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 Season 14


( They Are Making Baseless Guesses)

As for the outside, it had been a few days of peace. Everyone had gradually accepted their relationship. The only thing was that the two of them had been too discreet and thus, many people wanted to dig for more information regarding the two.

Some even headed over to the kindergarten to pester their kids.

Fortunately, there were bodyguards there and nobody had the chance to enter.

With so many reporters surrounding the kindergarten, it riled up some people’s disdain. They felt like the normality of the kindergarten had been disrupted.

As Shiyuan was still young, she did not really care about these. Gu Shinian had been leaving through the side door every day and was cold towards the reporters outside.

The teachers felt helpless as they looked outside. Watching them outside was really testing their patience. They could only look from afar, not able to chase people away.

Lin Che felt worried at home. She could monitor the situation at the kindergarten from where she was. Looking at the reporters outside, she felt even more worried.

However, one could never have the best of both worlds. There would always be all kinds of worry, there was no way of caring for every aspect.

Lin Che could only watch and be worried.

Just then, she saw someone’s opinion on the Internet.

It mentioned something about Lin Che and Gu Jingze being together for years and never being exposed?

Lin Che was the same as most female stars. With a little fame, she married into a wealthy family. Whether her life in the wealthy family was good or not, one would have to see how long it took for Lin Che to have her two kids. There could be a possibility that she would continue giving birth. With her husband not allowing her to expose for that many years, one would know how life is in a wealthy family.

The first part of the article mentioned how Lin Che’s marriage was not looking good, comparing her to other female stars who married into wealthy families. It discussed if most female stars who had married into a wealthy family had the same ending. The second half of the article discussed female stars who did not marry into a wealthy family but married ordinary people and concluded that it looked like these stars were truly in love.

Lin Che was outraged.

Are these people mad?

She was so enraged that she called Yu Minmin.

Yu Minmin answered, “What’s wrong again?”

Lin Che said, “These people have nothing better to do than to curse me on the Internet. What about me? How I could not wait to marry into a wealthy family? Saying as if I married Gu Jingze for money. Whatever they’re saying is what they do not know. Why are these people discussing such a conspiracy?”

Yu Minmin understood, laughed, and said, “Yes yes. You should let them know. Your relationship is not as simple as they think. You guys started because you poisoned him first and then forced yourselves into marriage. Oh, they’re really too naive…”


Her words left Lin Che dumbfounded.

Fine, thinking about it, it was quite true…

Yu Minmin heard that she had nothing to say and chuckled. “Forget it. We’ll not say anything either. We’ll just show them.”

“Who is this guy spinning these stories? What are his intentions?”

“Maybe it was for viewership hits, you never know. It’s the digital age now. All these media influencers have advertisements and fees are paid according to their viewership count. The more hits they have, the higher fees they get. So they have to make something out of nothing to get the attention of the audience. If not, what are they going to earn?”

“But it must be based on some truth. How can you babble about something without facts?”

“This is already not too bad. There were still some examples and scenarios played out for you. You haven’t seen more disgusting ones where they would write about feminism. Many are completely written with crooked theories, with no sense of responsibility. Just a load of rubbish, calling women to stand up to men and then gaining the attention of many females and earning loads of money. I find it strange too. A marriage between a man and woman who are in love is a beautiful thing. That is your husband, not the enemy. Why do you have to fight him? Aren’t we supposed to talk reason, act coy, communicate our feelings properly, go for a holiday to relax, and bond? What’s there to fight against? When should I make a call to the public too? I wonder if anyone would read about Gu Jingming’s weird habits should I write about them.”

“…” Lin Che analyzed and replied, “Sure, go ahead and write. It would be a bit. Should I end up being blacklisted and unable to earn an income, I’ll be depending on your weird antics to support me!”

The two of them teased each other and felt happier.

Yu Minmin then asked, “That paparazzi has made an apology recently, didn’t you see? I think he’s admitted defeat. Netizens are in jubilation. They say that this is the first time they apologize to a celebrity and that you’re brilliant. I guess this should simmer you down.”

Lin Che did not care about this. There were too many messages online and she could not read every one.

Lin Che asked, “Is this apology for me or to Gu Jingze?”

“I think they know that both of you are not to be messed with. So, forget it.”

“If you already know it, then why do it in the first place?”

Lin Che rested at home for a few days. The good news came from Hollywood.

Xue Yang was still there, filming. He was also spotted by MBC, an American production company. They want him to play the role of a permanent character in a new TV drama.

American dramas were different from locally produced dramas. They acted and aired the episodes at the same time. Some characters were constantly changed but permanent characters were like the lead roles. Also, the male and female leads may not be the most popular characters in their dramas. It usually depended on the development of the drama and the preferences of the audience. The importance of the roles may also go through changes. The screenwriter may change the plot according to the audience’s response, giving more depth to a well-received character and cutting out a less well-received character. Permanent roles were usually not too bad characters.

There was a small scar on Xue Yang’s face after his injury. Although not very obvious, it was still visible up close.

This scar was thought to be of nothing in American dramas. Their make-up was not like that of the local production. The local production’s make-up would make one’s skin fair and clear with not a trace of a scar to be seen. It was as though everyone’s skin was that good, no matter man or woman. The make-up in American productions was light and there was no problem even if scars showed.

From hearsay, the other party had taken a liking to his present look. It had the right feel and so they prepared to hire him.

Yu Minmin happily agreed, of course. There were not many local stars who could make it into American dramas. With this, Xue Yang was considered to have really gone into it.

Just that, Yu Minmin still said to Lin Che, “I’m just a little worried. With his face like that, it took so much effort in the country to make it less obvious. Now that he’s overseas, this scar can’t be hidden and his idol image would change when the fans see it.”

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