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 Season 14


(He Simply Deserves To Get Beaten)

Although he was just a bit shorter than Da Fei, his presence was very much stronger than Da Fei.

Gu Shinian said, “You can ask your mother to give birth to another child. Then, your family will have two.”


Gu Shinian pulled Gu Shiyuan away.

The children looked at Gu Shinian with expressions that clearly said, “Wow, he even dares to talk to Da Fei like this. But Da is very formidable.”

Suddenly, all of them felt even more strongly that Gu Shinian was very dashing.

Children had such simple reasons for liking someone. They immediately trailed after him and completely left Da Fei behind.

At the back, Da Fei was seething. He thought to himself, I will definitely prank you properly later. That’ll teach you not to go against me.

Subsequently, while they were completing the mission…

The children were grouped together to play a game.

Da Fei watched as Gu Shinian held Gu Shiyuan’s hand. As he was used to being the boss, he kept commanding everyone else from where he was.

“Move towards that side a little. Let’s do this together, everyone.”

Thereafter, Da Fei looked at Gu Shiyuan and moved closer to her immediately. Then, he stuck his foot out under hers.

With a rope in her hands, Gu Shiyuan suddenly fell to the ground with a thud.

Da Fei jumped aside.

However, Gu Shinian walked straight towards him.

He fixed his eyes on Da Fei and set his gaze on Da Fei’s facial expression, which was clearly saying, “What are you going to do about it?”

Gu Shinian approached Da Fei directly while he was still feeling proud of his height and strength and displaying an arrogant expression.

However, he did not expect Gu Shinian to grab his wrist. Before he could react, he was immediately flipped over onto the ground.

Da Fei blanked out for a moment. After, he felt a pain in his back.

He let out a wail and started crying.

Behind them, of course, the girls had never encountered such a situation.

The move that Gu Shinian had used was the arm twist, which he had learned during his training camp. It was the simplest arm-twist, but it was already incredibly high-level to ordinary children.

Everyone looked on in surprise and even started cheering.

So amazing. Gu Shinian was so amazing. Even the way he looked when he was fighting was so handsome. His moves were so incredible. He looked like those celebrities they saw on television who had superhuman powers.


“Gu Shinian defeated Da Fei!”

Seeing this, the production team was momentarily shocked. Following this, a few people hastily ran over to check on Da Fei.

Da Fei was carried by one of the production staff.

Da Fei was crying. His back was not actually hurting that badly. But to a child who had never been hit, who had been humiliated and bullied, and who had even been thrown to the ground, he could not withstand all these things in combination.

How could the production staff have expected that Gu Shinian would first give them such a surprise the moment he came?

Gu Shinian actually knew how to do an arm twist!

Ordinary adults probably could not even do that move. He was such a young child. How was he able to do it?!

Gu Shinian scoffed and looked at Da Fei.

In the aftermath of their surprise, the production team frantically said to Gu Shinian, “Niannian, what did you do? What happened to Da Fei? You threw him to the ground.”

Gu Shinian held Gu Shiyuan’s hand. “He tripped my younger sister. Of course, I can’t let him off.”

The production crew had also seen Da Fei trip Gu Shiyuan over earlier.

But they did not expect a child to be so protective of his younger sister.

“In that case, Da Fei will apologize and you will apologize too, alright? You shouldn’t hit him either.”

Da Fei scoffed, not wanting to apologize.

The corners of Gu Shinian’s lips quirked up. “Da Fei, let’s fight if you’re a man. You’re hiding behind the adults and crying. Are you even a man?”

Wow. What a man.

The production crew looked at Gu Shinian. They genuinely felt that he was way too adorable.

He was too handsome.

How could a child be so handsome when he was merely speaking?

Seriously, they had never seen such a handsome child despite having produced so many episodes of children-related programs.

Was it really because of the Gu family’s genes? These genes were way too powerful. From such a young age, his presence was already so strong.

From his hiding place at the back, Da Fei took a look. When he saw that everyone was looking at him, he hastily stepped forward.

“I… Who says I hid behind anyone? You’re not a good boy if you hit people. I definitely won’t fight with you.”

Gu Shinian scoffed and snorted disdainfully. “Sure. I don’t need an apology from you either. But remember one thing. If you dare lay a hand on my younger sister again, I’ll definitely knock all your teeth out. I’ll see if you still dare to bully her.”

Wow. What a good brother.

All of the production staff consisted of young women as well. All of a sudden, they genuinely found it extremely heartwarming.

For the sake of his younger sister, he actually did not care about anything else.

All of the young girls had fantasized about having such an older brother. Now that they actually saw one, they found him so warm and so impressive even though he was still such a young child.

Da Fei said, “I didn’t bully her at all.”

Gu Shinian could not be bothered to say anything more to him. “It’s best that you don’t bully her. If you bully her, even if you don’t admit it, my fist will tell you.”

Gu Shinian pulled Gu Shiyuan with him and walked away.

Da Fei looked on from behind, feeling even more humiliated. When he saw that everyone was looking at him, there was nothing he could do but look down.

At the back, Gu Shinian kept pushing Da Fei away.

“Move over to that side. Stay further away from me.”

“I don’t need your help in matters relating to my younger sister.”

“Ha. Such a brainless thing. Leave it to me. Given your level of intelligence, I reckon you won’t be able to do it properly.”

He kept making Da Fei incomparably angry. But when he looked at Gu Shinian, he didn’t dare to get close at all.

When the mothers finally gathered back here, Da Fei ran directly towards his mother the moment he saw her.

As he looked at Cheng Huanhuan, he could no longer control how aggrieved he felt and immediately started crying.

“Wah. Mother… he hit me just now.”

Cheng Huanhuan froze. Afterward, she started shouting curses like a shrew.

“Who hit you? What happened? How can children fight with each other? Whose child has such poor upbringing?”

However, Gu Shinian immediately stepped forward. “It’s me. Why?”

Seeing this, Lin Che also stepped forward along with him. “What happened?”

Gu Shinian said, “He tripped Shiyuan up.”

Hearing this, Cheng Huanhuan cursed even more. “You hit our Da Fei just because he tripped her up?”

Lin Che looked at Cheng Huanhuan. “What do you mean, just because he tripped her up?”

Gu Shinian said, “I don’t know if he did it intentionally or not. But after tripping my younger sister up, there wasn’t a word of apology from him. Of course, I must hit him.”

Cheng Huanhuan was immediately angry beyond compare. She looked at Gu Shinian again. Intending to use this as a pretext to make a fuss, she flew into a terrible rage. “What are you guys doing? Are you bullying him like this leveraging on the fact that your surname is Gu? Our Da Fei definitely didn’t do it on purpose, but you just bullied our Da Fei like that. You guys even hit him. Da Fei, where did you get hit? No matter how incapable your mother is, you still have so many fans. They absolutely won’t let you be hit just like that.”

Gu Shinian said, “Fine. Let his fans see how he gets hit. It would also be good to let them see how incapable the person they like is.”

Cheng Huanhuan’s heart thumped. Indeed, it would not be good to see him get hit.

Lin Che also said straightforwardly, “Sure. Don’t edit the footage if you have the guts. Let the fans see the entire truth and see whose side they stand on.”

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