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 Season 14

Episode 33

(He Never Had This BeforeSaid waved his hand to get his man to return.)

Said’s man was not like any other. His man wore a hat and was dressed uniformly. He stood very conspicuously.

The mothers who stood at the side saw these neatly pressed suits said, “Oh, look at that man. He looks like someone I’ve seen on the TV.”

“Who is it? He looks quite formidable.”

“I’ve already said it. Our kindergarten has strong foundations. I heard many have tried to enroll in but were unsuccessful. They wouldn’t take in any more, no matter whose kid it was, even if they were rich.”

“I don’t give a hoot about others getting in or not. In any case, our kids are learning well here.” The mother lifted her head in pride when she thought of what was said about not being able to enter even if someone was rich. It made her feel proud.

“Looks like this really is a good environment. These people are not ordinary people. They’re so cool and possess a strong aura.” Thinking about her own kid being in the same school as of these powerful people and even interacting with them made her feel very satisfied. She had greater anticipation for the kindergarten.

Everyone watched as the problem was solved at the kindergarten. They had more confidence in this kindergarten and also a bigger sense of pride.

When the guys from the Gu family returned home, they talked about how Said stood by Lin Che’s side and could not deny that Lin Che was not a simple woman.

It made sense as well. If she was a simple woman, Gu Jingze would not be smitten with her.

For someone to be so pampered by Gu Jingze, that person must have their own ways.

Xue Mengqi held her hands and thought to herself. This was only the first move. Since you want it this way, then we’ll continue from here.

Said was getting ready to head back to his country.

Upon arriving, his whole entourage swaggered with flamboyance. Upon leaving, it was no less.

Several airplanes were booked for their departure. Half of the airport was even stopped for flights simply because they had used their money to buy up the air tickets so that the airport could be half empty.

When this news got onto the Internet, everyone could not help but sigh. These people really knew how to burn their money.

Before he left, Said did not see Gu Jingze and was a little disappointed.

Hammond looked at Said. “Hey, stop looking. The person you want to see won’t be coming.”

Said scoffed. “Do you know who I wish to see?”

“Whoever it is, they won’t come, Said,” Hammond said coldly.

Said squinted his eyes. “You dare call me by name… Fine. However, you won’t be able to do so for long.”

As he said his piece, Said brushed past Hammond’s shoulder roughly and walked out.

Gu Industries.

Gu Jingze gave a call to Lin Che. “I’ll be back later tonight.”

Lin Che replied, “Alright… It must be tough on you these days.”

“Yes. Why? Is your heart aching for me?”

“So what if it is…”

“If your heart aches… Then treat me well at night. Don’t always let me work so hard in the day and then at night again.”


Lin Che thought to herself. Who asked you to like tossing around at night. Moreover, it was always for more than an hour before you stopped.

Upon hanging up the phone, Lin Che felt that Gu Jingze was really busy recently. He would return home in the wee hours very tired and still wakes up punctually at six in the morning.

His food was definitely of good quality but he may not have it in time. This workaholic would forget about everything, sometimes even food when he starts to work.

As a dominant person, the people around him do not dare to remind him even though they care about his well-being.

How could they just give in to his temperament?

Lin Che gave it a thought and had a sudden thought of making something for him to eat.

She had thought of surprising him previously. However, she had already presented herself as a surprise for him. She had better put away the idea of cooking some food for him at the moment. If not, she was worried it would be a shock instead of a surprise.

But now, if it was not to be a surprise, she could just get him something to eat. She could give it a try.

As she thought about it, she found herself in the kitchen.

Begging for the chef’s guidance, she began cooking up something for him to eat.

With the chef’s guidance, the dish was ready very quickly. It looked good but the taste…

She did not dare to try.

The chef did not seem daunted. He picked up his chopsticks and bravely went for a taste.

The important thing was he felt that under his guidance, nothing could go wrong.

Thus, he picked up his chopsticks to have a try…

Lin Che looked at the chef silently. She anxiously asked him, “Is it bad?”

“Not exactly….” The chef had wanted to cry internally. Why did it turn out like that when he had been watching her do it?

Some people naturally really had no place in the kitchen.

But the chef did not dare to say as such. He only smiled and replied, “Madam, your dish, has a special taste that’s exclusively yours.”


Lin Che truly felt like a failure.

The chef saw that Madam did not look good and added on, “It’s not that it’s not good. It’s edible. Just that, the taste is different from expectations.”

Lin Che’s eyes brightened. “Really? Let me try.”

She quickly took a little to taste and realized..

It was edible but the taste was… Strange.

She swallowed and felt that if she gave this to Gu Jingze to eat… it would be as though an attempt to murder her husband.

On the other hand, the caretaker knew how to pick his words. Seeing Lin Che in that state, he smiled and said, “Sir is not picky with food. He has eaten all the good food there is but has never eaten Madam’s love bento. Yours is something he hasn’t had and so, it’s more precious, isn’t it? Go give it to Sir to try.”

True. She was quite a failure as a wife, to be honest. She did not know anything. He was the husband and he has never eaten a dinner prepared by the wife.

She thought she should doll up and get ready to bring it over to him.

No matter what, it was specially made by her, for him.

She had been waiting for half a day after arriving at the Gu clan. Gu Jingze was said to still be in a meeting. Qin Hao came out and saw Lin Che sitting and holding onto something. He was frightened and left in a hurry.

To think nobody had gone in to inform Sir. If Gu Jingze knew they had the audacity to let Lin Che wait outside, he would be skinned alive.

Unsurprisingly, Gu Jingze heard that Lin Che had arrived. He immediately ended the meeting and walked out.

He lit up the moment he saw Lin Che. He held onto her shoulders and asked, “What brings you here? Let’s talk inside.”

Ever since Gu Jingze and Lin Che had separated from the Gu family, the entire clan had been spreading the word that Gu Jingze had given up his mountain for a beauty.

This beauty was not anyone else but Gu Jingze’s own wife.

Thus, the entire company had profound respect for Mrs. Gu. They felt that she was like a legendary character. Even though she did not go to the company, everyone knew who she was.

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