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 Season 14


(Truth Revelation)

In the end, they still felt that Gu Jingyu had the greatest possibility. It so happened that Gu Jingyu had also gone overseas to study for a while. Who knew what he had gone to do?

However, no one had any evidence and thus, could only guess amongst themselves.

Lin Che didn’t pay any attention to this matter, and this took a lot of people by surprise.

She continued to focus on her filming as if she wasn’t affected by this incident at all.

Even Glorious Star couldn’t hold it in anymore, despite keeping an eye on this matter.

During the event, when Wu Yufei was interviewed, she was asked about Lin Che’s scandal. She was asked how they felt about this, and if they have heard anything about it. Did they know that Lin Che was already married? Or have they heard any news if Lin Che had been very close to other men?

Wu Yufei smiled and shook her head. “Why did you guys come to ask me? I’m not close to Lin Che. But there was one time when I saw her with what seemed like two children. I don’t know anything else.”

Her words brought forth another wave of commotion. Many people started to ask if this meant that this was verified and that Lin Che really had children.

The story was widely discussed on the Internet once again. Everyone felt that this was really the greatest mystery of the year. While Lin Che was closed off from the world and focusing on her filming, she suddenly posted a photo of her eating watermelon one night, together with the text, “I’m now also in the audience watching the show.” This caused even more people’s imaginations to run wild. However, Lin Che didn’t say anything thereafter.

In order to force Lin Che out to give a response to this matter, the paparazzi continued to stir the matter up, saying bad things about Lin Che online.

They asked why Lin Che wasn’t responding to this matter. Was it because she had nothing to say?

They said that Lin Che was too unbelievable. She should say it if she already had children.

They even scolded Lin Che outright, wondering if this scandal would turn from an exposed relationship to an extramarital affair. That would turn the tables around completely.

At this moment, someone thought about a person—Mu Feiran. Since she was very close friends with Lin Che, she should know about it. Why did no one think of asking her?

When Mu Feiran was attending a show, the reporters swarmed up to her and asked, “Have you heard of the recent rumors online about Lin Che?”

When Mu Feiran heard this, she didn’t seem happy.

“Lin Che had already said in the beginning that she doesn’t wish for people to put so much focus on her private life, yet you guys are still pursuing this relentlessly.”

A reporter said, “But someone is saying that this is an extramarital affair.”

Mu Feiran laughed. “What extramarital affair? Those paparazzi are too good at writing stories. Are they so broke that they’ve gone crazy? If they are so good at coming up with stories to gain that bit of traffic volume, then why don’t they write scripts? They’d definitely be able to come up with great mystical stories.”

“Are you aware that this isn’t an extramarital affair then? What about the children? What about Zhou Yu?”

Mu Feiran smiled, wearing a deep and unfathomable expression, which made the reporters had even greater anticipation. However, Mu Feiran stroke her hair indifferently, before keeping them in suspense, “Zhou Yu? Haha, the children are his.”


The reporters were all stunned.

Mu Feiran had suddenly given them two pieces of news. The first one was that it was true that Lin Che had children. The other one was… that the children’s father was Zhou Yu. Was that for real?

The reporters continued to ask, “Did they know each other long ago?”

“Then why is Zhou Yu still a new artist?”

Mu Feiran said, “All their close friends know about it. We are very clear about their relationship. I can only say that this matter can only be shared by the person in question, and we won’t be sharing it on her behalf. People who are making wild guesses should stop doing that. The two of them have a great relationship and it’s useless no matter how much you try to use rumors to break them up.”

When the paparazzi heard Mu Feiran’s words, they felt anxious. What on earth was going on…

Lin Che’s children… were Zhou Yu’s?

At this moment, Lin Che finally stepped out.

That night, Lin Che’s family of four appeared before the cameras.

A group of people took a photo of Lin Che bringing along two children, a boy and a girl, shopping with Zhou Yu.

They were eating street food while bringing the children to catch toys from the machines.

Mu Feiran’s words were instantly verified.

The next day, a photo of the family of four was uploaded to the Internet.

At this moment, Lin Che finally decided to invite the reporters to the celebratory banquet for the completion of their drama’s filming. It was an indication that she was ready to give a response to the entire matter.

That night, the celebratory banquet for the ‘Dirty Celestial’ was going to be the greatest one amongst all the celebratory banquets held for dramas’ filming completion.

It was unprecedented, and no one knew if a similar one would take place in the future.

The hotel was almost congested and taken over by reporters.

Everyone immediately stood to the back when they saw how many people there were.

Ou Lie, as the main lead, felt very excited when he came out and saw that there were so many reporters.

Oh my, it was really true that it was beneficial to be sticking with Lin Che. With so many reporters around, the drama was sure to become a hit before it was released.

He immediately went out to say, “Hello everyone, hello. Please remain in order.”

However, the reporters seemed as if they hadn’t noticed him and just asked, “When will Lin Che be coming out?”

“That’s right. What about Zhou Yu? Is Zhou Yu here?”

“Do you guys know of their relationship?”

“Have they really known each other for very long?”


Ou Lie was screaming out in his heart: I’m the main lead!

Why were these questions all about Zhou Yu?

Moreover, he was also considered a young star, and wouldn’t be neglected no matter where he went.

However, at this moment, someone suddenly cried out, “Lin Che is here!”

The reporters almost stomp over his head and rushed straight toward Lin Che.

“Lin Che, you’re finally here.”

“Lin Che, what is going on? Is it true that you have a family of four?”

“Didn’t Zhou Yu come?”

“Is it true that you have children?”

Lin Che smiled as she looked at all the reporters. She waited for everyone to finish asking questions before she slowly said, “Thank you everyone for coming to show support for our celebratory banquet. I know that my family’s private matter has recently taken up a lot of public resources and attention. I don’t like to create scandals, and only want to lead a peaceful life. However, there are always people who try to force me to give a response. I’ll be giving a response then. I hope that they can let us have a few days of peace and stop coming up with stories.”

Everyone listened attentively. The place suddenly became very quiet, with only Lin Che’s voice ringing out amidst the silence.

She said, “That’s right. Zhou Yu and I are married. We’ve known each other for many years and already have two children. In order to protect the children’s privacy, I don’t wish to talk too much about them. They are both attending kindergarten at the moment, and have their own innocent lives to leave. Zhou Yu isn’t actually a professional actor, nor does he plan on joining the entertainment circle. The reason he took on the name Zhou Yu and took part in the filming is just that he wanted to accompany me on my job, and experience what my job is like. We had no idea that this would bring about so much disturbance to everyone. We apologize for that.”

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