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 Season 14


(A Mystery Guest, A Little Mr. Perfect)

Everyone was very helpless when they saw Cheng Huanhuan act so arrogant. Although everyone disliked Cheng Huanhuan, there was really nothing they could do about it either. It was all because the public liked the way she was.

This time, they were in another village again.

However, the village was in great celebration. There were many spectators. The production crew had been slightly embarrassed because people had lined the streets in welcome the last time. Thus, they had informed the village in advance not to arrange for such formalities. Perhaps it was because of this that no one was here to welcome them this time. However, there was indeed a significant number of people here to watch the fun.

Lin Che alighted from the car and went with her child in tow.

In the front, the production crew said, “Today, a mystery guest will also be making an appearance. I’m sure everyone won’t be able to guess who it is. Now, our mothers and children are going their separate ways to do missions. Our first mission for today is to find the house we’re going to stay in tonight. Everyone can go and look for it now.”

When the program started, all of the staff got ready. A few of them were also curious about who exactly the mystery guest would be.

“I think Lin Che is quite nice. Cheng Huanhuan is way too much. She’s so unreasonable.”

“What can we do about it? The production crew must protect her image for the sake of the viewer ratings. I heard that the scene where Da Fei played a prank on Little Yuanyuan was completely edited out. Because she’s popular, you can’t ruin her image. You’re depending on her to attract attention and increase the ratings."

“But Lin Che is a top celebrity too. Isn’t the production crew afraid of offending Lin Che too?”

“That’s why the production team didn’t even dare to tell Lin Che about it. I heard that Lin Che is getting paid the same amount as Cheng Huanhuan. Cheng Huanhuan nearly died from anger. That’s why she wanted to mess with Lin Che.”

“I think it’s because Lin Che can’t be bothered with her. Otherwise, if Cheng Huanhuan actually angers Mrs. Gu, shutting her out of the industry will be a matter of minutes.”

“But I heard recently that the production crew is done with the final cut of the previous episode. Cheng Huanhuan still has the most screentime. The production crew did it for the sake of comedic effect too. Cheng Huanhuan had too many comedic scenes, so during the editing process, most of the scenes left in the final cut included her. After all, she’s always appearing on reality shows. Lin Che is an actress, to begin with. She relies on her acting skills and can’t compare to her. I think that this time, for the sake of comedic effect, the production crew will probably continue to protect both of them. They won’t actually stand on Lin Che’s side.”

Everyone sighed. They found their houses in no time. The house that Lin Che was going to stay in was still a mediocre one.

When everyone gathered to play games, the production crew suddenly said, “Now, we’ve divided you into teams to play the games. But first, let us invite our mystery guest here. Now, everyone, let’s welcome our little Mr. Perfect…”

Little Mr. Perfect?

Amidst everyone’s surprise, someone had already started walking towards them under everyone’s gaze.

Lin Che slowly turned her head in that direction.

However, she saw the “Little Mr. Perfect” with a faint smile that was uncharacteristic of his actual age. He walked over leisurely. Although he was very small in size, he seemed to carry the wind in his step when he walked. He was so confident and so eye-catching. For a moment, everyone seemed to sense an innate air emanating from him. He seemed like a little prince. Every frown and every smile had an air of nobility to it. No embellishment was needed for others to sense the noble air radiating from within him.

“Wow. Who is this? What a handsome little boy.”

“He’s so adorable.”

“He’s already this handsome at his young age. It will be ridiculous when he grows up.”

Everyone was still exclaiming in admiration. Lin Che was the only one who was dumbfounded.

“Gu Shinian!”

Lin Che looked at Niannian in surprise as he walked over to her.

What? Was he the mystery guest? Seriously…

Everyone only realized what was happening when they heard Lin Che shout.

This child was…

Lin Che’s son?

At this moment, the production team immediately revealed the answer as well.

“Yes. This episode’s mystery guest is none other than our Gu Shinian, Lin Che’s eldest son.”

As Gu Shinian stood in the center, Gu Shiyuan ran over to him immediately.

“Older Brother, Older Brother, you’re here.”

Gu Shiyuan immediately threw herself onto Gu Shinian, who lifted her in his arms.

Although he was still not that tall, he had a lot of strength. He lifted Gu Shiyuan in one swift motion as if effortlessly. He carried her in a very proper manner, causing others to be extremely amazed.

He was filled with such masculine attractiveness.

“Wow. I can’t believe he’s Lin Che’s son. He’s way too adorable.”

“Lin Che, you’re so lucky to have such a handsome son.”

“Exactly. Your son is cute and so is your daughter. You’re so blessed.”

While everyone was exclaiming in admiration, Lin Che was still in shock.

Meanwhile, at the side, Cheng Huanhuan had already narrowed her eyes dangerously.

She could not believe that the production team had even gotten Lin Che’s son to come here.

In a short time, Lin Che’s family had become the center of attention again.

Cheng Huanhuan clenched her teeth. However, she immediately saw Gu Shinian’s gaze currently fixed on her. For a moment, she felt as if she had seen wrongly. Why did she feel as if his gaze was completely cold?

No, no. He was merely a child. There was no way she could be afraid of him.

When Gu Shinian and Gu Shiyuan returned, the production crew announced, “This time, our Little Mr. Perfect is here to be a guest for one episode. Everyone will still be in the same group to play these games. Now, we’re going to start the mission.”

The production team was extremely welcoming of Gu Shinian. After all, it meant that their show would have another highlight, right? On top of that, Gu Shinian was so handsome. He would definitely attract the attention of countless fangirls.

Initially, many people had also started liking Da Fei because he was very handsome. But compared to Gu Shinian, Da Fei was not even worthy of being looked at.

After all, Gu Shinian had genes from both Gu Jingze and Lin Che. He resembled Gu Jingze more closely but had many of Lin Che’s characteristics. He was literally the combination of the two of them. Furthermore, he gave off a very different aura from head to toe. Young girls these days simply liked adorable little boys like him.

In addition, he was the heir of the Gu family, Gu Jingze’s eldest son. Therefore, the production team attached great importance to him as well. That was why they immediately gave him the title of Little Mr. Perfect!

In no time, their mission began.

The mission this time was to be completed by the children and their mothers separately.

Gu Shinian held Gu Shiyuan’s hand. On the side, the children of the other mothers also came over to take a look when they saw Gu Shinian. Children got close to each other more easily, so all of the children started chatting in no time and ran over to gather around Gu Shinian.

Da Fei was even angrier when he saw this.

Because of his popularity, and because he been the only handsome boy before this, all these little girls liked to surround him. The little boys also saw him as their leader. But the situation now was that Gu Shinian had just arrived and already stolen his limelight.

Da Fei felt extremely displeased. Because children were not as good as adults in hiding their emotions, Da Fei picked a quarrel with him directly and said, “All the other families only brought one child here. Why did your family bring two? It’s wrong of you to do that.”

Gu Shinian raised his head to look at Da Fei.

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