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Season 3

Episode 12

(Yueying Stakeholders Meeting (4)

Suddenly, everyone turned to the entrance. The door was now opened and a slender figure appeared before their eyes.

In her usual smart, black, professional outfit with her long, black hair as well as the stern face, who else could it be aside from Xi Xiaye?

The person beside her was the Vice President of Glory World, Liu Lingyu. People knew him well. There were also two assistants behind them, each of them carrying a thick and heavy briefcase.

Xi Xinyi was shocked when Xi Xiaye appeared. Instantly, she turned pale.

Deng Wenwen and Yue Lingsi widened their eyes and could not react at all. They just looked on as Xi Xiaye and Liu Lingyu strolled in silently.

Xi Xiaye scanned around and then traded glances with Liu Lingyu. The two of them sat down in the empty seats after Liu Lingyu nodded.

Everyone was shocked. Most of them had heard about someone secretly buying Yueying’s shares, so was it Glory World’s doing all along?

“How could it be them? That man looks like Vice President Liu Lingyu from Glory World. Who’s that lady?”

“Why are they sitting in CEO Wang’s seat? Could CEO Wang have sold his shares to Glory World?”

“I see… It’s Vice President Liu and Director Xi. Long time no see! I wonder if you still remember me, Director Xi?” A wicked humor-filled voice rang out. Everyone stopped talking and looked towards the source of that voice.

Xi Xiaye casuallysat in a vacant seat. That sudden voice made her lift her head and she saw Qi Lei’s wicked expression. Almost immediately, her eyes turned cold!

She had never forgotten how Deng Wenwen had nearly sent her to him back then!

Xi Xiaye took a glance at Liu Lingyu, who replied with a smile,“Long time no see, President Qi.”

“What are you doing here?” Yue Lingsi demanded with a grim expression.

Deng Wenwen and Xi Xinyi came back to their senses, observing the calm Xi Xiaye. Deng Wenwen could guess what had happened as she stared at Xi Xiaye with her sharp eyes.

Xi Xiaye glared back at Deng Wenwen with a tint of sadness in her eyes. In the end, her eyes fell onto Yue Lingyu, her voice calm. “Vice President Yue’s question sounded odd. Please be mindful of your tone.”

“This is not somewhere you can mess with. It’s Yueying’s stakeholders’ meeting! What are you guys thinking?” Deng Wenwen stared at Xi Xiaye coldly, her tone sounding harsh.

“I’m surprised by President Deng’s attitude. Since this is Yueying’s stakeholders’ meeting, as a shareholder, shouldn’t I be attending?”

Xi Xiaye gave Deng Wenwen a wrysmileas if she did not see the anger on her face. She looked over to Xi Xinyi. “Well, Ms. Xi Xinyi is here. This is the stakeholders’ meeting. Your scandal is still well-discussed outside, so why are you here instead of hiding elsewhere? Don’t you think the company has had enough trouble? I even heard that President Deng was feeling unwell because of you. Shouldn’t you explain yourself to everyone here?”

Xi Xinyi’s face turned paler as Xi Xiaye finished her sentence. She looked at Deng Wenwen helplessly with a pained expression, not knowing what to say.

“What do you mean by that? Since when did you become a shareholder of Yueying?”

Deng Wenwen caught the keywords in Xi Xiaye’s sentence, and her whole body tensed up as she threw knife-sharp glances at her.

“Glory World purchased Yueying’s shares from CEO Wang and several other people. We Glory World are now interested in the showbiz industry. Director Xi is attending this meeting on behalf of Glory World as the Operating Vice President of Yueying. I hope we can collaborate well in the future!” Liu Lingyu’s timely reply erased everyone’s doubts.


Operating Vice President?

The secret buyer was actually Glory World?

Deng Wenwen’s eyes flew open as her whole body trembled while she suddenly thought of something!

So, did Xi Xiaye sell the 20% shares Shen Wenna held to Glory World?

Deng Wenwen stared at Xi Xiaye in disbelief. “You Did you… That document… You… You gave it to Glory World”

Yue Lingsi was shocked as well. She glanced at Deng Wenwen beside her with unease.

Xi Xiaye seemed pleased to see them freaked out. She felt much better as they looked more anxious and afraid. She remembered how Shen Wenna had left and was forced to sign the document. She even had to stab herself on the shoulder. Upon recalling all this, coldness gathered in her eyes.

As they were still in disbelief, she extended her arm to her assistant, Xiao Mei, behind her. Xiao Mei quickly handed a document to her.

She grabbed it and flipped through it, then tossed it onto the table and pointed at the top of the document. “Do you mean this document?”

“I know you’ve been putting in a lot of effort for this document lately, I’ll let you take a look today.”

Xi Xiaye left them with a casual remark as Xiao Mei sent the document to Deng Wenwen. “We also have a share transfer contract here. Please take a look, everyone. We Glory World now have 37% of shares. That means we’re eligible to participate in Yueying’s decision as the second largest stakeholder.”

Liu Lingyu also signaled his assistant to distribute the documents to everyone.

Deng Wenwen’s body shuddered as she looked at the document Xiao Mei handed over. Flipping it open, she could not believe what she saw. She glared at Xi Xiaye with bulging eyes.

“You… You”

Suddenly, she blacked out, and her hands let go of the document and it fell onto the floor.



“Grandmother, are you alright?”

Xi Xinyi grabbed Deng Wenwen who almost fell off the chair while Yue Lingsi quickly took out the bottle ofmedicine from Deng Wenwen’s pocket. She grabbed several tablets and popped them into her mouth.

This scene shocked most of the people in the meeting room. Many of them stood up and looked around, trying to figure out what was happening.



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