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Season 3

Episode 14


After the meeting adjourned, Liu Lingyu spoke with Deng Wenwen about the shares transfer. Xi Xiaye stood by the corridor and browsed through Yueying’s company policies and some advertisements on the notice board.

After taking just a few glances, there was thesound of footsteps right behind her. A familiar perfume scent lingered as well, and she did not even need to guess who exactly had come up to her.

“I have nothing to say even if you want to embarrass me, but isn’t it too much to do that to Grandmother? You know that her body isn’t very well, so why do you have to get her so worked up?”

Xi Xiaye saw an angry-looking Xi Xinyi when she turned around. Her beautiful face was now filled with rage as her pretty eyes glimmered with sharpness.

“Don’t speak as if you’re the goddess of justice. You should’ve expected what happened today when you went to my mother for this document. You planned to use the orphanage and threaten me to hand the document over, so you should know very well if you have other intentions,” Xi Xiaye looked at her and spoke calmly.

“What other intentions could I possibly have? It’s just you who thinks that I’m a terrible person” Xi Xinyi’s voice was sad. “That gift was supposed to be compensation for you”

“Really? Compensation? You’d send my compensation into the hands of CEO Deng? Knowing that you can use this to threaten me? I’m really impressed by your persistence, Xi Xinyi. You never let go of anything that might control me.”

“Didn’t Grandmother say she would compensate you? Those things are useless in your hands anyway. Grandmother wanted that document back because she was afraid that you’d sell it to someone else. Yueying can’t take on any more blows. Don’t you know how much effort Grandmother and Mother have put in all these years? How could you?”

Xi Xinyi almost could not hold in her anger when she saw Xi Xiaye’s indifferent expression. “Just what do you want? Did you do all this just to take revenge on me? Tell me!”

“I want Yueying. Give it up,” Xi Xiaye demanded coldly before Xi Xinyi could finish her sentence. She threw her a quiet glance. “It isn’t a tough request, is it? I’m sure you can do that. Didn’t you say that you owed me and wanted to compensate me?”

“You” Xi Xinyi’s face turned pale as she stared at Xi Xiaye, not knowing what to say.

“You’re such a generous person. You could even donate Han Yifeng’s engagement present to you, so this shouldn’t be too difficult. I know you never minded these things, and now I’m willing to take it from you in order to lessen your burden. You should really thank me for it.”

She looked at Xi Xinyi’s pale, little face. Of course, she did not miss her clenched fists. Xi Xiaye smiled. “Your endurance and acting probably need to level up. Otherwise, I’m afraid that you might not be able to keep it up with what’s going to happen next. By the way, last time, I sort of mentioned to Huang Shanshan about Wang Ziluo not receiving her love letter. I wonder if she’s asked you about it”

“Xi Xiaye! You… You’re trying to make us go against each other!” Xi Xinyi was shocked. Her body froze up slightly with a massive change in expression.

Xi Xiaye smiled sweetly. “Why are you so nervous? Didn’t you use the same way to destroy my relationships with my friends? Moreover, I was just telling the truth… Don’t look at me with such angry eyes. I know that you hate me very much. Of course, I feel the same as well, so… you can act in front of the others, but there’s no need to do so when we’re alone.”

She did not say anything for a while, but her eyes definitely changed. Xi Xiaye smiled and then turned around, preparing to leave.

“What did you tell her? Don’t you go before we talk this out!”

Before she could take her first step after turning around, Xi Xinyi went forward and swiftly grabbed her by her shoulder. Her grip was so powerful that she could feel a sharp pain coming from her shoulder. Flinging her arm and locking it back onto her, she pressed her shoulder to the wall.

“Are you using this trick to let people see me pushing you again?” Xi Xiaye put on a cold grin as she looked at the pale Xi Xinyi. She glanced at the end of the corridor at the corner of her eye. As expected, Liu Lingyu and Deng Wenwen were walking towards them.

Before Xi Xinyi could say anything, Xi Xiaye’s mocking voice reached her. It was not particularly loud, but just enough for those coming near to them to hear her.“Ms. Xinyi, next time be careful when you walk. There won’t be someone to help you every time.”

She then let go of Xi Xinyi and rolled up her sleeve, glancing at her arm. There was now an obvious bruise on it.

“You sure have a strong grip.”

Xi Xiaye stared at her, rolling her sleeve back down. “Luckily, I’m good at enduring pain. If I were to push you away again like the last time, people might think that I did it on purpose, and you’ll be just so darn innocent”

Xi Xinyi’s expression froze as she clenched her fists. However, she reacted quickly and forced a smile on her face. She looked at Xi Xiaye quietly before looking downward and did not say anything at all.

The group walking over, feeling odd upon seeing what happened. Liu Lingyu went up to ask, “Director Xi, are you alright?”

Xi Xiaye shook her head. “I’m fine. Let’s go.”

Without taking another look at Xi Xinyi, she turned around and left.

Deng Wenwen and Yue Lingsi’s expressions darkened. The two of them traded glances before looking at the pale and morose Xi Xinyi, whose shoulders were trembling slightly. Yue Lingsi asked, “What’s wrong, Xinyi? Did she hurt you again? Where? Just now, what happened with her arm?”

Xi Xinyi sniffed and took a deep breath. Then, she raised her head as sadness welled up in her eyes. She said in a hoarse voice, “I’m alright. I’m just… Grandmother, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Deng Wenwen’s reply was weak as if she had turned 10 years older all of a sudden. She seemed exhausted.


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