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 Season 14


(The Programme Trended Upon Its Premiere)

Cheng Huanhuan’s eyes twitched.

“Ha. You guys even started to supervise the editing process. How impressive. You think you’re a big deal just because your surname is Gu?”

Beside her, Gu Shinian said lightly, “Oh. Do you envy us that much? Why don’t you try changing your surname then?”


All the people around him nearly spluttered.

Even the production staff found it inconceivable. Was this child actually…

Was he actually a child?

Even Cheng Huanhuan was stunned at his words.

Gu Shinian proceeded to say, “Oh. But if you want to change your name, the Gu family won’t accept someone with your level of intelligence either.”

Upon hearing his words, Cheng Huanhuan was absolutely furious.

“You… How dare you…”

She pointed at Gu Shinian and yelled loudly at Lin Che. “Is this how you discipline your child? Listen to what he just said.”

Lin Che shrugged. “I can’t discipline him. Why don’t you help me discipline him? But I’m afraid that you won’t be able to discipline him either.”


Seeing the situation, the production staff were genuinely worried that something was going to happen. They frantically stepped forward to hold them back.

In a few swift motions, they pulled Cheng Huanhuan away.

Cheng Huanhuan was furious, but the production staff down below were all coaxing her. “Enough. Don’t be angry too. No matter what, she’s part of the Gu family. You won’t benefit from offending her.”

Cheng Huanhuan said, “I’m not afraid of her no matter which family she’s from.”

“It’s not about whether you’re afraid of her or not. There’s just no benefit to it.” The production crew still did not want anything bad to happen. When they filmed programs like this, they always hoped that everyone could finish filming it properly without anything untoward happening. Thus, they would naturally take a neutral stance at the start with the hope that everyone could continue filming in a good mood.

When Cheng Huanhuan heard the production staff’s words, she felt that they had at least given her a way out.

“Hmph. Our Da Fei has so many fans. When they find out that he has been bullied, they definitely won’t let Lin Che off no matter what her surname is. The fans won’t care what her surname is either. Hmph.”

Subsequently, during this filming session, Da Fei basically kept clear of Gu Shinian.

Gu Shinian even dared to talk back to his mother, so of course, he didn’t dare to offend him either.

When filming ended, the families headed back together.

After filming two episodes, they would continue filming only after taking a break for two episodes.

During this time, the first episode was broadcast first.

It was only then that everyone found out that Lin Che had actually joined them on this trip.

In no time, the viewers, who were extremely curious about Lin Che, all went to watch the first episode.

Whether it was the viewer ratings or the number of online streams for the broadcast of the first episode, both of them immediately increased manyfold. 

As for Cheng Huanhuan and Da Fei, they also trended online as a matter of course. After all, they were still popular. Their fans also harbored a lot of anticipation towards them.

But their anticipation towards Lin Che was not as little as Cheng Huanhuan had thought either.

As expected, Lin Che’s daughter, Gu Shiyuan, immediately received immense attention.

This child had both riches and fame. Her mother was a movie queen and her father was a wealthy CEO. She was born with a golden spoon in her mouth. She was a true fair-skinned, wealthy, and beautiful girl in every sense of the term.

To begin with, everyone was extremely interested in the internal affairs of such wealthy families. Naturally, they were very enthusiastic about rich young heiresses like her who were from the wealthiest families.

When Gu Shiyuan made her appearance, she looked way too adorable. Her appearance immediately made everyone feel that she had not let down her parents’ genes.

Furthermore, everyone was also seeing Lin Che’s house for the first time in the program.

In no time, the netizens, who had extremely great powers of imagination and gossip, also noticed numerous details.

“Lin Che’s daughter’s room alone is 120 square meters. How large is their house exactly?”

“Based on a visual assessment, it’s probably a manor over at Nanshan. That place is filled with villas for the wealthy. Only that place has houses of such large floor areas. The market price over there is already astronomical. Any house with an area of 500 square meters will cost more than 100 million. This looks to be more than 500 square meters large.”

“All of Gu Shiyuan’s clothes look very ordinary. But the carpet in her house is from MG. The furniture is all solid wood. She has even gathered the entire collection of SS dolls. It’s the most difficult to collect. I reckon one set already costs a few million.”

“Gu Shiyuan’s pram is very expensive. And it’s even imported. It isn’t sold in the country. I’ve checked the official website, it costs 60,000 dollars.”

“Looking at Lin Che’s house, it’s definitely the largest and the most luxurious among these celebrities. As expected of a wealthy family.”

During the episode, Gu Shinian, who also made a brief appearance, similarly evoked passionate discussion.

Everyone collective felt that he was absolutely a little handsome devil.

He was a young and cute boy who was so incredibly adorable.

It was a pity that he had only appeared briefly. It genuinely made them feel as if they had not seen him enough.

It was also the first time that the other families were seeing the full episode after editing.

Although Cheng Huanhuan had a lot of screentime, there were truly many people who were already sick of seeing her. On the contrary, they were much more curious about Lin Che, who was a new face in the program.

When everyone suddenly saw that Lin Che’s house was so large, and then read the netizens’ comments, they understood that many wealthy families in the industry were merely boasting, but Lin Che was definitely not all talk.

After the end of the first episode, everyone’s curiosity towards Lin Che had not ceased.

Everyone was looking forward to the second episode greatly. They were even kicking up a fuss for Gu Shinian to come on the show as well.

Lin Che kept an eye on what was happening. While the show was still trending, she uploaded a post on Weibo for publicity and said modestly, “My house really isn’t as big as everyone is saying. I’m not as wealthy as everyone is saying either. All of you are scaring me.”

In saying this, Lin Che had initially wanted to show a bit of humility and stop everyone from demonizing her too much.

Who could have expected Gu Jingze to repost her comment directly, with the comment, “A person must be honest. If you lie, you’re a bad child.”

At the time, Lin Che had gone to sleep and did not see this at all.

When she woke up, she saw that Gu Jingze’s comment was already trending.

“A person must be honest”

This trending topic was truly…

After clicking on it, she saw that people were starting to use this sentence as Internet slang.

The netizens commented one after another, “Look. Even Gu Jingze admitted it. Their family is simply that wealthy. Lin Che, you have to learn from your husband. Look at how honest he is, then look at yourself.”


Lin Che lamented that she had been wrongly accused. This Gu Jingze…

Why did he do something so unpredictable?

Naturally, this was just a little interlude in the middle. Thereafter, the second episode premiered.

Everyone was completely stunned upon seeing the final cut. This time, the production crew had even left in the scene of Da Fei and Gu Shinian fighting.

Because the production team had also given some serious consideration to it and felt that this scene was so exciting, had so many highlights, and had so much conflict and tension, they felt that it would be too much of a pity to cut out the scene entirely.

But to protect Da Fei’s image a little, they nevertheless edited the scene to make it more palatable.

However, this was not enough to stop the netizens from discussing on their own.

The netizens were immediately attracted to Gu Shinian’s smooth movements.

This was a world that focused on appearances, to begin with. When it came to a child as dashing as him, everyone liked him even more.

After seeing him, it seemed that everyone was about to forget Da Fei. They only remembered Gu Shinian’s extraordinarily dashing appearance.

“Gu Shinian’s move was totally fantastic. At such a young age, his movements are already so perfect. Furthermore, it looks as if Da Fei is six centimeters taller than him and probably five kilograms heavier too. He can even throw someone that heavy. Gu Shinian has received training.”

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