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 Season 14


(A Fair Maiden Is Afraid of A Persistent Guy)

They were completely won over by the child’s adorableness. They kept coaxing her, not wanting to let her leave.

This fondness they had toward her was definitely not a superficial one, but was because they sincerely felt that she was too likable.

Privately, a few of them were all saying, “She’s so chubby and adorable. It makes me want to pinch every piece of her flesh.”

“That’s right. Although she is chubby, it doesn’t affect her looks at all. I can only say that her genes are too good.”

“But I wonder if other people will feel the same when they see her on television and not in person. Anyway, anyone who sees this child will definitely like her.”

“Anyway, I don’t know if it’s because I know that her father is so amazing and that she comes from a rich family, but I just like her after seeing her. It must be because I side too much with those in power.”

“Haha, how can that be? We like her too. If that’s the case, then we’re all the same.”

As Lin Che sat there and discussed their appearance on the show, the director also said, “We feel that this child is good. She’s very adorable and will look well in front of the cameras. Moreover, I can tell that she has a strong desire to perform. Or is it because you’re a senior artist and have good genes, so she has the disposition of a celebrity at such a young age. If she takes this path in the future, she will become a big star.”

Lin Che smiled and said, “Thank you for your praises. It’s too much. You’re even calling me a senior artist.”

“Of course, of course. You’ve forgotten that you’re a movie queen?”

“It’s been too long ago. It’s been very long since I’ve received an award.”

“Those are not what’s important. Aiya, you really do have the talent of an old artist. Look, you’re being so humble despite being such a big shot.”

Lin Che listened to his polite talk and felt a little embarrassed to be hearing them.

It seemed that it had been decided that she would be taking part in this show, but he had yet to decide on the remunerations for her. He looked at Lin Che, feeling troubled, and only said after very long, “To be honest, for the few other celebrities, the highest remuneration we’re paying is to Da Fei and Da Fei’s mother, Cheng Huanhuan. It’s because their popularity had always been very high, so the remuneration given to them is 50 million. We’ll give you the same offer as we gave her. What do you think? Sigh, we wanted to give you a better offer, but looking at your family, you probably don’t care for the little money that we have.”

50 million.

This was considered a high price for reality shows. A top-notch big shot would only get around 30 million. Although a reality show required one to free up their schedule, the requirements weren’t very tight. The artists could continue with other jobs during the period they didn’t need to be filmed on the show. Moreover, it was a lot easier to attend reality shows than filming television dramas. Therefore, many people liked to appear in reality shows.

Lin Che smiled and said, “It’s enough, thank you. Then I’ll get someone from my company to come and liaise on the details.”

The two of them shook hands. The director felt that Lin Che was really quite nice. She was a big shot, very rich, and was Mrs. Gu. Yet, she was still so easy to talk to.

They had really encountered all sorts of celebrities. There were naturally those with good characters, but when they met those with poor characters, they couldn’t handle it. Therefore, when they met a big shot like Lin Che who had such a good temper, they felt that they were really lucky.

Even if Lin Che had a lot of things to deal with, as long as she could participate in the show, they would do all they could to keep her in a good mood. They hadn’t expected things to progress so smoothly.

When Lin Che was heading out, she saw her child acting very familiarly with the others, one hand holding onto a sugar-coated rice cracker, the other onto chocolate, with a lollipop in her mouth…

It had been such a short period of time, but she was already starting to snack.

The few staff members crowded around her while she had her mouth stuffed with food. Lin Che was speechless at the sight of this.

This little glutton!

But Yu Minmin narrowed her eyes happily and said to Lin Che, “Not bad, not bad. 50 million. The filming for our next season will be taken care of.”


After the filming for “Mama Brings Me to Travel” started, everyone started making guesses about the members participating in this season.

Two sets of guests from the previous season remained, while the other three sets were new.

Everyone had no idea that Lin Che would be joining the show. Their guesses were mostly around the few celebrities who had been showing off their children in the recent few years.

However, at this moment, the production team released news. “There will be a mysterious guest joining the family this season. Everyone can try to guess who it is.”

The poster was a black shadow of a mother carrying a child. The person was unknown, but these were the words written down below. “She is a heavenly queen, she is a mother, she is a woman that people respect, and she is a superwoman who charges on forward bravely.”

Everyone started making guesses. Heavenly queen…

Could it be Mu Feiran?

She had brought her daughter back when she came back.

But Mu Feiran was also taking a break recently. No one could guess who it was.

Ever since the relationship between Lin Che and Gu Jingze had been exposed, Mu Feiran had been constantly harassed, and she had gotten used to it.

One afternoon, Mu Feiran came to Lin Che’s place to have tea. She had brought Yunyun along, and she looked at Lin Che and said, “I heard that you’re attending a reality show. Oh my, you’re going to capture a large group of fans. Are you bringing Niannian along?”

Lin Che rolled her eyes. “You think that Niannian will go?”

“Alright, I don’t think that it matches his character. But if he went, he’ll definitely mesmerize a lot of people.”

“You are saying the same thing that Yu Minmin said. It’s a pity that he’d rather die than to give in.”

Lin Che looked at Mu Feiran apologetically. “I’m really sorry that you have been disturbed a lot recently because of me.”

Mu Feiran asked, “What are you talking about? Given our relationship, do we have to stand on ceremony with each other? To think that you’re apologizing to me. Didn’t I get some attention from this? They didn’t get to interview you, so they thought of me. I’ve gained quite a lot of exposure from this.”

Lin Che responded, “You still need exposure?”

A big shot like her was someone who would be news even if she attended an event casually. There was no need for her to seek to get more exposure.

However, Mu Feiran was saying this because they were on close terms. She didn’t wish for Lin Che to blame herself too much.

She consoled her, “It’s fine. Judging from my experience, they won’t continue chasing this matter after a while. For my case with Mo Ding back then, they had chased after me for a few months. But eventually, people stopped caring.”

That was right. Lin Che knew this. This was just a bothering period. After this period was over, things would become better.

“Aiya, you guys made me look all over for you.”

Black Eagle walked in at this moment and looked at the two of them as he said this.

Lin Che gave him the cold shoulder. “Why did you come along again?”

Black Eagle asked, “Why? It’s not as if I’m here to see you.”

He grinned and sat down next to Mu Feiran.

It was clear that Mu Feiran had finally become numb from his pestering. She sat there helplessly as she rested her chin on her hand.

Lin Che felt that the old saying was right. A fair maiden is afraid of a persistent guy.

Even though Mu Feiran had been so insistent in rejecting him back then, she was now still helpless from his pestering.

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