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 Season 14


(Dad Carried Mom and Fought)

Gu Shinian tilted his neck and looked at Lin Che, very helpless.

Though Gu Shinian had been receiving attention since young, they were from his household and some of the other wealthy families. After all, he was the eldest son of the Gu family, and getting attention was normal. But now, he was being worshipped like a celebrity and he was not used to it.

Fortunately, Gu Shinian was not like other kids. Just a simple way of expressing himself and it was over.

Lin Che returned home to see everyone asking on Weibo if Gu Shininan would take part in the next round. They really wanted to see him.

However, Lin Che felt that Gu Shinian did not seem to want to be on television in his lifetime.

She smiled and sent a photo to thank everyone.

Since they already went public, there was no need to be stingy with photographs anymore.

In the picture, Gu Shinian seemed to be fencing. It got everyone exclaiming that despite his age, he already knew how to fence.

Gu Shinian had been attending fencing classes since he was young. Lin Che had allowed Gu Shinian to pick learning his own interests. It was rare that Gu Shinian liked a hobby that wasn’t so violent: fencing…

Since it was a gentleman’s activity, Lin Che readily agreed to it.

He had been learning for three years and naturally, he had practiced to the point where he had some flair.

Everyone looked at the photograph of the young gentleman and exclaimed that he looked good.

“Goodness, seeing this makes me feel like having a kid now.”

Lin Che saw some netizens give such compliments and helplessly thought, If you had a kid like this, you’d know how defeated you are.

It felt like he had all of Gu Jingze’s genes and nothing relationed to her. She was very defeated.

On the program once again.

Lin Che and Gu Shiyuan had already replaced Cheng Huanhuan’s place.

From the start, Lin Che was treated very well. She had a lot of attention whenever she came.

This time, everybody looked at her with seemingly more respect.

When they were there, they got a few shots of Gu Shinian. Although he was not the main theme of the episode, it was as per the audience’s request, to let everyone have a look at Gu Shinian.

This shoot had Gu Shiyuan and a few friends going in for some exploration.

In name, it was an exploration. However, it really was to get her friends to talk about interesting stuff at home.

After all, children were candid. Listening to what they say could sometimes be interesting. So every season, there was such an activity.

Lin Che had not known that the activity was on that day. She thought it was strange when the production team called for her.

She entered a room and found all the mothers there, without a child in sight.

She asked, “Where have all the children gone?”

One of the mothers said, “Over there. Quick come and have a look. They’re answering questions. It’s hilarious.”

A few mothers sat together with Cheng Huanhuan in the middle. Although disgruntled, she could not afford to offend or hide from Lin Che. Anyway, she was not close and she sat there cross-legged and watched. Having participated a few times, she was not a bit worried about Da Fei having any issues. She had already cross-checked answers with him and prepared some interesting answers to say for the program. She believed that whatever Da Fei said would definitely be better than others.

The replies of the first two kids were interesting but not much of a highlight.

Soon, it was Da Fei’s turn. The difference was obvious. He was experienced after all. Whatever he said had some entertaining factor.

One could tell that this child would continue participating in variety programs under the influence of his mother.

Then, it was Gu Shiyuan’s turn to be interviewed.

The director looked at Gu Shiyuan, “What’s your name?”

“Gu Shiyuan.” She said politely.

“Oh, who gave you your name?”

“Gu Jingze did.”

The people outside shuddered when they heard that and did not react for a while. To think the mighty Gu Jingze would be by their side.

They were familiar with Lin Che. Lin Che had never really framed herself with Gu Jingze before and thus, when everyone looked at Lin Che, they didn’t necessarily think of Gu Jingze.

And now, this child had just said Gu Jingze gave her her name. This made the outsiders’ hearts skip a beat. They thought to themselves, Oh yes, oh yes, the mighty Gu Jingze is now the father of this little one.

The director asked, “Who is Gu Jingze? Is he your daddy? Why do you call him Gu Jingze?”

Gu Shiyuan ate candy from the table and said, “My mommy calls him that at home.”

Everyone looked enviously at Lin Che when they heard that. She could call his big name just like that at home.

The director said, “Your mommy calls your daddy Gu Jingze? Why doesn’t she call him Hubby?”

Gu Shiyuan looked up, tilted her head, and asked very seriously, “What is a hubby?”


The producer said, “You can go home and ask your daddy.”

The director smiled and said, “So, when at home, does Mommy listen to Daddy more, or does Daddy listen to Mommy more?

Gu Shiyuan replied, “Mommy listens to Daddy more.”

“Oh is it? Why?”

Everyone thought it was a redundant question. Did Gu Jingze need to listen to others? It was for sure that Gu Jingze has the final say at home. He was the head of the Gu family after all.

However, Gu Shiyuan added on, “Daddy is strong. Mommy can’t win him in a fight.”

“Mommy fought with Daddy?”

“Daddy said Mommy wanted to carry and fight.”


The people roared with laughter. What did carry and fight mean?

The director could not control himself. “Oh, how do you carry and fight?”

“Daddy said hitting someone was too scary, so he didn’t show us. He’ll go back into the house to deal with Mommy.”


The people’s imagination ran wild. Into the house… how to deal? Deal right on the bed?

“Then aren’t you worried that your mommy gets hit?” The director continued asking.

Gu Shiyuan really answered whatever questions asked. She immediately replied, “Aunt Xiaobai says that Daddy is loving Mommy. He’s being loving with Mommy inside.”


Director asked, “Then is Mommy in pain when Daddy hits her?”

“Yes, she is. Mommy cries.”

“She cried?”

“Mommy cries and says no, it’s very painful. Daddy still hits.”


Lin Che’s face flushed in red. She immediately jumped up and said, “No way, I need to take Gu Shiyuan out.”

The whole place was roaring with laughter.

“Don’t go. I couldn’t tell that President Gu would show you love so often. Hehe. Life is really blissful.” A mother said warmly.

Lin Che’s face was of agony. “Someone must have said rubbish to her. The soundproofing of the room is great. How can it be heard…”

The people beside her smiled when they heard that. “Oh, that means it’s true. Your sounds are too loud for the soundproofing to mask. How now? Haha. Looks like President Gu is very capable in this aspect.”


Lin Che had said it in a moment of panic. She did not think that she would be driven into a corner.

“That’s not what I meant!”

“Alright alright, you don’t have to explain anymore!”

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