understood Shen Wenna too, so she did not ask further.

After the mother and daughter duo were done at the salon, they went straight to theImperial Sky Hotel. When they reached, it was already the evening. At the wedding reception hall on the seventh floor, they could see from afar that Su Nan and Ruan Heng were standing underneath the floral arch and welcoming guests.

Su Nan wore a beautiful, snow-white wedding gown, looking absolutely charming. Ruan Heng wore a swallow-tailed suit and appeared extraordinarily dashing. Their faces were brimming with happiness and smiles that infected Xi Xiaye.

Xi Xiaye shot a look at Shen Wenna who was also smiling by her side. Then, she gently clung onto her arm and walked towards Su Nan and the rest.

Xiaye, Aunty Shen! Youre finally here. Weve waited for you for a long time! You didnt answer your phone either!

Xi Xiaye was not even close when Su Nan had already walked right up, glaring at Xi Xiaye. Then, she smiled at Shen Wenna. Aunty Shen, you look really young and beautiful today!

Shen Wenna gave a rare smile.Oh, you, youre still so sweet with your words. I just love listening to what you have to say, but youre even more beautiful as the bride! I wish the two of you everlastinghappiness!

Then, she took out a huge red packet from her handbag to hand it to Su Nan.

Su Nan accepted it gratefully. Thank you,Aunty Shen! Very soon, Xi Xiaye will have such a day too. Shes probably the worlds most beautiful bride. Even just thinking about it makes me proud. Haha

Thank you,Aunty Shen!

On the side, Ruan Heng smiled and thanked her too.

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