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Season 14


(Dominating In the Show)

Lin Che snorted as she looked at Black Eagle. “You’re really tagging along everywhere. Are you giving her any personal space when you’re following her so closely?”

Black Eagle glared at her. “Go be busy with showing off your love. Why are you caring about others?”

“Ha… You’re at my home right now. You don’t think I can get you thrown out?”

Black Eagle looked at the bodyguards who were looking at him with hostility.

With him alone, it’d be a little difficult to handle so many of them.

After some thought, he decided to give him. He spoke nicely to Lin Che, “Hey, I’m your brother after all. Can you give me some face?”

Lin Che glared at him even more fiercely. Seeing that it was so rare for him to be showing his weakness, she cleared her throat, ignoring him.

With Black Eagle here, there was nothing much for Mu Feiran to say.

She soon said goodbye to Lin Che. Black Eagle tried to curry up to her by helping her to open the car door and bringing her away.

Mu Feiran turned and looked helplessly at Lin Che.

Lin Che smiled and then beckoned with her hand to tell her to leave first.

She was happy to see that things turned out well for the two of them. Both of them were very important to her.

She didn’t wish for anything bad to happen between the two of them.

Lin Che had to prepare to attend the show. Although the publicity was still going on outside, the filming was to start a lot earlier.

Lin Che had received notification in advance that they’d be coming to her place in these few days to start the filming.

For there to be a greater degree of authenticity, they would start shooting the moment the entered. However, for the safety of the Gu family, they were forbidden from filming outside. All the bodyguards and security guards couldn’t be captured on camera either. The production team could only film a bit of the room’s interior, and all external structures weren’t allowed to be captured.

The staff members were filled with exclamations when they entered the Gu family mansion. When they saw that the guards outside seemed to be equipped with real guns, they felt even more astonished.

It was no wonder that everyone said that the Gu family was a wealthy and influential family. It was only after seeing all these did they realize what a wealthy and influential family was really like. The other young masters and young ladies from other families weren’t comparable to them.

The filming started early in the morning, and the servants had already excused themselves after they invited the few staff members in.

Lin Che appeared with her bare face. She had appeared on camera with her bare face on a few occasions previously, so there was nothing wrong about this. When she opened the door and saw the cameras, she smiled and invited them in.

“This is our Shiyuan’s room.” She introduced the room to them.

When the staff members looked inside, they asked, “Wow, does she stay here by herself? She’s already sleeping by herself at night?”

Lin Che said, “That’s right. She has been sleeping by herself since she was young. It’s just that when she was younger, there would constantly be surveillance cameras kept on. If there were any problems, I’d be able to come over immediately. There’s no need for that now. If she has any needs, she’ll jump off the bed and come to look for us.

Everyone saw that this was a very big room, and the room’s decor style was simple and dreamy. It looked very adorable.

The few staff members thought enviously that this room was as big as their own home.

However, after having seen how big the entire Gu family mansion was earlier on, they already had mental preparation for this.

However, they had just stepped out when they met the other child in the Gu family.

Gu Shinian.

“Wow, he looks so handsome. Is this handsome kid the elder brother at home?”

The few of them looked at Gu Shinian, who was dressed in his pajamas and looking at them with a serious gaze. All of them were attracted by his great looks.

Lin Che asked, “Niannian, can you smile for the camera?”

Gu Shinian immediately wore an expression that seemed to be saying that they were very foolish. Everyone immediately found him even more adorable than before.

Lin Che said, “Forget it, forget it. He doesn’t like to talk. Let’s go in and look for Shiyuan.”

When everyone went in, they saw Gu Shiyuan sleeping deeply on the big bed. Her sleeping posture was very entrancing.

Lin Che went over to pat Gu Shiyuan.

“Gu Shiyuan, wake up.”

Gu Shiyuan didn’t move. She murmured a few times that she didn’t want to wake up.

Lin Che tried a few different methods, but they were all useless. In the end, she said, “Gu Shiyuan, get up and have ice-cream.”

The moment Gu Shiyuan heard that, she immediately opened her eyes in a stupor. “Ice-cream?”

Everyone laughed out loud, feeling amused. They felt that this little glutton was really too funny.

Lin Che went with Gu Shiyuan to wash her face and brush her teeth. Having just woken up, Gu Shiyuan appeared to be in a daze.

The cameraman felt that the child was very adorable and kept filming her.

After filming inside the house, they went outside and continued the filming.

When they stepped out, they were searched through, not allowed to bring out any personal recording equipment.

The staff members felt even greater respect when they saw how strict the process was. They looked at Lin Che and thought that this wealthy and influential family really wasn’t one that anyone could compare against.

They soon arrived at the location to gather. The other mothers had already arrived with their children.

When they saw Lin Che carrying Gu Shiyuan over, a few of them came over to greet her.

“I’ve long heard that a big shot will be joining us. It’s really you.”

Although they were all from the entertainment circle, these people didn’t usually have any interactions with Lin Che. Lin Che smiled and greeted them. They had just met and everyone acted very politely to each other, still having some reservations.

“I’ll have to trouble everyone to look after me, especially the few seniors who have attended this show before.”

For four of them, this was the first time the had appeared on this show. The other two had been on the show before and were naturally very familiar with each other. One of them was Cheng Huanhuan. Together with her child, Da Fei, they were the most popular pair in the past few seasons. The other one had a low-profile and seemed gentler in comparison. She looked at Lin Che. As she had been on this show many times, she now had a stronger sense of variety shows. After greeting, she said, “I’m telling you, the production team is very stingy. They like to prank us, and don’t care about how we’d end up. You better be mentally prepared for this.”

Everyone laughed. Cheng Huanhuan was the only one who, while smiling, said, “Lin Che is the wife of a wealthy and influential family. She surely won’t be able to withstand the hardship. This place isn’t as comfortable as your home.”

It didn’t seem as if anything was wrong with what she said, but there seemed to be a hint of jealousy in her tone.

Lin Che looked at Cheng Huanhuan. “That’s right, that’s right. I regretted it the moment I came. I was pulled here early in the morning. At first, I was planning to take a break, but things seem tougher now.”

For the sake of the show, Lin Che complained very naturally, ignoring those jealous words.

However, Cheng Huanhuan was full of smiles as she looked at Lin Che. Her smile made Lin Che very uncomfortable.

Cheng Huanhuan wasn’t pleased with the arrangements, especially when she heard from the staff members that Lin Che’s remuneration was the same as hers.

Everyone knew that she had won a lot of attention in the past few seasons of the show, with her scolding people, throwing fits, and her funny performances with her child. Her child, Da Fei, was also the most popular out of all the children. It was because he liked to talk, was good with his words, and was very wacky. Over the many seasons, he had been the star amongst all the children. They were given the most scenes in every episode. How could she not be angry to find out that Lin Che, who had just joined, was already getting the same remuneration as her when the filming hadn’t even started.


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