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 Season 14


(How Dare You Bully My Younger Sister)

They arrived at the village in a very short time. The fleet of cars traveled all the way from the asphalt roads of the city to the flagstone pavements of the village. The line of cars brought the people who were going to appear in the program here. The children who were participating in a program for the first time looked outside curiously. As for the two children who had appeared in many episodes of the program, they were much more calm in comparison.

When they arrived at the entrance of the village, they saw many villagers looking outside. They could even see a banner floating in the distance, with the words, “We Welcome The Production Crew”.

The production crew also felt that this spectacle was a bit grand. They were here to experience village life. Why did it seem as if they were here for a village inspection? So many people were here in formation to welcome them.

In the car, she said in embarrassment, “We definitely didn’t arrange for this. These villagers probably did it on their own initiative. The village chief was very happy when we selected their village. Many of the places that had been chosen in the past even established their own tourist area. I guess they also think that they’re finally going to get rich.”

Lin Che looked outside. In her arms, Gu Shiyuan was very curious and kept asking, “Mother, what is this, what is that?”

Roosters, donkeys, and even pigs. It was her first time seeing all of them alive. She was amazed looking at them.

Lin Che felt that she was bringing her children here on a trip as she passionately introduced everything to them. They arrived at their destination in no time only to hear Cheng Huanhuan say behind them, “This place is much more run-down than the place we were at the last time. Didn’t we say that we weren’t going to such a run-down place again?”

The villagers were still listening beside her. They smiled in embarrassment and felt extremely awkward.

A member of the production crew said, “It’s for the sake of the program. This is the first episode, so we must choose an interesting place.”

Cheng Huanhuan pulled her child along while giving presents to the villagers and greeting them. She was already very adept at such matters. With the air of a celebrity, Da Fei was still waving and telling everyone, “Nice to meet you, nice to meet you. Don’t push, don’t push.”

Beside him, the villagers said, “The children of wealthy people in the city are simply different. They’re so polite to others.”

Da Fei smiled. “No, no. I should be. I should be.”

Lin Che and Gu Shiyuan went in together to eat.

The production crew was also worried about being too harsh on these celebrities, who were usually accustomed to tidiness and luxuries. Thus, the interior was considered very clean.

Lin Che ended up staying in a farmhouse. The villagers were very happy. They looked at Lin Che and said, “That program of yours is my favorite. In the past, my son watched you all the time and said that you were very beautiful. If he knew that you guys were coming, he would definitely rush back here. However, he’s working somewhere further away and will typically take two to three days to come back. By that time, all of you would be gone. Our place is too dirty and messy. You would definitely be unaccustomed to it. We tidied up this place. See if it’s alright.”

As she looked around the room, Lin Che smiled and said, “It’s already quite clean. It’s much cleaner than if I cleaned it. I’m particularly lazy at home. I don’t tidy anything up.”

“Well, for you celebrities, it’s enough as long as you know how to earn money.”

“Being a celebrity is also a dirty and tiring job. You haven’t seen it before. The film set is more than a hundred times messier than this place. To the production crew, this place is simply a five-star hotel.”

“Good gracious. Look, top celebrities have such sweet tongues. Come in quick, come in quick.”

The villager beamed, feeling that Lin Che really had the gift of the gab. Even if she was merely being polite, she was already very happy.

In reality, Lin Che genuinely did not mind it. If she had gone over without a maid to help her clean up the place, it really would not be as clean as this house.

She was going to stay here for two days. On the second day, Lin Che went to the fields to play with the villagers. Gu Shiyuan had never seen wheat before, nor had she seen a shovel. Lin Che brought Gu Shiyuan over to play and even asked the villagers for a shovel. Then, she brought Gu Shiyuan with her to weed the fields.

The villagers watched on from the sidelines as she taught her child how to do it.

“Look. These are wheat sprouts. This is grass. Weed out the grass and leave the wheat sprouts. These wheat sprouts are used to make noodles and steamed buns. If you weed them out, you won’t have steamed buns to eat anymore. Understand?”

Gu Shiyuan understood her wrongly. She thought that Lin Che meant that she would not have steamed buns to eat today if she weeded out the wheat sprouts. She quickly started weeding seriously so that she would be able to eat steamed buns later.

The villagers beamed as they looked on. “Look. Children from the city are not bad too. She’s only three years old but she knows how to shovel the ground. Who says that children from the city are all physically weak?”

Lin Che was having a lot of fun watching her. However, when Cheng Huanhuan and the rest passed by, Cheng Huanhuan said, “You’re really good at putting up a show. You really think that people will like it if you pretend to be amiable? Reality shows are like this. Without some special characteristics, no one will bother about her. Hmph. She’s so stupid.”

But Lin Che could not be bothered with her. Anyway, she had brought her kids along to play. She was not counting on actually getting anyone to like her.

In no time, the first episode ended.

Lin Che brought her child home. When Gu Shinian saw that his younger sister had become much more tanned, his heart ached for her. Ignoring Lin Che, he immediately approached his sister and asked, “What did you do?”

“Did someone bully you?”

Lin Che watched from behind them and shook her head disbelievingly. This boy had a sister complex. He did not care about her at all and did not even greet her when she came back.

However, meanwhile.

Out of habit, Gu Shiyuan told her brother everything that had happened in bits and pieces.

She said directly, “Brother Da Fei put something in my bowl.”

Gu Shinian narrowed his eyes.

Brother Da Fei?

Because his younger sister was going on the program, he had watched it before. Thus, he knew that boy named Da Fei.

How dare he bully his younger sister?!

The next day, Lin Che was going to continue filming.

The production crew had made preparations on the basis that they were going to film two episodes and then take a break for two weeks before resuming filming. With Gu Shiyuan in tow, Lin Che packed up and got ready to leave. Behind her, Gu Shinian looked at his mother, smiled and said, “Bye, Mother. Look after my sister.”

Lin Che looked at Gu Shinian. Why was he so sensible and polite today?

Of course, maybe it was because he wanted to tell her to look after his younger sister.

Thus, Lin Che left just like that.

However, the moment Lin Che left, Gu Shinian randomly held back one of the staff members.

“Older Sister, why don’t I add some element of surprise to your program?”

At first, the staff was stunned. She looked at this handsome child who had been aloof and distant from the start. He was speaking to her now and even spoke so nicely.

For some strange reason, she had already been roped in by his words.

She had been attracted by his confident gaze. Although he was young child, he gave off a very steady and trustworthy feeling.

She was genuinely baffled by his behavior.

“What surprise are you planning?”

A hint of slyness flashed in Gu Shinian’s eyes. “Crouch down and I’ll tell you.”

Lin Che pulled Gu Shiyuan outside. Naturally, she was completely unaware about this.

Meanwhile, when Cheng Huanhuan saw that Lin Che had arrived, she nevertheless spoke to her for the sake of the program even though she clearly disdained to.

But those with discerning eyes could tell that the two of them were very distanced.

Furthermore, under the influence of his mother, Cheng Huanhuan’s son, Da Fei, also rolled his eyes immediately upon seeing Lin Che.

Cheng Huanhuan had seen the final cut of the program. This time, her part remained more interesting. The production crew still gave her the most screentime. Hmph. Clearly, it was useless for Lin Che to come. She was completely unable to shake up her position here.

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