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Season 3

Episode 11

(Yueying Stakeholders Meeting (3)

Yueying Culture Media Company fell into an anxious state.

After the press conference yesterday, the crowd of annoying reporters vanished, but because of thestakeholders’ meeting that very day, there was no time to rest at all.

At the moment, inside the CEO office ofYueying.

Deng Wenwen was sifting through the documents for the meeting prepared by her secretary while Yue Lingsi and Xi Xinyi were sitting on the sofa, drinking coffee.

Yue Lingsi looked at the tablet in her hand. There were still all sorts of comments on Weibo, so she reminded Xi Xinyi worriedly, “Xinyi, lay low for a while. Try not to garner too much attention to yourself. We’re not totally safe from the news yet. Be careful. Xiaye really got us this time.”

Xi Xinyi stopped her movements to turn over to Yue Lingsi and nod. “I got it. I’ll be careful.”

“Don’t worry. We’ve taken on several big projects this year, in which Qikai and the Han Corporation invested, and a large portion at that. Your popularity will surely shoot up, and you’ve never let us down before, have you?”

Yue Lingsi comforted Xi Xinyi when she saw the sadness in her eyes.

That land was Han Yifeng’s engagement gift to Xi Xinyi. Besides being highly valuable, it meant a lot to her as well. She wanted to make a trade with Xi Xiaye, but in the end,the latter made her hand it out without getting anything in return. Furthermore, she even had to spend another few million on it.

She really suffered a huge loss this time while Xi Xiaye remained triumphant!

“Mmm, I know. I won’t let everyone down. It’ll be fine, Mother!”

Xi Xiaye smiled as she turned toward Deng Wenwen. “Grandmother, haven’t youfound out who’s been stocking up our shares in secret yet?”

“Hmph, those cunning old foxes! I only know someone bought if off from them, but I still haven’t found out who the person is. Nevertheless, we’ll know very soon!”

Deng Wenwen’s expression darkened when this matter was mentioned.

“Well… Then, if the person really has Sister’s documents, what should we do?” Xi Xinyi looked at Deng Wenwen worriedly.

Deng Wenwen paled. The recent bout of incidents had been nothing short of chaos. She never expected Xi Xiaye would become like this. In the past, she would just accept whatever was thrown at her, but her temperament got sharper after working for several years.

“I’ll just have to figure it out.” Deng Wenwen took a deep breath, her eyes seemed sharp as ever. “I cannot let her threaten Yueying with that document.”

“Actually, Grandmother can try to convince Grandfather to talk to Sister. She has always listened to Grandfather. Besides, she can have anice, long talk with Grandfather. Wouldn’t that make things easier? I believe Grandfather won’t let Sister sell it to just anyone, so, Grandmother, we” Xi Xinyi said cautiously.

Deng Wenwen’s expression froze before she sighed, “Your grandfather’s still blaming me for that matter. How can I convince him? Plus, the document last time… Xinyi, don’t bother your Grandfather on this. We had an agreement before.”

“But” Xi Xinyi still wanted to say something, but Yue Lingsi stopped her. It was obvious that the elder did not seem pleased.

“It’s almost time. Most of the stakeholders should be present already. Let’s go.”

Deng Wenwen closed the document in her hand and then walked out while Yue Lingsi and Xi Xinyi followed her.

Inside the huge meeting room, most of the seats were occupied except for several seats in front.

Deng Wenwen went up to the CEO’s seat and sat down as Yue Lingsi and Xi Xinyi sat beside her.

The higher-ups who were whispering with the other stakeholders stopped talking as soon as they saw Deng Wenwen. Everyone focused on her.

Deng Wenwen opened the document in her hands and glanced around with her sharp eyes. She then focused on the vacant seats on the left and right, especially the empty seat on the right. She frowned when she looked at them.

“CEO Deng, that’s the seat for Qikai’s Master. I spoke to their secretary earlier and Master Qi is on his way. Here’s CEO Wang’s seat. He didn’t pick up the call” The secretary quickly explained the situation to her.

There was the sound of footsteps after the secretary made her report. The crowd looked toward the entrance just as Qi Lei’s handsome face came into view

“Master Qi!”

The crowd was shocked. They were all familiar with Qi Lei, especially when Yueying had been facing so much trouble lately. They still managed to have several projects with Qikai, and today Qi Lei was actually attending the stakeholders meeting?

“Master Qi!” Deng Wenwen’s expression softened when she saw Qi Lei. Xi Xinyi and Yue Lingsi traded glances with each other before putting on warm smiles.

“It seems that I’m not the last one to arrive!” Qi Lei grinned as he glanced at the empty seat nearby.

“Master Qi, you’ve arrived right on time. We were just about to start. Please have a seat!” Deng Wenwen pointed at the seat on her left as she smiled.

Qi Lei nodded and then glanced at his secretary. He then went toward the seat Deng Wenwen pointed at and sat down. Glancing at the still empty seat as he raised his eyebrows in surprise, he remarked, “Is someone not here yet? Is that someone even more important than me?”

“It’s CEO Wang. He’s been really cocky lately. He told me that he got his hands on some fortune, but he didn’t reveal what it was. I heard that he’s going to work on his own business.”

“I heard about that too. No wonder he had such an arrogant vibe around him! How dare he be late for the stakeholders meeting!?”

People started whispering and discussing as Deng Wenwen’s face darkened again. She gave a signal to Yue Lingsi, who quickly grabbed her phone and gave CEO Wang a call.

After a while, Yue Lingsi’s expression looked terrible because no one was picking up the call, and the discussions were getting louder by the second

“What’s wrong, Mother?” Xi Xinyi asked quietly while the crowd was starting to make a fuss.

The moment that she asked this and before Yue Lingsi could reply, the door to the meeting room opened.


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