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Season 3

Episode 13

(Born Actress)

Qi Lei squinted and just observed the room. His eyes quickly locked onto the aloof and calm Xi Xiaye, staring at her with interest.

Deng Wenwen’s heart rate calmed down after taking her medicine. She panted while she slowly came back to consciousness as Xi Xinyi held her, unable to say anything.

“Grandmother, are you alright?”

“Mother, are you okay?”

Xi Xinyi and Yue Lingsi’s anxious voices reached her.

Xi Xinyi could not stand it anymore. A cold light flashed through her eyes as she looked at Xi Xiaye, and there was anger in her tone.“Xiaye, you’re too much! She’s your grandmother!”

Everyone was once again shocked when they heard Xi Xinyi’s voice. There were some people in the room who had no idea about the relationship between them, which was why Xi Xinyi’s words astounded them.

“I don’t care how you attacked me. I won’t say anything about it, but aren’t you too much to be treating Grandmother like this? Don’t you know that Grandmother fell sick because of your behavior this time? Just come at me if you’re angry! Why are you involving her? No matter what I do, you’ll feel that I owe you anyway!”

Xi Xinyi’s composure seemed as if she was bearing all the burden and responsibilities. She acted very protective of Deng Wenwen, and even Xi Xiaye was impressed by her stellar performance.

“Ms. Xi Xinyi, I wonder what you mean by that. I’m attending this stakeholders’ meeting on behalf of Glory World, so what’s the problem here? Glory World has been planning to enter the showbiz industry since last year. We chose Yueying and really hoped that we could work together. I don’t understand what you mean” Xi Xiaye put on a doubtful look, her expression seeming innocent.

“Moreover, I remember that back then, when you signed the contract with Glory World, I heard from Manager Fang of the PR Department that you mentioned you hoped Glory World and Yueying could work well together, didn’t you?”

Xi Xinyi was stunned and her face looked very pale, but just as she was about to say something

“Impossible! This is not possible! 17%? How could you have 17% of our shares? Where did you get them from? How are they under your name? You’re lying! You’re lying!” Yue Lingsi’s sharp voice screeched through the meeting room. She finally understood why Deng Wenwen was so stirred up after she saw the document!

It clearly stated that the 17% of shares from CEO Wang and the others were now under Xi Xiaye’s name. In addition to Shen Wenna’s 20% portion, it meant that Xi Xiaye had a total of 37% shares. If she were to release all these shares in the market, Yueying would not be able to take the blow!

“Isn’t it written clearly there? Or else you can call and ask CEO Wang or CEO Zhao. We purchased their shares at a high price. Oh, I forgot to tell you that they’re both enjoying their vacation in Bali. I think you won’t be able to reach them at the moment.” Xi Xiaye glanced indifferently at the tensed up Yue Lingsi. She did not miss the animosity that flashed through Xi Xinyi’s eyes, but she smiled as she flipped through the document in her hand. “Can we start the meeting now, CEO Deng? I have to report back to the company about the situation here.”

“Let’s start the meeting, CEO Deng. My time is precious too. We’ve wasted too much time!” Qi Lei voiced out with a wicked smile, yet his eyes were locked onto Xi Xiaye. His glances carried more intent than they seemed!

The others nodded their heads. They could not care less for the ashen Deng Wenwen and the rest.

Deng Wenwen took a deep breath while her tightened chest felt a little relieved. She looked defeated as a coldness flashed through her eyes, but with her strong willpower, she flipped open the document before her.

Yue Lingsi and Xi Xinyi traded glances with each other before glaring angrily at Xi Xiaye. They then kept their rage within and sat back down.

They started talking about Yueying’s upcoming projects as well as several large productions they were involved in.

Xi Xiaye remained silent and did not say anything. She did not give any comment at all, but on the opposite end, Qi Lei voiced out his doubts from time to time.

Finally, Xi Xiaye started talking when they were deciding on the female lead role. “I don’t agree with your decision, CEO Deng. Xi Xinyi follows the style of a gentle and sweet beauty, but the role in this movie requires a woman with a strong and independent nature. I don’t have any problems if you want her to change her style, but I really don’t agree with trying it out on such a big project. It’s too risky to experiment using most of the company’s resources. Moreover, does anyone still think she’s suitable to become the female lead judging by her reputation lately? I personally think the newcomer Zhang Zilin is pretty good. Her appearance and vibe fit the role, so I’m recommending her!”

“Xi Xiaye, don’t you dare!” Yue Lingsi could not hold it in anymore and shot to her feet, staring at Xi Xiaye angrily. “We’ve discussed that the female lead role is Xinyi’s. What do you mean by that? Do you want to change the female lead role now?”

“I’m just voicing out my own opinions here. Vice President Yue, why are you so worked up? Has the matter been decided already?” Xi Xiaye seemed much calmer compared to the enraged Yue Lingsi.

“That’s too bad then. We’ve signed the contract yesterday, and the female lead role has been finalized. Moreover, we’ve discussed it before, mostly among the experienced personnel in the industry, so I guess an amateur like you,Director Xi, doesn’t have to worry about this matter.” Xi Xinyi reacted, seeming angry with Xi Xiaye’s attitude.

After saying that, several other stakeholders who had an opinion remained silent. Of course, they did not want to go back on their words since they had given their support during the decision to finalize Xi Xinyi as the female lead.

Xi Xiaye was not upset about Xi Xinyi’s counter-argument at all. In fact, she was looking forward to it!

I’m going to see how far you can go!

“Director Xi, maybe stay in this industry for another few years and learn from Ms. Xinyi. Then, you’ll be able to become a veteran soon enough!” Qi Lei went along with Xi Xinyi’s words.

“I have no intention of going into acting. Wearing a mask for too long makes it difficult to take off. Xi Xinyi is naturally talented. She’s a born actress. I’m really impressed by her.” Xi Xiaye did not waver at all.


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