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Season 3

Episode 15

( Shocking News (1)

Xi Xinyi glanced at Deng Wenwen before looking at Yue Lingsi’s concerned gaze. She closed her eyes and clenched her fists slightly. “What should we do now? Sister seems like she’s not going to let it go. She”

“How did that 17% of shares go under her name? That’s one heck of a large sum of money. It’s impossible for her to have just bought it! Where did her money come from? Mother, I think something fishy is going on!” Yue Lingsi gave it some thought and then voiced out her opinions.

“She probably had some unknown deal with Glory World. Didn’t you see Liu Lingyu’s behavior just now? We can only wait and see now that things have come down to this. Our top priority now is to collaborate closely with Qi Kai. Lingsi, Xin Er, you guys have to put more effort into that,” Deng Wenwen concluded in exhaustion as anxiety was written all over her face.

Yue Lingsi nodded. “Don’t worry, Mother. I’ll talk to my second brother about it. I didn’t expect that witch Xi Xiaye to be so wicked. She even tried to mess up Xinyi’s role just now. Everyone has to be careful now that she has her hands in Yueying!”

“Your mother is right, Xin Er. She’s not going to let us off. She’s coming right at us because of her past grudges, so be alert as well. Your scandal hasn’t died down yet and you need to take extra precaution about that. Don’t reveal yourself in public too much. We’ll decide on what to do next after things calm down.” Deng Wenwen looked in the direction Xi Xiaye left, her tone heavy.

“Yes, Grandmother, Mother. I understand. I’ll be careful.”

Xi Xinyi replied with her head bowed downward. Her closed eyelids hid the icy gleam under her eyes. “However, I won’t just suck it up anymore if she forces me. I’ve got no comments about Grandmother forgiving her for what she did today. I don’t care how she treats me, but if she continues to hurt you both, I won’t just let her be anymore!”

Xi Xinyi’s voice was determined while her pale expression seemed much more willful than before as Deng Wenwen and Yue Lingsi nodded.

“It’d be great if your sister was half as understanding as you. Then, we won’t be where we are today. I’m really worried about leaving Yueying in her hands with that personality of hers. If Yueying goes down, then I” Deng Wenwen sighed and did not finish her sentence.

On the other end, Xi Xiaye walked out of Yueying without any particular expression on her face. She just seemed a little down and her eyes held a tinge of anger.

“Get in the car, Director Xi. The rain is pretty heavy outside,” Liu Lingyu spoke up as the car came around the corner.

Xi Xiaye raised her head and looked at the sky. She then only realized that the cloudy sky had finally started to pour.

Without them noticing, the rainy season had arrived just like the sadness within her. However, she wondered if it would last very long this time.

After some time, she took a deep breath before nodding and got into the car.

The car slowly left Yueying and went on the broad highway. Xi Xiaye leaned onto the window in exhaustion after she got into the car and soon, she started to lose focus as well. She did not even notice her phone ringing and only came back to her senses when Xiao Mei reminded her.

She took out her phone and realized it was a call from West Park

After a moment of hesitation, Xi Xiaye picked up the call.


Her hoarse voice reached the other side.

“Is this Xiaye?” Xi Jiyang’s old voice responded to her. “I’m Grandfather. Are you free now? I want to meet up with you.”

“Stop the car,” Xi Xiaye said quietly after hanging up on the call with Xi Jiyang. “Xiao Mei, you go back with Vice President Liu first. I’ll go back later.”

“Got it, Director.” Xiao Mei observed Xi Xiaye from the rear-view mirror and could sense that her emotions were a little odd. Nevertheless, she did not say much and just got down the car after it stopped by the roadside.

“Go to Bamboo Teahouse in the north,” Xi Xiaye told the driver after Xiao Mei got down from the car.

It was past noon when she arrived at Bamboo Teahouse. There were many customers enjoying tea and playing Chinese chess inside.

“Ms. Xi, you’re here!” The waiter greeted Xi Xiaye passionately.

Xi Xiaye nodded and went right inside. As expected, she saw Xi Jiyang’s gaunt figure at a corner beside the window. From afar, he looked like a candle about to be blown out as his hands holding onto the teapot trembled slightly.

Xi Xiaye started to feel sorrowful. She walked over and grabbed the teapot from him, pouring a cup for him.

“You’re here. Sit down.”

Xi Jiyang withdrew his hand. His eyes were not as sharp as before. All that was left now was just calmness and an indescribable sense of loss.

Xi Xiaye nodded and then sat down. “Grandfather, how did you find out about this place?”

“Your father told me about it. I’ve been itching to visit here myself. How have you been?” Xi Jiyang’s voice was filled with care and concern while his eyes were kind. “Are you still angry about me making you sign the document before?”

Xi Xiaye looked down as she grabbed a cup and poured some tea for herself. She replied, “Nope, I know you weren’t involved”

She sipped some tea as she took a deep breath. “Besides, I know about your situation as well. I’ve never blamed you.”

Xi Jiyang still treated her very well. Every time something happened, it would usually end up coming under his influence, and for that, she was grateful for him.

Xi Xiaye knew well that even though Xi Jiyang was the head of the family, Deng Wenwen was the one in power of Yueying. Aside from having some of Yueying’s shares, he did not have any authority. Just like Xi Mushan, they were focused on their political careers and rarely had any concern for Yueying.

“It’s good that you understand. I know that it must’ve been tough for you. I’m really alright, but as for your father, it’s been really difficult for him all these years.” Xi Jiyang took a deep breath as he sounded remorseful.


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