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Season 3

Episode 16

(Shocking News (2)

Xi Xiaye was startled to hear his words and a flickering light appeared in her eyes. He seemed to be out of himself too as if he was wandering through his old memories. He continued after some silence.

“I’ve been starting to feel weaker since a while ago. I’m afraid that I don’t have much time left. My body isn’t recovering well and my only wish left is that you can make up with your father. Actually, you should be able to sense that he’s never forgotten your mother all these years.”

Xi Jiyang suddenly let out a long sigh. “Amidst this whole conflict, if we were to find someone to blame, I’m afraid it was my fault back then”

Xi Xiaye studied Xi Jiyang with her quiet eyes, noticing that his old face was starting to show signs of loneliness. She felt sad just by looking at him. After some thought, she replied, “Nope, I’m sure you’ll live much longer.”

“As for Father and Mother, they aren’t willing to tell me about it. Anyway, it’s actually pretty good right now. There’s no need to reopen old wounds again. Moreover, Father”

“Actually, your father thought about retiring several years back, but I stopped him”


Xi Xiaye remembered that her father, Xi Mushan’s political career was sailing smoothly, and he had the opportunity to go even further. Although he was not really the best father or husband, Xi Xiaye knew that Xi Mushan was an honest person and a strong-willed man in the political field as well. Even Shen Yue gave him high praise when making an objective comment about him.

Xi Xiaye was stunned. She looked downward without saying anything.

“I’ve heard about what happened between you with Xinyi and your grandmother. She really crossed the line this time. Your father found out about it even though he wasn’t around and he gave me a call, so I came to take a look at you.”

“Are you trying to defend Xi Xinyi, Grandfather?” Xi Xiaye’s hand on the teacup tightened as she raised her head slightly and looked at Xi Jiyang.

Xi Jiyang had a bitter smile. “We’re family. Of course, I don’t hope for both of you to have such a strained relationship and go against each other. I have a hard time deciding who to side with”

“So, I don’t want you to be troubled by this as well. I just hope that you can stay out of this and not be involved, Grandfather. Can you promise me this?”

Xi Xiaye’s darkened eyes lit up with a gleam as she looked at Xi Jiyang. “Grandfather, I’m sure you’ve heard about what happened at Yueying’s stakeholders’ meeting today. I just want Mother to be at peace. I wouldn’t have given them such a hard time if it weren’t for their repeated attempts to bother Mother. I gave them chances over and over again and they threw it away, so don’t blame me for doing this”

Xi Jiyang went silent for a moment, then hesaid, “I won’t ask about Yueying at all… I don’t care about these conflicts. I just hope that you can support your father no matter what happens in the future. After all, he lost his biological mother… I… I feel sorry for him”

“What did you say?”

Xi Jiyang’s words stunned Xi Xiaye and she gaped at Xi Jiyang in shock.

Was Father not Deng Wenwen’s son?

How was that possible?

Xi Xiaye could not believe it. She looked at Xi Jiyang blankly. This was a piece of shocking news!

“Surprised?” Xi Jiyang seemed to have expected Xi Xiaye’s reaction. Smiling, he then sipped some tea and continued, “His biological mother passed away after giving birth to him. I married your current grandmother when he was 6 months old. Aside from the intent of giving him a complete family, it was also because”

Xi Jiyang did not continue. It was difficult for him to say what came next.

“It’s because the Deng family helped you to rise faster at that time, so” Xi Xiaye finished his sentence.

Xi Jiyang took a pause before nodding. “I admit that because of my eagerness to go higher, I was a little”

“Does Father know this?”

She clenched her fists as her heart sank. Then, she took a deep breath and looked at the teacup before her.

“Your father knew it all along. When I married her back then, your great-grandmother gave Yueying to her as a gift. She just left your father and I some shares, and just agreed on one condition with her”

At that moment, there was the sound of the beaded curtains behind them swaying. Xi Jiyang took a pause and looked at that direction cautiously, and Mu Yuchen’s figure came into his sight.

“Why are you here?” Xi Xiaye almost screamed before he walked nearer to her.

Mu Yuchen put his phone away and looked at Xi Jiyang who was sitting before Xi Xiaye. Slightly surprised, he then replied to her, “I couldn’t reach your phone, so I called the driver and happened to be nearby.”

He stopped beside Xi Xiaye.

“Xiaye, he is”

Xi Jiyang’s sharp gaze noticed that there was something more to their relationship. Moreover, this elegant, charismatic, and seemingly familiar man before him was not an ordinary person.

Xi Xiaye then moved aside and made space for Mu Yuchen. Hesitating for a moment, she said, “Grandfather, he’s Mu Yuchen. We… got married at the end of last year”

“What?! You… You’re married to him?” In utter shock, a light flashed through his old eyes. He glanced at Xi Xiaye and then turned his eyes to Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen soon calmed down and greeted politely,“Hello, Grandfather. I’m Mu Yuchen.”

Xi Jiyang was a man who had gone through a lot. He soon suppressed the shock within him and asked,“This…what’s happening? Why do I not know about this at all? Does your father know?”

Xi Xiaye did not reply. Instead, she looked down silently. The answer was obvious!

“We wanted to visit home, but we got delayed because we found out that Father has gone outstation. Please forgive us, Grandfather,” Mu Yuchen replied quietly as he sat down beside Xi Xiaye.

“Mu Yuchen… You… Are you Mu Tangchuan’s son?”

Xi Jiyang felt that Mu Yuchen’s face seemed familiar. Soon after jogging his memory, he got his answer. Mu Tangchuan had worked with him before and took over his job after he retired.

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